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Character Build: Tynnven, the Knight-Blade

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    January 19, 2014

    The power of the Breton was introduced to me a short while ago. I always used to overlook them, and this was my first experience of being one. So this build is based around the first-ever time I had played as a Breton. People can provide arguments for why Bretons are bad, but they really are one of the best races if you play them right.

    Tynnven, the Knight-Blade


    Tynnven was always one for swords. He used to get training from his Dad, until he died of rockjoint. After twenty years of training and working at the local mill. He decided to leave. He wanted to find a job that was honorable. With his advanced skills with a Blade, he was recruited as a Penitus Oculatus agent. He never thought of it as honorable though. He had become friends with the Emperor, who was a large influence on Tynnven's life. The Emperor recognized Tynnven's desire for being a Knight and gave him a job as one. He lead some of the Imperial legion during the Great War. Then promoted to be the Emperor's personal bodyguard. He came to love his position in the legion, until the event of the White-Gold Concordat. As soon as the legion signed it, he secretly sent Tynnven to protect the Blades as they were his prized warriors. But it was already too late. The Blades were disbanded and there was nothing left. He tried to search for the remaining members, but no leads or signs.

    He traveled back to Cyrodiil and had managed to get a secret meeting with the Emperor, where he described what happened The Emperor was in awe, but tasked Tynnven of rebuilding the Blades and made him the new leader of them, as well as his Knight position. Then he was to go to Skyrim, Tynnven had no idea why he'd been ordered there but he obeyed. He was about to leave until the Thalmor captured him, they had been listening to the meeting. They didn't want the Emperor to know, so deliberately threw him into a trap that the Imperials had made to capture Ulfric Stormcloak. Their had plan worked. He got captured again, mistaken for illegally crossing the boarder only a few miles away from where they had captured Ulfric.

    The Build

    Race: Breton

    Stats ratio: 1/2/2

    Stone: Lord

    Major Skills: Block, One-Handed, Heavy Armor

    Minor Skills: Alteration, Destruction, Enchanting, Smithing

    Shouts: Dragonrend, Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Unrelenting Force

    The Skills

    Block: Your primary defensive skill. He always has his shield on his arm, and it's the only thing that protects you from physical damage and also negates some spells and Dragon shouts like with the Elemental Resistance perk, you’ll be able to negate some of the damage taken from a dragon shout when you have your shield raised. It’s useful to have this skill and any fight, and Tynnven uses his shield charge to muscle his way through enemies using Shield Charge. The Block Runner perk will give you time to hide behind rocks quickly to dodge those shouts from dragons too. Also, the Blades shield looks soo cool!

    One-Handed: His primary offensive skill, and the only swords Tynnven uses are Bolar’s Oathblade and Dragonbane. On top of their original enchantments will be Bladesman, which makes swords have a 20% chance of getting a critical hit when you strike your opponent, which isn’t a high number, but when you get a critical hit it will take a lot off your enemy.

    Heavy Armor: Obviously because of the Blades armor. When in battle, I wanted Tynnven to be quick and agile so to get to cover whenever under attack by a ranged enemy so with the Conditioning perk, you’ll be able to move around like you were only wearing rags!

    Alteration: The main purpose of this skill is to get the Magic Resistance perk and the Atronach perk. This enables you to have 30% magic resistance and to absorb 30% of spells that hit you which gives you a great advantage coupled with the Breton’s Dragonskin ability; this is quite deadly against Dragons and Mages.

    Destruction: This is to optimize the damage from the Fire Breath and Ice Breath shouts. The augmented perks increase the damage of them. Dragons are vulnerable to fire: well, at least some of them. There are many types of dragons, but they fall into two major archetypes: fire dragons and frost dragons.

    • Fire dragons are vulnerable to frost (25% weakness) but resistant to fire (50% resistance).
    • Frost dragons are vulnerable to fire (25% weakness) but resistant to frost (50% resistance).

     So if you're trying fire and it's not doing a lot of damage, switch to frost. But you should be able to tell what type of dragon it is by the type of breath attack it has.

    Enchanting: This skill really helps when you manage to enchant Tynnven’s armor with Magic Resistance enchantments and certain fire/ice/shock enchantments.

    Smithing: To improve your equipment fully, and make sure to buy and use a blacksmithing potion when improving equipment.


    Here are the perks!



