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Character Build: Mistress of Balance

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  • November 9, 2013

    Hello all! This is my first build so i'm sure there are things that will need improving, please give me advice on whatever I should change and bear with me, I welcome all input. I made this build as a pure support as in every game I play I instantly gravitate towards the support and healing classes. Hopefully it will be a very unique game play style for others to try out.

    "Slaughter and salvation, two irreconcilable focuses we bore. Yet bound were we in a cocoon prison, impervious to our power. And so we thank you for granting us our longed-for birth. By our hand the world shall know redemption."


    A great evil is upon Skyrim. The world eater has returned to the mortal realm, bringing chaos and carnage. Through tampering with the Elder Scrolls Alduin was teleported in time, this delayed his wrath only. He is back to destroy and dominate all life. He must be stopped, this the Blades know, what they don't know is that the use of the Elder Scrolls fractured time and set in motion powers far greater than the winged demon. Through the gap in time left by Alduin, materializes an ancient and previously dormant energy. The force of life itself has descended upon Tamriel in order to drive back the overwhelming evil that is blossoming in Skyrim. Alduin's presence has upset the balance of life summoning deaths opposite, the mistress, to restore it. Made possible by the rift the Scrolls created, salvation is birthed. Bound in a human form of her own creation, she learns to channel her natural energy through her new being. As life incarnate, she is incapable of bringing harm and so has chosen a willing champion of pure heart to fulfill her will.

    • Race: Any race is suitable as the Mistress loves all life equally but preferably Breton, Bosmer, Imperial, Altmer or Nord because their racial abilities and/or perks blend well with the build.
    • Appearance: No scars/dirt/blind eyes. The Mistress is the epitome of good health.
    • Place of residence: Whiterun is recommended as it is neutral in the civil war and home to the Temple of Kynareth and the Gildergreen.
    • Stats:   3/2/0 (I personally went pure magicka as I find the defensive skills provide enough survival whilst still remaining challenging and the build needs all the magicka it can get for spamming healing spells and such, but the best defense is a good offence for this build so the health is recommended if playing on high difficulty settings).
    • Stone: Mage, then Apprentice for magic regeneration (or Lord for survival boost).

    Major Skills

     - Restoration (All except Necromantic healing/Heal Undead/Poison Rune. Bringing life to herself and her companions, vanquishing unnatural evils and resisting powerful magic attacks. Restoration provides vital magic resistance and sustainability in battle).

     - Illusion (All except Fury/Frenzy/Frenzy Rune. To restore peace to those in turmoil and strengthen her champion(s) whilst providing an escape from the heat of battle in emergencies. Illusion provides dynamic combat and prevents enemy aggro).

     - Alteration  (All except Equilibrium. Manipulate natural energy to her will, creating light, turning silver into gold for Smithing, detecting life forms and undead to give an edge in the wilderness. With spells to disable hostiles and grant huge damage resistances to herself and her allies. Alteration provides utility and defense).

    Minor Skills:

     - Alchemy (As a protector she must create remedies, cures and healing potions for her champion to use in emergencies as well as potions to restore her magicka).
     - Enchanting (Enchanting will allow her to support her chosen one by bestowing her godly powers onto their mortal armour and weaponry).
     - Smithing (Only for her champion's armour and to improve found weapons, she will not make weapons of destruction).


     - Whirlwind Sprint (For jumping in or out of battle and dodging strong enemy attacks or ambushes).

     - Slow Time (Helps when attacked by surprise or overwhelmed by allowing you to time out and buff and heal yourself and your follower, maybe even apply several negative effects on enemies too).

     - Become Ethereal (Fading slightly into your natural state, you become immune to all damage for a time to distract enemies from your Champion and contemplate your next move). 

     - Battle Fury (Increases your companions attack speed allowing them to cause more damage).

     - Disarm (Eliminate a potential threat to you and your Champion by banishing an enemies weapon and leaving them vulnerable for your follower to dispose of).

     - Bend Will / Kyne's Peace / Animal Allegiance (Your benevolence calms and befriends the wildest of beasts, even calling animals to aid you in battle).

     Perks at level 50


    When engaging in combat the mistress will rely on her champion (chosen follower) to deal all the damage, therefore she will buff her follower(s) with Courage/Rally to increase their health and stamina and use Heal Other to replenish any health or stamina they may lose. If she anticipates an enemy attack on herself she may use her defensive spells such as Wards and Ebonyflesh whilst healing any damage she takes. Or she can temporarily alter the matter of time and avoid damage altogether by becoming Ethereal or using Invisibility. In the event of facing multiple enemies, the mistress can Calm some hostiles, restoring balance to their minds. This will protect her Champion from numerous strikes at once and allow them to kill the enemies one by one or in smaller groups if strong enough. In certain cases she may even Pacify whole groups of hostiles along with her champion, eliminating the need to spill blood where it is not necessary. When faced with undead she may use Turn Undead or similar spells to purify the atmosphere of unnatural forces.

