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Event Build: The Order of The Dragon

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    May 14, 2014

    Well, with very little info on this amazing group, sans that they were formed by Tiber Septim, and you could only be inducted by the Emperor/Empress him/herself, or by a high ranking offical, most of what I have is from an Oblivion mod, Servant of the Dawn. I present....




    The Order of the Dragon, founded two thousand years ago by Emperor Tiber Septim, quartered in the Dragon Temple, nestled high in the Jerall Mountains. You were one of the youngest members of the Order to reach the rank of Imperator, second only to a Champion of Cyrodill. You and your Order were tasked by the Champion of Cyrodill, and High Chancellor Ocato, to stamp out the remnants of the Mythic Dawn, stopping a plot to overthrow the Chancellor by a former member of your Order. 200 years later, The Order of the Dragon still wages war with the Thalmor, the true threat to the Empire. You were the son of a minor Lord of Northpoint, and a popular and wealthy Merchant Lady of Daggerfall. When you were young, your family's carriage was raided by brigands. You were saved by a member of the Order, and a group of guards. You were taken in by the Order, and trained from that day forward, reaching the rank of Imperator, Third to the Champion, after much work stealing information from possible criminals. You were tasked by Emperor Mede in aiding General Tullius to end the Civil War, and made your way to Skyrim.....


    Race: Breton. The resistance to magicka helps when dealing with dragons and rogue mages/Vampires. Though Dunmer work for more fire resistance, the Order accepts all.

    Standing Stone: The Lord, extra magic resistance and a nice boost to damage resistance. When you get the Aetherial Crown, place the Atronach Stone within. With Dragonskin, you get 100% Absorption of Magicka, excellent with dragons and mages

     Stat Placement: 4/2/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. Magicka is the main priority

     Major Skills: One Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Smithing

     Minor Skills: Enchanting, Restoration, and Speech. 

     Weapons: Silver Sword, Fire spells

     Armor: General Tullius' Armor, Boots, and Gauntlets, Closed Imperial Helm/Aetherial Crown, Blade’s Shield.


    The Order of the Imperial Dragon is an absolute, fire-spewing, machine. He emulates the Dovah of old with his spells and his Thu’Um. Wrapped in a Cloak of Flames, he advances, a blade in one hand, and a shield or spell in the other. His main priority is taking out ranged enemies, by immolating them with a barrage of flames.

    Firing off Flame spells at melee enemies from afar, he equips a shield when they are close, hacking away at their remaining health. When a room is cleared, he takes time to bolster his allies’ abilities, and heal. When necessary, equip the Aetherial Crown and activate Dragonskin to absorb all magicka thrown at you.

    With facing enemies resistant to fire spells, such as Dunmer, as ShinJin brought up, my strategy was a simple one. After bashing the Dunmer/dragon to stop their attack, I would fire away spells at them, then hack them to bits with the pointy end of my sword. Followers with ranged abilities, such as Faendel and Serana, also help when a dragon is flying or hovering about. Hiding behind a tree works wonders against breath attacks.



         Burn baby, burn.

    Levels 25-55


    One-Handed- Smithing-

    Armsman 5/5, Bladesman 1/3 Steel-Arcane, Elven-Dragon

    Fighting Stance, Savage Strike Dwarven


    Enchanting- Destruction-

    Enchanter 5/5 Fire Enchanter Novice-Apprentice, Augmented Flames 2/2

    Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter Augmented Shock 2/2, Disintegrate

    Extra Effect


    Restoration- Block-

    Novice, Regeneration Shield Wall 2/5, Quick Reflexes

    Respite, Necromage (For Sun Spells) Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection

    Recovery 2/2, Avoid Death Power Bash


    Heavy Armor- Speech-

    Juggernaut 1/5, Fists of Steel Haggling 2/5, Bribery

    Cushioned, Conditioning Persuasion, Intimidation

    Allure, Merchant


    Lightfingers 5/5-Perfect Touch

    Main Quest-Follow the will of Akatosh, take up your destiny as Dragonborn, and slay the World-Eater.


    Dawnguard-Harkon wishes to corrupt Akatosh’s bow, and send Nirn into eternal night, you must stop him at all costs.


    The College of Winterhold-The Order has always had good relations with the various magical schools. You have been sent to refine your skills, and to aid them in their latest endeavor.


    The Man who Cried Wolf/Wolf Queen Awakened-Stop the resurrection of a necromantic Septim, and gain the Shield of Solitude at level 25, disenchant it.


    Pieces of The Past-Upon discovering a surviving member of the Mythic Dawn, you slay them as soon as you are alone, and take the artifacts, locking them away forever.


    Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!-You have uncovered a plot to kill the Emperor, slay this cult to Sithis, and save Skyrim from their dark grasp.


    Civil War (Imperials)-You must strengthen the Empire’s grasp on Skyrim, so it will be ready for the Thalmor.

     Lost to The Ages-Venturing into an ancient Dungeon, you discover a lost Forge, and craft a mighty crown. with mystical properties.

     The Companions-This group of legendary warriors will help you hone your skills and gain funds for supplies. Purge werewolf form.


    Dragonborn-Save the free people of Solstheim from a fallen Dragonborn, and steal knowledge from Hermaeus Mora

    Break of Dawn-Finding an Orb of Meridia, who in mortal life was a paramour of Tiber Septim, you claim her blade, Dawnbreaker.


