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Event Build: The Spellsword

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  • July 20, 2014

    Spellswords are spellcasting specialists trained to support Imperial troops in skirmish and in battle. Veteran spellswords are prized as mercenaries, and well-suited for careers as adventurers and soldiers-of-fortune. More nimble and athletic than the sorcerer, and better suited for spell-casting than the knight, their attacks are unpredictable. Students of combat and magic.

    Health 40%, Magicka 30%, Stamina 30%

    Standing Stones
    The Mage, The Atronach, The Lord

    Major Skills
    One-handed (8), Alteration (7), Destruction (9), Enchanting (9)

    Minor Skills
    Block (2), Heavy Armor (5), Smithing (4), Restoration (5)

    Enchanted one handed weapons and destruction magic

    Enchanted heavy armor and alteration magic


    Perks (49)

    Block (2)
    Shield Wall
    Quick Reflexes

    Heavy Armor (5)
    Juggernaut (5)

    One-handed (8)
    Armsman (5)
    Fighting Stance
    Critical Charge
    Savage Strike

    Smithing (4)
    Steel Smithing
    Elven Smithing
    Advanced Armors
    Arcane Blacksmith

    Alteration (7)
    Novice Alteration
    Apprentice Alteration
    Adept Alteration
    Magic Resistance (3)

    Destruction (9)
    Novice Destruction
    Apprentice Destruction
    Adept Destruction
    Augmented Flames (2)
    Augmented Frost (2)
    Augmented Shock (2)

    Enchanting (9)
    Enchanter (5)
    Fire Enchanter
    Frost Enchanter
    Storm Enchanter
    Extra Effect

    Restoration (5)
    Novice Restoration
    Apprentice Restoration
    Adept Restoration

    Major Skills

    One-handed: Skilled spellswords are a perfect blend of steel and magic. The melee weapon of choice for most spellswords is the sword. Long hours are spent training and honing their skills with their weapon. Training usually comes in the form of military service, gaining expertise under a master swordsman, or knowledge gained through their travels.

    Alteration: Novice spellswords learn alteration spells to help magically bolster their defenses in combat. Spellswords with higher proficiency begin to unlock special knowledge about magic. With this knowledge they are able to partially shield themselves from incoming magic attacks.

    Destruction: Destruction magic is a spellsword’s second weapon of choice, usually wielded alongside a blade. Novices use destruction magic to compliment their martial prowess in combat. Highly trained spellswords rely on destruction magic for ranged damage, preferring to utilize their blades in melee combat. Unlocking the secrets of destruction magic gives a spellsword knowledge that will help increase their enchanting skills.

    Enchanting: Enchanting compliments any spellsword’s arsenal. Using their knowledge with destruction magic alongside their enchanting knowledge they can imbue powerful magical enchantments on their weapons. Master spellswords will usually forgo destruction magic in melee preferring to utilize powerfully enchanted blades.

    Minor Skills

    Block: Spellswords will usually forgo the use of shields instead preferring to parry incoming attacks with their weapon. Skilled spellswords anticipate incoming attacks in order to dodge or parry. *Note*To create the aesthetic of dual wielding a weapon and a spell and parrying with your weapon you can hotkey a shield and double tap the hotkey to quickly empty your left hand. This will allow you to quickly block incoming attacks but still cast spells.

    Heavy Armor: A spellsword’s perfection of steel and magic goes further than destructive capabilities. Spellswords prefer to wear medium armor as it provides the best balance between maneuverability and protection. *Note* Spellswords from Morrowind wore medium armor. Oblivion spellswords wore heavy armor. To emulate the use of medium armor I used steel and steel plate armor. The heavy armor found on the left side of the smithing tree is less bulky than the armor found on the right side of the smithing tree.

    Smithing: Since a spellsword’s life is usually a nomadic one they tend to pick up training under a blacksmith or two in order to keep their gear in top shape while out in the field. Spellswords performing in military roles also receive basic smithing training. Spellswords usually prefer to wear armor and wield weapons they craft themselves to anything they find in their travels.

    Restoration: Spellswords are one of the most self sufficient class of fighters. They not only have skill training in offensive powers but boast many useful restorative powers to quickly treat wounds in the field. Adept spellswords are capable of rejuvenating stamina alongside restoring wounds.

