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Character Build: The Candlemaker

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    May 17, 2017

    Thank you! I like your enthusiasm and mod choices :)

    As for meshing Destruction and Archery: I never planned for archery to be a mainstay of the build. Auriel's Bow was added in as a gimmick: simply for turning day into night, as the ultimate "snuffing out the light." The Candlemaker's ranged options were meant to be traps, shouts (their breath, as in blowing out a candle), and destruction staves.

    However, you're more than welcome to focus on Archery in your run through! Use the environment to your advantage. Set runes + cloak spells + spiders before combat... then pelt enemies with your bow, and lure them into traps. When they get too close, you can blast them with your shouts.

    Similarly, aspects of Conjuration are thematicaly appropriate: the flame familiar, flame atronach, and ash summon spells. You're welcome to play around with them in your run! 

    But summoning was never my intent for Candlemakers. They're not pyromancers, they're not summoners, they're dungeon-delving adventurers with a slice of magic. And that slice is so narrowly focused just to help them with their menial job: starting fires. They can barely do this on their own with the Flame spell. They need to rely on external instuments (torches, alchemy, and staves) to really get their magic going.