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Character Build: Oblivion Walker

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    November 23, 2013

    The Oblivion Walker

    The Oblivion Walker is a master of conjuration who uses both bound weapons and summoned creatures to wreak havok on her enemies. Though skilled in stealth, she often engages her foes in the open. Her weapons of choice include a conjured bow and the legendary Ebony Blade. Her armor is little more than cloth though, so she relies on her Daedric summons for protection.

    Vital Statistics                                                       
    Race: Breton 
    Stone: Lover/Lord
    Shout: Aura Whisper
    Stats: 200 500 100                                                                                                  

    Major Skills
    Conjuration- Summon atronachs for protection, and your weapons for annihilation
    Archery - The bound bow is deadly... and pretty sexy
    Enchanting - Very easy to level when using bound weapons

    Minor Skills
    Two Handed - Foes will tremble under the might of your Ebony Blade
    Sneak - 3x damage boost for high difficulty settings
    Illusion - Quest Casting perk


    Your first priority should be unlocking the novice and apprentice conjuration perks so that you can cast Conjure Flame Atronach and Bound Battleaxe at half the cost. Next, grab the Lover stone near Markarth and embark on your unholy pilgrimage (see mission).

     Open a fight by summoning a Flame Atronach followed immediately by conjuring your axe. Let your atronach harass the hostiles (and grab their attention) while you make short work of them with the axe. Acquire the mystic binding perk ASAP, and use a bow from time to time during this stage to level Archery.

     The real fun begins at 50 conjuration. Grab the Adept Conjuration perk, as well as Bound Bow and Conjure Frost Atronach. This bow will be your main weapon from now on. Frost Atronachs are amazing at attracting foes and holding their own against multiple targets. Summon one into the middle of a group of enemies, skulk away with your bow, and let instinct take over. Frost Atronachs can't fit through small doorways though, so you might want to stick to the Flame Atronachs when indoors.


    Eventually you'll hit 75 Conjuration and get the Storm Atronoch and Dremora Lord. By then, you should have a solid grasp on how to make use of the summoning skills. Atronachs are incredibly powerful, and can provide a great distraction for the lightly armored Oblivion Walker.

    Knowing which Atronach to use is important. They are all immune to their respective elements, so summon them accordingly. Frost Atronach vs Necromancers for example. Be sure to only use conjuration due to your limited magicka, and stick to atronachs/dremora to maintain the feel of the build.

    When you find the Ebony Blade, use it. Get it to full power however you want, and then use it. I discovered the potential of this baby during my play-through, and I fell in love with it. It's extremely fast, it absorbs 30 points of health per hit, and it never needs to be recharged. 


    In order to grow in power, you must strengthen your connection to Oblivion by collecting the Daedric artifacts hidden across Skyrim. Azura, Hircine, Bal, Namira, Sheogorath, Vermina, Malacath, Vile, Meridia, Peyrite, Sanguine, Mora, Mephala, Dagon, and Boethia all name you their champion, but none of them realize just how powerful you will become...

    This will also unlock the Oblivion Walker achievement if you don't already have it. 

    Artifacts and Level Requirements:

    Azura's Star (1)

    Savior's Hide (1)

    Mace of Molag Bal (1)

    Ring of Namira (1)

    Wabbajack (1)

    Skull of Corruption (1)

    Volendrung (9)

    Masque of Clavicus Vile (10)

    Dawnbreaker (12)

    Spellbreaker (12)

    Sanguine Rose (14)

    Oghma Infinium (15)

    Ebony Blade (20)

    Mehrunes' Razor (20)

    Ebony Mail (30)

    (Links go to the UESP)



    The Oblivion Walker becomes obsessed with the Daedric artifacts to the point of attempting to create her own mythical equipment. She hoards the souls of her victims and begins to infuse them into her clothing. The result is a set of powerful enchanted gear that makes the Oblivion Walker as fearsome as the Daedric Lords themselves. 