    Blades Helmet (with enchantment of choice)-

    Necklace of the Firewalker - Increases Fire Resistance by 70%

    Blades Shield of Peerless blocking - Block 40% more damage with your shield

    Ring of Nullification - Increases Magic Resistance by 22%

    Blades Gauntlets of Peerless Wielding - One-handed attacks do 40% more damage

    Blades Boots of Warmth - Increases Frost Resistance by 70%

    NOTE: These enchantments are extremely hard to get, especially the Necklace of the Firewalker! (that's if you don't try to enchant these) You can settle for weaker variants until you get those items/enchantments and the level for your enchanting skills. Also, regularly visit Radiant Raiment for the Jewelery.

    Also, for Bolar's Oathblade, go to Bloated Man's Grotto.


    Roleplay from a Knight-Blade perspective

    With any Blade, the main quests are the most important, until you get to the Rebuilding the Blades mission, which then makes the Blades missions a priority, like Rebuilding The Blades, Dragon Hunting, Dragon Research, killing Paarthurnax etc...

    Whenever I rebuild the Blades I always think of a Tank, Archer and a Mage. These can ultimately be up to you, but I chose Mjoll the Lioness as the tank, Jenassa for an archer and Illia as the mage. You can get Mjoll by talking to her in Riften she’ll then make you retrieve her beloved sword, Grimsever. Jenassa can be hired for a mere 500 gold from the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun and you can get Illia as a follower by finishing her quest called Repentance at Darklight Tower.

    Whenever Thalmor cross Tynnven’s path he disposes of them. If you know anything about the Blades and the Thalmor, then you’d know that they hate each other and kill on sight. If you ever travel to Markarth and go into Understone Keep, be respectful of the citizens of Markarth and don’t start a fight with the Thalmor in there, but that is really the only exception because as a Knight, you can’t break the law and you have to be professional in a situation where innocents could get hurt. But still make sure that you do any quests that would bring inconvenience to the Thalmor.

    ‘Knights were expected, above all, to fight bravely and to display military professionalism and courtesy’, so always bear that in mind when you start the civil war quests and when you join the Imperial legion, this is mainly because they protect the Emperor and his citizens but then you could join the Stormcloaks because of the freedom to worship Talos which is ultimately up to you depending on how you feel about the White-Gold Concordat and the rest of the great war.


    The Knight-Blade’s abilities:

    • Atronach Stone = 50% Spell absorption
    • Atronach Alteration perk = 30% Spell absorption
    • Magic Resistance = Blocks 30% of spells effect
    • 20% of getting a critical hit with swords and 40% more damage with One-handed weapons.
    • 70% Fire and Frost resistance
    • Plus a bonus 22% Magic Resistance
    • Elemental Protection Blocking perk = Reduces fire, frost and shock damage by 50% when blocking

    You worship Talos, whenever you walk past a shrine of his; make sure to get the blessing of Talos, and take a second to remember what he did for the people of Tamirel.



    Whenever you come across a Dragon, and start to fight it, always use Dragonbane as it does 20-40 points of extra damage to dragons depending on your level when you first enter Sky Haven Temple. You can get Dragonbane and the Blades armor by just going to Sky Haven Temple and using the ‘wooden plate glitch’ and here is some footage of the glitch in action:

    When there are no Dragons around, use Bolar’s Oathblade which does 25pts of stamina damage and it makes your enemy scared for 30 seconds using the fear enchantment.

    In actual combat with a Dragon always attack the wing of it, so it can’t bite you but can only use its wing to hurt you, which doesn’t do as much damage. You can try and use Ice/Fire Breath but sometimes they resist the shout. When they start to fly use Dragonrend to force them onto land and if they shout at you, raise your shield and move to cover.

    In combat with any other character, make sure you block any blows they try to throw at you, the Quick Reflexes perk will help you to bash when they start using power attacks, and if disarming bash comes into play, start pummeling you foe with attacks then you could also get some critical hits in there too.


    Special Moves


    Without your weapon, you’re nothing. The first rule of fighting is to never go to ground. But when they both happen, you’re in trouble.

    Disarming Bash + Unrelenting Force



    Whenever your enemy has fallen you should be able to strike ever harder.

    Shield Charge + Savage Strike


    Special thanks


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    January 19, 2014
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    What? I posted the first picture January 17, 2014 at 3:06pm!

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    Wind Caaler Temple? Don't you mean Cloud Ruler? Or is this their HQ in High Rock?
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    Nope, it's supposed to be Cloud Ruler Temple...

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    The Cloud Ruler Temple is in Cyrodiil not High Rock..its from Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

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    No worries!

    For some reason you did scare me a little when you said it though!

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    There was a second build preview posted more recently; that's probably what you're thinking of.