    The Novice (levels 1-19)

    Key Perks: Fighting Stance, Steel Smithing, Novice Alteration, Destruction, and Restoration, Regeneration

    Gameplay: Novice spellswords are just starting out on their journey to master the mixture of spell and sword. Combat begins with the spellsword casting ranged destruction magic at the enemy. Once the enemy begins to close distance, the spellsword will enhance their armor with alteration magic before finally meeting the enemy with their blade. Rigorous training is required to gain prowess in combat. This usually takes the form of military service or through adventures into the many dark crypts that dot the land. Skyrim will give any novice spellsword all the training they will need: through the civil war or through draugr crypts.

    Outside of combat a novice spellsword begins training as a blacksmith and enchanter. Due to their wandering nature they will need to know how to keep their gear in top shape. Low powered enchantments will also help them learn to master their arcane arts and enhance their martial prowess.

    Steel Sword of Burning
    (Steel Sword enchanted with fire damage)
    Steel Sword of Souls
    (Steel Sword enchanted with soul trap)
    Novice Hood
    Necklace of Resist Magic
    (Gold Necklace enchanted with resist magic)
    Ring of Resist Magic
    (Gold Ring enchanted with resist magic)
    Steel Armor of Minor Alteration
    (Steel Armor enchanted with fortify alteration)
    Steel Gauntlets of Minor Wielding
    (Steel Nordic Gauntlets enchanted with fortify one-handed)
    Steel Boots of Resist Fire
    (Steel Cuffed Boots enchanted with resist fire)

    The Adept (levels 20-39)

    Key Perks: Quick Reflexes, Critical Charge, Advanced Armors, Magic Resistance (2), Adept Alteration, Destruction, and Restoration, Augmented Flames (1), Frost (1) and Shock (1), Fire Enchanter, Respite

    Gameplay: Adept spellswords are well prepared for anything thrown at them. Their skill with a sword allows them to easily dodge power attacks or parry weaker blows. Their destructive capability with magic is impressive as well with the ability to quickly dispatch enemies with fire and shock magic or control the battlefield with frost magic. Through their arcane knowledge adept spellswords are powerful mage hunters. Using knowledge gained through alteration and magic resistance enchantments they are able to shrug off powerful magical attacks.

    Blades Sword of Fire
    (Blades Sword enchanted with fire damage)
    Steel Sword of Fiery Souls
    (Steel Sword enchanted with fiery soul trap)
    Apprentice Hood
    Amulet of Talos
    Ring of Dwindling Magic
    (Gold Ring enchanted with resist magic)
    Plate Armor of Alteration
    (Steel Plate Armor enchanted with fortify alteration)
    Plate Gauntlets of Wielding
    (Steel Plate Gauntlets enchanted with fortify one-handed)
    Plate Boots of Wielding
    (Steel Plate Boots enchanted with fortify one-handed)


    The Master (levels 40-50)

    Key Perks: Stability, Magic Resistance (3), Augmented Flames (2), Frost (2) and Shock (2), Extra Effect

    Gameplay: At the pinnacle of their art, a master spellsword becomes a blur of steel and magic, a force that few foes would dare to stand against. With enhanced destruction magic and a powerfully enchanted blade a master spellsword can cut through any obstacle. Their blacksmithing and enchanting skills are without equal with the ability to forge strong plate armor and enhance it with powerful magic.

    At this point in a spellsword’s career, combat involves the spellsword enhancing their armor with alteration magic before charging into battle. Once in melee range their enchanted sword cuts through all enemies. Their swords empowered by all three elements.

    Masterwork Spellsword
    (Blades Sword enchanted with chaos damage and fiery soul trap)
    Amulet of Talos
    Ring of Spellbinding
    (Gold Ring enchanted with resist magic and waterbreathing)
    Masterwork Spellsword Armor
    (Steel Plate Armor enchanted with fortify alteration and health)
    Masterwork Spellsword Gauntlets
    (Steel Plate Gauntlets enchanted with fortify one-handed and magicka)
    Masterwork Spellsword Boots
    (Steel Plate Boots enchanted with fortify one-handed and stamina)


    Due to their lifestyle as soldiers of fortune and mercenaries, spellswords usually live a nomadic and solitary life. They are self sufficient enough that they don’t need others to accompany them on their quest to perfect spell and sword. However, there are a few animal companions that provide quite useful and are welcome allies.