    Dragonsword_O.pngThe Dragonsword of Lainlyn-Silver Sword enchanted with Fire Damage and Absorb Health. On your journeys, you rediscover the Dragonsword of Lainlyn the Slayer, a legendary dragonslayer of your Order.


    22391-1-1233836360.jpg Imperial Dragon Armor-General Tullius’ Armor enchanted with Fortify Destruction/Magicka Regen and Fortify Health.


    download.jpgImperial Dragon Gauntlets-Dwarven Gauntlets Enchanted with Fortify Destruction and Fortify One-Handed


    Boots.jpg Imperial Dragon Boots-Dwarven Boots Enchanted with Resist Fire and Frost


    2272-1-1322777005.jpg Imperial Dragon Helmet-Closed Imperial Helm enchanted with Fortify Restoration and Fortify Destruction


    kolfel_blade_shield_by_jrcoffroniii-d73l3dd.jpg Aegis of Life-An ancient artifact of the Order, it was forged by an Akaviri spellsmith for Imperator Titus Gaius Imperium in the early 3rd Era. Blades Shield-Resist Magicka and Resist Fire.


    il_340x270.423828995_d1x1.jpg Amulet of Talos+Blessing-These coupled with Dragon Aspect allow use of Shout Combos.

    In order for an initiate to become a full member of the Order, they must stand in a special chamber in the Dragon Temple. The current head of the Order, or a high ranking member, and a member of Dragon Warrior, or higher, present. The one orchestrating the ceremony would pour Dragon Blood (Blisterwort+Blue Mountain Flower+Wheat), into a chalice, and the intiate(s) would drink, and be in agonizing pain as they witnessed visions of the history of the Order, the Dragon War, and most of all, their Dragon spirit, that would bond with them and enhance their abilities.


    Defender of Nirn-One of the Order’s seven tenants is that members must protect the innocent, and defend the Empire from anything that may cause harm to it or it’s citizens, this includes the Stormcloaks and the Dark Brotherhood.


    Purge the Thalmor-The Thalmor are the true threat to not just the Empire, but all of Tamriel. They must be slain on sight.


    Dragonslayer-While you may have the blood of dragons within you, you know many still serve the World-Eater, slay them. You may slay Parthunaxx if you wish, I didn’t.


    Pious and Undercover-Never go about in your armor, you may use the Dragonsword, and a flame spell, but that is all. Never wear your armor in sacred places, like temples, Halls of the Dead, or High Hrothgar.


    The Dragon Shows no Mercy to the Merciless-The Order is devoted to justice. Slay any lawbreakers, like Grelod. 

     (And All-Maker Stone Powers)

     Bones of The Earth/Sun Flare-Let's see, either ignoring 80% of physical damage for half a minute, or casting a once-a-day version of fire storm, what isn't to like? 

    Secret of Arcana-All spells costing no Magicka for 30 seconds? Yes please! Allows for a full on spell barrage, fun, and useful.

    Mora's Boon-Fully restoring Magicka, Health and Stamina once per day saved my Dragonhide on multiple occasions.

    Bardic Knowledge-Improved Stamina regen for both my followers and myself was extremely useful, especially when facing dragons or large crowds of enemies.

    Aspect of the Dragon-Tapping into his dragon spirit, the Order member takes on the form of the Dragon, blazed in a cloak of flames, incinerating his foes.  (Dragon Aspect+Flame Cloak+Fire Breath+The Fire Within)

    Wrath of Akavir-Like the Akaviri of old, the Order of the Dragon are able to channel all their energy, turning their flames into a powerful burst of lightning, incinerating their foes. (Flame Cloak+Become Ethereal+Lightning Storm+Disintegrate)


    Avatar of Akatosh-Praying to the Dragon of Time, he imbues you with a fraction of his power, and you advance on your foes, a flaming blade in hand. (Dragon Aspect+Slow Time+Flame/Whirlwind Cloak+Dawnbreaker)

    A Call to Arms/Glory-You radiate an essence about you, of courage and valor. Your foes desert their leader, and join your side, before you charge. (Dragon Aspect+Courage Spell+Bend Will+Battle Fury+Whirlwind Sprint)

  • May 14, 2014

    It's pretty good but the Firey text is really difficult to read. 

    Other then that there just isn't that much information here and I think you should expand on the Lore, Background and Roleplay a little. By the way I like the Special Moves they're interesting enough. 

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    May 14, 2014
    When you submitted the Order of the Dragon I did a bit of reading to see what to expect... good choice. I agree with DB about the special moves. They fit the build quite well. Out of curiosity, did you do anything special against enemies that resist fire (Dunmer and various dragons) or just rely on your weapons and high health? One suggestion:there seem to be a lot of double (maybe triple) spaces. Perhaps if you cut some of the negative space it might connect the build and flow a little more smoothly.
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    May 14, 2014
    Thanks Shin, Anyhoof, yeah, that, and I also used the aid of my followers, like Faendel (who I'm still traveling with)
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    May 14, 2014
    My only problem is the pickpocketing - It's way too out of character.
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    May 14, 2014
    My only problem is the pickpocketing - It's way too out of character.
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    May 14, 2014
    Well, I didn't want to join Ulfric Racistcloak, so, it was either that, or pickpocket Tullius. In my head canon, he became a spy for the Order, stealing encoded messages and whatnot
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    May 15, 2014

    Well guys, I've spruced the build up a fair bit

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    May 15, 2014

    I thought the fire logo would work for a very "hot" character 

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    May 15, 2014
    Aright, I'll fix it when possible.