    Special Abilities


    The Mistress casts her purest light upon the battlefield revealing the true nature of all things. No mortal can comprehend such divinity, causing all within range to flee from it. She then casts courage upon her Champion, reassuring and granting them protection from it.

    (Candlelight+Dual cast Rout+Courage)


    The Mistress fades into her spirit state, granting invulnerability and time to buff or heal before she briefly returns to her cosmic realm and remains undetected on the battlefield for a short while.

    (Become Ethereal+Muffle+Invisibility)


    Following Ascension, the Mistress returns to the mortal realm in a burst of energy so great it renders all within impact paralyzed and unable to move.

    (Ascension+Mass Paralysis/Ash Rune) 

    Comforting Mist

    Sending out soothing waves of energy, the Mistress calms and heals all nearby allies and enemies alike, refreshing the entire area and granting all those affected salvation whilst simultaneously filtering out any undead.

    (Dual cast Pacify+Circle of Protection+Stendarr's Aura+Grand Healing x2)

    Guardian Light

    As the Mistress' human form falls dangerously close to breaking, a rush of energy surges through her, renewing her life force and granting her a huge resistance to physical damage for a short time afterward.

    (Avoid Death+Close Wounds x2+Dragonhide)


    The Mistress gains control over an enemy's mind and locks them in her caring gaze. She proceeds to assess their worth by looking into the soul. If the target is of good heart they will show great courage, if not they will attempt to flee.


    Nature's Vengeance (DB)

    The weighing scales take a dive as the Mistress unleashes survival of the fittest in the form of a natural disaster. Prolonged amount of time in the mortal realm has exposed the Mistress to corrupting influences. Her rage is as indiscriminate as death and lashes at all in a huge area causing damage and violence. She manages to encase her Champion in a protective shell, shielding them from all damage for the duration of the storm.

    (Mayhem+Storm Call+Dual cast Ash Shell)


     - Forsworn Headdress "Orient Hairpin" (Fortify Magicka/Fortify Magicka Regeneration)

     - Mage's Circlet (+70 Magicka)

     - Archmage's Robes (15% reduction on all spells cast, +50 Magicka and 100% extra Magicka Regeneration)

     - Hooded Monk Robes "Robes of Balance" (Fortify Magicka Regeneration)

     - Tavern Clothes (Fortify Magicka Regeneration)

     - Amulet of Mara (Restoration spells cost 10% less to cast)

     - Savos Aren's Amulet (+50 Magicka)

      - Diamond Ring "Sanctity" (Fortify Magicka/Fortify Magicka Regeneration)

     - Boots "Boots of Balance" (Resist Fire/Resist Frost/Resist Shock)

     - Gloves "Gloves of Balance" (Fortify Magicka)

     - Shrouded Hand Wraps

    These are my main suggested gears providing high magicka and magicka regeneration whilst maintaining a unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance. However any sort of general clothing is acceptable, especially dresses.


    The mistress does not choose sides, she protects only the cycle of life. She observes the civil war as the ocean observes it's sea life, she may sway it if she sees fit but cares nothing for either outcome. As life itself, she is independent of the Divines or other deities, only identifiable as a cosmic force that has developed consciousness. Though she may seek aid from such powers if she deems necessary. Her nature compels her to repair the damage left in the wake of destruction. She does not fear or hate those who wish to harm her or disrupt the peace, instead she feels only pity and compassion for them as she mourns how beautiful their lives could have been were they not corrupted by dark forces.

    • The mistress does not dismiss those tainted by darkness as one with it, she believes all souls can be saved and will make efforts to help those who wish to rid themselves of their dark deeds or curses.
    • At every opportunity she must oppose the Daedra as they seek to upset the balance in their favor, this she cannot allow.
    • All undead, necromancers and vampires must be hunted down and stopped as they defy the natural order, this means guiding your champion through dungeons whenever possible.
    • She may decide to pacify hostiles and grant them redemption or allow her Champion to deliver them to the fate they have chosen for themselves.
    • The mistress will not steal/murder or commit any other sort of crime.
    • Her purpose is to restore the balance of life in Skyrim, to spread love and peace and to nurture and encourage all healthy life.
    • No destruction/conjuration spells, offensive weapons (including shields) or heavy/light armor on the Mistress.
    • No Daedric armor, bandit armor or similar gear can be worn on the follower. Steel Plate/Dwarven/Elven/Glass/Ebony/Dragonplate heavy armor is recommended for tank Champions with Amulet of Stendarr/Amulet of Arkay (or stronger versions) and suitable enchantments. Dawnbreaker and Spellbreaker are the most fitting weapon/shield choices.
    • The Mistress will not kill animals and will generally make an effort to calm hostile beasts (such as Trolls/Wolves/Sabre cats) and leave them unharmed. However she is indifferent about others killing animals or beasts as it is natural selection.
    • Be charitable and donate or give coin whenever you can, even try dropping armor and potions on the ground in cities or towns for people to pick up.
    • Have Blessing of Mara or Blessing of Akatosh active as much as possible.
    • Pay regular visits to the Gildergreen and Eldergleam Sanctuary to admire their natural beauty.

