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Character Build: The Conqueror

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    November 9, 2013

    I've returned to this little project to redeliver one of the most simplistically complicated characters I have ever played.

    My aim with the revamp was to make the build much more in-depth with new abilities and playstyles, but also to retain the same simple formula that made it the simple beauty that it was before.

    Once a rebellious pirate out for revenge against the Empire and anyone loyal to it. Hundreds of hours of torture have turned this talented warrior into a war machine loyal to the Empire and the Empire only.

    Having had his entire memory of his earlier life revoked, this soldier has set out for Skyrim with only one thing in mind; to conquer all areas of Tamriel that are not under control of the Empire.

    Race: Imperial, this fits right in with the builds roleplay, and provides a powerful emergency ability in times of dire need.

    Standing Stone: The Warrior then The Steed

    Stat Spread: 0/2/1 Magicka/Health/Stamina

    Major Skills: Block, One-Handed, Archery

    Minor Skills: Smithing, Sneak

    Non-Perked Skills: Heavy Armor, Light Armor

    Weapons: Imperial Swords, Crossbow-Advanced Crossbow

    Armor: Dawnguard Full Helmet, Pentitus Oculatus Armor, Steel Imperial Bracers, Steel Shin Boots

    Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Slow Time, Elemental Fury

    Questlines: The Civil War (Imperial), Dawnguard (Dawnguard), Unfathomable Depths, The Book of Love

    The Build

    Perhaps the greatest thing about the Civil War questline in Skyrim is how much of a different experience you can have with it each time. You can never truly play through one of the battles without having a light to heavy difference in the way it was won.

    The Conqueror is a prime example of this, never clearing any location out the same way. Using a plethora of different fighting styles ranging from suicidal rampages to stealth infiltration.

    Essentially an augmented version of the classic warrior archetype, the build makes for some great close to mid-range combat combining the slow time shout with the quick reflexes and steady hand perks in the block and archery trees to greatly increase damage output.


    The Conqueror uses light armor in the chest slot, making block and smithing the only way to increase their defenses. These two skills combined with pre-enchanted and potions as well as the bonus to armor from the Ancient Knowledge ability will easily dismiss any armor rating penalties taken away, allowing for a badass aesthetic that can still function properly.

    While the resistances granted by the Full Helmet are rendered unusable, the pleasing aesthetic created by the Penitus Oculatus armor easily makes up for this. The Imperial Closed Helmet also is a great looking alternative for vanilla players.

    The swords of the Imperial Army are used in this build, quickly increasing in damage thanks to the steel smithing perk, and making up for lack of damage at later levels. Two of these can be obtained by visiting either Fort Greymoor or the Whitewatch Tower early on in the playthrough.

    The Penitus Oculatus armor is roleplay breaking, but it's awesome look truly makes the character look like a soldier of legend. Another nice look for hardcore roleplayers is the black version of light dawnguard armor, giving the character a special ops sort of look.

    Crossbows are, in my opinion, one of the best looking and best operating weapons in the game. After a little bit of questing for the Dawnguard we'll be hitting nearly right through enemies armor. They are also easily improved, only requiring the Steel Smithing perk.

    Level 40 Perks

    The Conqueror is, as you can see, not a very complex build. Taking obvious perk choices in standard skills that in easy to train skills.

    Spending the first ten levels moving around Imperial controlled Skyrim provides a roleplay-friendly way to train the characters skills up quickly, gathering animal hides and metal ores along the way to improve smithing while stopping at cities. For those to impatient to level up smithing the long way, a single perk in dwarvern smithing and the dwemer metals gathered from ruins can help to bring the skill up quickly.

    Nothing too fancy about block, just getting the perks that really help with in surviving. One-Handed perks standard as well as dual wielding perks to provide the character with a full-on offensive mode to take down stronger enemies faster. Archery is nearly fully perked to speed up movement and reloading with the crossbow, and the critical shot perks in culmination with the enhanced crossbows ability to ignore 50% of armor makes for devastating ranged combat.

    Sneak is lightly perked to open up more combat opportunities, combined with the Steed Stones abilties makes for some great opening stealth attacks with both sword and bow.

    Though the equipment is mix-matched, the armor rating of the build comes close to the cap at 453 AR with shield in hand. Both armor skills will increase at a very slow rate at first, but as your armor rating and health increase, you'll be able to use your dual wielding fighting style more often without worrying about dying.

    Fighting Styles

    Murmillo/Sword and Board

    Provides a very strong defense as well as defenses against all types of attacks, to be used against heavy hitting enemies such as 2-handed bandits, briarhearts, falmer, and dragons. Opens up room to counterattack thanks to the quick reflexes perk and Slow Time shout.

    Dimachaerus/Sword and Sword

    The fastest and most dangerous of the fighting styles removes any form of defense entirely, but makes up for it by doubling the damage output of the standard Murmillo style. To be used against heavily armored opponents and mages that need to be taken down quickly. Also effective against several lightly armored weaker enemies to prevent them from cornering. Works well when combined with Elemental Fury to swing even faster.


    The strongest of the fighting styles used at long ranges to take out foes from afar. Good for taking out archers and dragons. Works very well in combination with the Unrelenting Force shout to keep enemies from getting too close.

    Cryptibellum/Stealth Combat

    Obviously the most low-profile of the fighting styles. To be used almost everywhere to get the initial jump on someone. Has good synergy with the Steed Stone, keeping you silent from being completely weightless. On the occasional screw-up, Voice of the Emperor helps to retreat.


    I'd like to thank Nebula for support while revamping this, and Zimbu for all screenshots.




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    November 9, 2013

    I like the idea a lot. And that armor combo is pretty sweet. I just think there are certain places you can expand more, like combat. But I can see why you didn't, it is a relatively straight forward style.

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    November 9, 2013

    You and Neb did some fine work here! :)