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Character Build: The Lion

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    January 24, 2014

    Here is something you don't see very often - a Khajiit paladin, one that doesn't steal your socks or stab you in the back. Now don't get me wrong, I love playing a sneaky Khajiit assassin more than anybody. But I believe that the Khajiit are more than just thieves, pickpockets and drug abusers. Good ones do exist, and the Lion is a fine example.

    This build stemmed from an idea I had a while back to create a series of Khajiit builds, based on species of big cats. A lion instantly stood out to me as the perfect choice for a paladin-type character. Lions are always depicted as kingly, majestic, regal and noble, as well as fierce and courageous in battle. Really, what better recipe for a paladin do you need? This fellow was so fun to create and play, and it was very refreshing to play a 'jiit who was not evil-oriented. So without further ado, let's get to the build!





    Race: Khajiit

    Features: Golden-brown fur with handsome golden eyes. No markings / war paint on the face. Choose the long, shoulder-length hair preset (brown in color), for the perfect mane look. :)

    Stats: 1:3:2

    Stone: The Warrior, for leveling in the beginning. Then switch to the Lord.

    Armor: Steel Plate (full set, minus the helm). I chose Steel Plate because I think it is the perfect Knight armor.

    Jewelry: Circlet of your choice (Chosen for a kingly look. I used a Circlet of Eminent Restoration.), enchanted ring and/or necklace of choice.

    Weapons: Skyforge Steel Sword, Dawnbreaker, Dawnguard Rune Shield, Auriel's Bow

    Recommended Quests: The Main Quest, The Companions (up to joining the Circle), The Break of Dawn, Dawnguard, The Black Star, The Book of Love, The Blessings of Nature



    Major Skills:

    Heavy Armor - As a knight and heavy melee fighter, the Lion wears heavy Steel Plate armor to protect him from damage. I prefer not to have helms on my Khajiits, so we're just going to take ranks in Juggernaut.

    One-Handed - The Lion prefers to use swords as his primary weapon. Perks: Armsman 5/5, Fighting Stance, Bladesman 3/3, Savage Strike, Critical Charge.

    Block - The Lion uses a shield to block both physical and magical attacks, as well as stagger his enemies. Perks: Shield Wall 1/5, Power Bash, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Block Runner.

    Restoration - Not only can the Lion heal himself, and even those around him, with powerful restorative magic, but he can also use it as destructive force against vampires, Draugr, and other unliving foes. Perks: Novice-Adept, Respite and Regeneration.

    Minor Skills:

    Archery - Used mainly when the Lion needs to open combat from a distance. Perks: Overdraw 5/5, Eagle Eye. Power shot and Quick Shot can also be helpful.

    Smithing - The Lion is able to craft and maintain his armor to keep it in excellent shape. Perks are just Steel Smithing-Advanced Armors and Arcane Blacksmith.

    Enchanting - The Lion can also further augment his armor by adding magical effects to it. Perks: Enchanter 5/5, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, Extra Effect. (You don't have to go all the way up to Extra Effect if you wish - I personally just love this perk).

    Level 46 Perk Spread: Link



    Basically, you want to think "Aslan" when playing this character. He is pure, 100% good. In fact, you won't find a nobler creature in all of Tamriel. Unlike most of his kind, he does not steal, he does not cheat or lie, he does not harm innocents, and he has never once tasted skooma (gasp!). Instead, he protects the weak, he vanquishes evil, and he makes himself a living symbol for hope, light, love and justice. He exudes a kingly, aristocratic air within society, where he dresses in the fine attire of a lord, but he is no arrogant miser who looks down on peasants. Rather, he generously offers money to the poor, and assists even the lowliest citizens with their problems. 

    In battle though, we see a different side of the Lion -- a mighty warrior, one to be feared and respected, who wields his sword and his shield with fierce skill. He strives to cleanse Skyrim of all vile creatures, from the skulking Falmer to the mighty Dragon. He especially loathes creatures that prey upon the weak, like vampires, and he hunts down these abominations without mercy. But as you'll soon see, the Lion has a little more than strength and courage on his side...




    There always seems to be a powerful association with lions and the sun. Their fur is golden, and their mane seems to radiate out from their face, like rays of sunlight. Even Aslan, in the Chronicles of Narnia, is personified by the rising sun. And what could be a more fitting theme for a paladin? You are literally a beacon of light to the people, a ray of hope that chases away the darkness. Why not turn that theme and that symbolism into a weapon? What's awesome is that Skyrim gives us so many wonderful sun-themed weapons to choose from, especially in the Dawnguard questline. Some of the items in the Lion's arsenal include:



    Acquisition: The Break of Dawn (Meridia's quest)

    A mighty sword that deals fire damage and has a chance to cast Bane of Undead. It can literally blast undead enemies such as Draugr to ashes. This is the Lion's primary weapon. Yes, the quest you have to do to get this item is a Daedric quest, but Meridia is seen as one of the more honorable Daedra, and it involves saving Skyrim from a powerful necromancer.