    Recommended Quests

    • The main questline (her main reason for returning to Skyrim, to drive back death).
    • College of Winterhold (pass on your magical knowledge and protect the students once Archmage. Also acquire powerful magical equipment).
    • The break of dawn (Dawnbreaker sword for your Champion and defeat the undead).
    • The only cure (Spellbreaker shield for your Champion).
    • Book of Love (permanent +15% magic resistance).
    • Frostflow Abyss (healing spells cure 10% more permanently).
    • Voice of the Sky (animals will become friendly for 24 hours of actual gameplay).
    • A return to your roots (permanent 25% chance of creating a duplicate potion with alchemy).
    • The blessings of nature (bring life back to the Gildergreen).
    • Dawnguard (defeat those who defy the cycle of life through immortality).
    • Ill met by moonlight (defy Hircine and grant Sinding redemption by letting him live).
    • The Black Star (for Enchanting and to defeat those who wish to defy the natural order).
    • Destroy the Dark Brotherhood (obtain hand wraps here and stop those who bring premature death).
    • Laid to rest (end the vampires who threaten Morthal).
    • Become thane of every hold (spread good will and protect innocents).
    • All miscellaneous quests that help people or do good.

    Finding a worthy Champion:

    One of the fun parts is choosing which follower will be your Champion of Balance. They should generally have a good nature without evil intentions. Due to the follower being an integral part of this build you will need to keep them as strong as possible. You will also need the Wabbajack to reset your followers level when you level up to ensure they grow in power along with you (for those who don't know, followers levels are set at whichever level you find them, which can leave them under powered later in the game. Using the Wabbajack to change your follower into an animal resets their level to yours or their highest possible level).

    See this link for follower level caps, stats, skills and morality levels to help determine who you will choose: (Also contains information such as which enchantments work on follower's gear).

    You may change your champion as much as you wish, part of the fun of the build is recruiting followers you have never used before and seeing how different followers fight and react. Putting different enchantments on your followers weapons will determine whether your foes burn or freeze to death. It is also possible to recruit several champions at once by starting certain quests and not finishing them, this can be a lot of fun to act as a healer for a group of warriors and also makes it more challenging to keep multiple allies alive and on their feet. Another follower perk is unlimited carry space using the pick up exploit.


    A fun aspect of the build for me is role-playing as a pure or holy spirit but being able to make decisions paladin type characters could not, as she is not constrained by certain moral parameters. For example, as an omniscient and benevolent being you may judge enemies as you see fit and either save them or allow their end. The Mistress can also be played as the Master of Balance as a male character, I just chose to present it as female.The end result is a pure support mage that specializes in buffing and healing her follower(s) whilst disabling and disrupting the enemy setting up easier kills for her Champion. The build shines against large numbers of hostiles where she can choose to paralyze, immobilize, fear, or calm shutting down large groups instantly. She relies completely on her spells for damage protection and survivability, but when used correctly death cannot touch her or her allies. 

     Thanks for taking the time to look at my build and I hope you enjoyed it!

    Huge thank you to Zimbu for the beautiful screenshots.

  • November 9, 2013
    SO MUCH TEXT!!! Lower the amount of quests, special abilities, and shouts... Lose some of the pictures too.
  • November 9, 2013

    Yeah I was worried about that, I'll filter out some stuff now xD ty

  • November 9, 2013
    Also, change the title to "Character Build: Mistress of Balance"
  • Member
    November 9, 2013
    A nice first build but I agree with Bryn, lose some of reject and rearrange some of the pictures. Apart from that, very nice!
  • November 9, 2013

    Thank you very much! Yeah I did put way too much text. I just removed a few shouts, a lot of quests and a picture. I will try and work on cutting those paragraphs down a size, which pictures and special abilities do you think I should remove?

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    November 9, 2013

    Try putting a few things on the same line, like your quests and shouts, and do a quick overview of why we should do these quests and use those shouts

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    November 9, 2013

    I'm really liking the healer vibe here. My favorite characters to play in WoW were always the priests, paladins, and druids. I'm not sure why...anyway, I think you did a good job. I guess it is the writer in me, but I don't mind the text. Good job and +1 from me, Vanryl.

  • Member
    November 9, 2013
    Restoration/pacifist builds intrigue me (but darn it, I love bringing on the hurt). Do one thing, however, and it gets a like from me: chunk it down. It hurts to do it--I made my first build a month or so ago, and it was like reading War and Peace (but with pictures)--but I took everybody's advice and cut out half of it... It is still probably too long. Mason gave me some sage advice at that time (please remember, HIS words, not mine): "When writing a build I often sing this little mantra to myself... 'Long and thin goes too far in and doesn't please the ladies.' 'Short and thick does just the trick and brings out proper babies' Try it, it helps..." By gadfrey it does, but I'd feel odd giving that advice at church :D
  • Member
    November 9, 2013
    Gave it a +1 anyhow (I had to--I love the concept). But still: Chunk... it... down, and you'll get a ton more :)