    --Circlet - Fortify Archery + Lockpicking
    --Black Vampire Armor - Fortify Conjuration + 'Conjuration and Magicka Regeneration'
    --Vampire Gauntlets - Fortify Archery + Two Handed
    --Vampire Boots - Muffle + Fortify Two Handed
    --Amulet - Fortify Archery + Two Handed
    --Ring - Fortify Archery + Two Handed
    --Ebony Blade 
    --Bound Bow 

    With the Soul Stealer perk, you will cast soul trap on every enemy you hit with a bound weapon. This makes it very easy to harvest souls for enchanting as long as you collect every soul gem you find.

    "Hail, summoner. Conjure me up a warm bed, would you?"


    The abandoned house in Markarth with Molag Bal's shrine can be used as a free player home because the containers never reset. This is the perfect starter home for the Oblivion Walker.

    Other Quests:

    Main Quest - Dragon Rising must be completed to unlock the Ebony Blade
    Thieves' Guild Quest Line - Fits the Daedra theme thanks to Nocturnal and the Skeleton Key
    Conjuration Ritual Spell - Sigil Stone allows you to make Daedric armor with the Atronach Forge
    Back Books- Traveling to Oblivion to gather even more cool powers is what this build is all about 
    Any Others- There's not much off limits with this build

    Daedric Armor Side Quest

    Be sure to save any of the following items you find in your travels:

    --Daedra Heart
    --Centurion Dynamo Core 
    --Black Soul Gem
    --Ebony Armor Pieces (except boots)

    Once you get to 90 Conjuration, you can do the Conjuration Ritual Spell quest to coerce a Dremora into giving you a Sigil Stone. Place this stone on the Atronach Forge, and you can now smith Daedric armor pieces for your collection. They look great on a mannequin! Recipies found here. 



    The Oblivion Walker isn't necessarily evil, but she's definitely not benevolent. She ultimately saves Nirn from Alduin the World Eater, but her means for doing so are questionable. She embodies all of the Daedra meaning she enjoys murder, soul robbery, cheese, stealth, betrayal, long walks on the beach, and carnage in all forms. 

    She also finds killing Vigilants of Stendarr way too enjoyable. 



    Oblivion Walker vs Necromancers: The Necromancers' frost spells are useless against the Frost Atronachs. This leaves them neutered and forces them to pull out their daggers. The Oblivion Walker makes short work of these fallen mages. 

    Build Showcase: 7 minutes of commentary and build explanation alongside game-play footage.

    If you're interested in playing a violent summoner who uses conjured creatures to soak up damage, then this is the build for you.

    Check out my other Builds


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    -Curse Never Dying





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    November 23, 2013

    Nice build! Love the Artifacts and level requirements, very snazzy and helpful.

    Definitely a +1

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    November 23, 2013


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    November 23, 2013

    I like this build because there is no crafting and I haven't seen this combo before. Using the Ebony Blade and Conjuration is interesting. This build sounds fun. I like the links, the formatting and the gameplay section is nice too. +1.

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    November 23, 2013

    It was a lot of fun to play! I originally planned to make her a sneaky character by grabbing quiet casting and more sneak perks, but I just fell in love with the Ebony Blade. 

    Oh and thanks :)

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    November 23, 2013

    Ouu I didn't know that about console players, I'll do a little tweak.

    Thanks mate

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    November 23, 2013
    I'd use Necromancer's amulet with this guy and swap the stone to Lord :) Will work great with Breton magic resistance and Saviors hide. You'll avoid the summon absorbing bug as well ;) +1
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    November 23, 2013

    Wow, this is a really great build, The quest for the Daedric Artifacts in particular; it's almost ...storybook.

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    November 23, 2013

    Oh man, it didn't even cross my mind to get the Necromancer Amulet. I had totally forgotten what it actually did when I started this play-through. Thanks for the tip, I'll work it into the build. 


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    November 23, 2013