    Dawnguard Rune Shield

    Acquisition: Dawnguard - Lost Relic

    A beautiful shield, with an emblazoned sun on the front, that deals extra bash damage against vampires and surrounds the Lion with an aura of sunlight. The perfect shield for him to carry.


    Auriel's Bow

    Acquisition: Dawnguard - Touching the Sky

    Last but not least, we have this mighty weapon. Shoot special "Sunhallowed Arrows" at the sun, and rain fiery destruction down upon your enemies. This is a key component for one of the Lion's special moves. (See below).


    Also don't forget the various "sun spells" you can get during your time with the Dawnguard -- Stendarr's Aura, Sun Fire, and such. These are special Restoration spells that can protect the Lion and deal extra damage to undead. Very helpful, and very appropriate!



    The Lion can also use the power of the Thu'um, effectively making his voice into a powerful weapon with these shouts:

    Dismay - The Lion projects his voice into a thunderous roar that sends enemies fleeing in terror.

    Unrelenting Force - The force of the Lion's roar can sometimes knock enemies off their feet or even send them flying through the air.

    Clear Skies - Even amidst a raging storm, the Lion can clear the skies and call forth the sun.

    Fire Breath - The Lion channels the power of the sun into a breath of fiery air that blasts his enemies to cinders. Used mainly in conjunction with Wrath of the Sun (see below).



    Requires: Clear Skies (optional), Auriel's Bow + Sunhallowed Arrows, Fire Breath / Sun Fire

    The Lion unleashes a mighty roar to the sky, calling upon all the powers of the sun to rain down destruction on his vile foes. Use Clear Skies in order to bring out the sun, and then shoot a Sunhallowed Arrow at it. You can then use either the Fire Breath shout or Sun Fire to increase the damage further.



    For the most part, just do any quest that involves helping people and saving Skyrim from threats. The Main Quest is of course a great place to start, since you're literally saving the world. The Companions is also always good for a warrior-type character. It allows you to hone your skills and help you citizens, and you can get one of the words for Fire Breath from Dustman's Cairn. Just don't go past joining the Circle - the Lion is not a werewolf. 

    Other than that, I recommend:

    The Break of Dawn - For Dawnbreaker.

    Dawnguard - The Lion's main faction; gives you access to weapons like the Rune Shield and Auriel's Bow, not to mention it involves killing vampires. 

    The Book of Love - Not absolutely necessary for anything; I just think it is a perfect quest for this guy, being that he is chivalrous and noble.

    The Black Star - Can be helpful for enchanting purposes, but again is not required.

    The Blessings of Nature - I like this quest, not only because it seems honorable to restore the dead tree Whiterun, but also because it grants you Danica Pure-Spring as a Restoration trainer -- and leveling Restoration is a  pain in the arse...

    Thane Quests - Becoming thane is definitely something this character do, given that he helps people out so much, and I like to view him as a high-class citizen, with a title in most holds. So do these at your leisure.


    And there you have it. Hope you guys enjoy it! I also want to say thanks to Ponty, whose awesome Paladin build was a major inspiration for this guy! 

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    January 24, 2014

    Great work to see something different! Hear him roar with fire!


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    January 24, 2014

    great build the way everything ties together is amazing i wish there where more "new" builds like this lately +1

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    January 24, 2014

    Oh good, Tae-Rai has come out with the next of her big cat builds. Hey, wait a second...

    You're not Tae-Rai


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    January 24, 2014
    Hmm, seems a mighty lot similar to the Paladin itself... Same skills, similar perks, practically the same special move... What sets this apart?
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    January 24, 2014
    This build makes me wonder if there are any lore-friendly Khajiit paladins. I like the concept though :) +1
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    January 24, 2014

    I had my idea for the big cat series of Khajiit builds before I even joined this site, and before I knew that Tae-Rai was doing something similar. Trust me, I'm not trying to copy her. This is something I've wanted to do ever since I played my first Khajiit character in Skyrim...

  • January 24, 2014

    Nice and simple with beautiful presentation, why can't all builds be like this? It just wants that nice perk spread...


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    January 24, 2014
    Though not a paladin of any sort, I'd like to think Kharjo is an example of a loyal and overall 'good' Khajit.
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    January 24, 2014

    The whole sun theme, for one? It is similar to Ponty's Paladin, I do not deny that. That's why  I acknowledge him at the end of the build. I tried to make the skill set somewhat different from his, though. It's hard to play a good paladin without basic skills such as heavy armor, one-handed, block, and restoration, so of course they're the same in that regard. Ponty's Paladin however uses alteration - this build does not, because I feel it's redundant. And only one version of Ponty's paladin uses Archery as a skill.

    The special move is similar, again because it was inspired by Ponty's, but I also wanted to use something like it because I like the effect of Auriel's Bow. I just wanted to add more of a "fiery" twist to it.