    Queen Alfsigr “Allie”: This faithful steed is usually the first mount new players can purchase and will help take you from place to place around the wilds of Skyrim. Those playing on PCs should look intoConvenient Horses. This mod allows you to let your mount carry excess gear you obtain in your journey.

    Meeko: This poor dog is down on his luck when you arrive at his former master’s shack. Dogs make wonderful travelling companions throughout Skyrim. Their keen senses and small stature give them great maneuverability in combat and don’t get in the way of your sword strikes and spells. Once you upgrade to area of effect spells though you may want to have your dog guard the entrance to areas that you explore so they don’t get caught up in the spell’s effect.

    Way of the Voice

    Spellswords strive to unlock powerful arcane arts throughout their travels. Those that are able to master the Voice find their unique gift a perfect addition to their arsenal. Players should spend time each morning at a shrine of Talos in order to help improve their shouting capabilities. Players should also find an Amulet of Talos to further improve their shouting. Furthermore those on the PC with theUnofficial Skyrim Patch can obtain the legendary dragon priest mask Morokei. With these three effects your shout cooldown will be reduced by 60%.

    Unrelenting Force: The first shout you will obtain. Unrelenting Force proves useful at all levels. Able to stagger casters and airborne dragons that are about to use their breath attacks with the first and second words. When outnumbered by melee enemies Unrelenting Force gives you breathing room to escape or reposition yourself.

    Slow Time: One of your most powerful shouts. Slow time allows you to cast multiple destruction spells at a target before they can react. Powerful enemies can easily be taken down without being able to react to strikes from an enchanted sword.

    Whirlwind Sprint: A great utility shout comes in the form of Whirlwind Sprint. This shout will give you expanded battlefield mobility to close the gap between you and enemy archers and casters. You can also use it to give yourself some distance from powerful melee enemies in order to heal up or cast from range.

    Marked for Death: Useful for encounters with heavily armored enemies. Use this on enemy group leaders then take out their subordinates before finally cutting them down easily after the effect has had time to eat through their armor.


    Main quests (Base game, Dawnguard, Dragonborn): The quest lines from the base game, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn provide access to powerful shouts.

    The Companions: This quest line gives you access to some low level income. I actually stopped at the point where they wanted to induct me into their circle. I wasn’t willing to give up my humanity to the daedric prince Hircine.

    The College of Winterhold: A perfect quest line to help hone your magical capabilities as well as provide access to a word for Slow Time and the powerful Morokei dragon priest mask.

    The Black Star: Help or hinder the daedric prince Azura in recovering her lost artifact. Your reward is either Azura’s Star or the Black Star. A powerful artifact that will help you with enchanting.

    The Book of Love: Gain the blessing of Mara and she will bestow you with enhanced magic resistance knowledge.

    Frostflow Abyss: Uncover what happened at this mysterious lighthouse. Your reward is enhancements to your healing powers.

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    July 20, 2014

    Is this your first build, Christopher? Great job on it. Interesting perk spread display, that's a clever method for those without the programs to put together an "artistic" perk spread. It reads easily and looks really professional. Again, awesome job!

  • Member
    July 20, 2014

    I like this +1

  • Member
    July 20, 2014
    I agree about the perk spread. It's all laid out and easy to read, and even better, I don't have to jump to another page to get it... a great workaround! I like spellswords a lot, and this build is no exception. Very well presented--you do the class justice :D
  • July 20, 2014
    The presentation as a whole is really great and I like the fact that you have three set out stages. Great build and +1 from me.
  • July 20, 2014

    If this is your first build Im incredibly impressed. In fact this is better than a lot of people's 3rd or 4th attempts. 

  • July 21, 2014

    Thanks all, this is actually my second build.

  • July 21, 2014

    For my playthrough I opted for Morokei because on the PC using the Unofficial Skyrim Patch Morokei is assigned it's correct enchantment (100% magicka regen + 20% shout cooldown reduction).

  • July 21, 2014

    Still the 100% magicka regen is still useful but obviously there are other routes you can take when gearing up your character.

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    July 21, 2014

    @Overhate, I think Morokei makes playstyle more magic-oriented. He doesn't have any magicka regeneration gear other than that mask and taking it out will force you to rely on melee combat more. Ahzidal's mask will work better for melee-oriented characters