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Character Build: The Wolf Ninja

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    August 8, 2013

    I always love Japanese culture especially about Ninja; some of you maybe know the Japanese manga called Naruto. The inspiration for the build is coming both from the mixture of native Japanese ninja and modern manga ninja.


    The Wolf Ninja 

    Ninja is the master assassination, He is unseen, unheard and unnoticed unless he wants to be. Ninja possess the ancient technique to uses human force essence called as “Chakra” (or mana in Skyrim) to create a physical impact to his enemies and himself. Besides creating the physical impact, ninja also capable to use Chakra in order to create non-physical impact to the victim that affect the mind of the victim. Although armed with exquisite martial arts capabilities to handle knife and sword, he’s not a tough one that can receive a lot of damage.

    Ninja uses the combination of ancient ninja technique called as Jutsu (abilities), which divided into three categories: 

    Ninjutsu – The art of Ninja

    Is the art of using Chakra in order to create a physical impact to his enemy or himself, such as healing, damaging or manipulate the surrounding environment or themself to assist them in battle. 

    Genjutsu – The art of Illusion

    Is the art of using Chakra in order to create illusion in victims mind. The most common art of genjutsu is phantasm, which make the victim see, smell, and taste or feel sensations that are not actually there in order to manipulate them.

    Taijutsu – The art of Combat

    Is the art of utilizing the human body capabilities to do martial arts, which unlike the other two jutsu that relies on Chakra. The Taijutsu solely depends on the Strength and stamina of the user.


    The Wolf Ninja is the descendant of the most respected Ninja clan in eastern most part of universe, the Clan possess genetic abilities that no other people beside the clan descendent have which called the White Eye which allow them to see anything other normal eye can’t see.

    During his childhood the eastern empire was visited by Daedric Prince Hircine, which told them to all to worship him as their God. The clans refuses and as the consequences they have to face Hircine wrath who sends his pet the giant werewolf to destroy them all.

    Unable to kill the beast, the sage of the eastern empire create a spell that able to trap and jail the soul of the beast, the downside is they need a catalyst to trap the soul and the catalyst must have a pure soul that will be cursed once the beast soul trapped inside of them. For the sake of the whole empire, clan leader step up and offer his newborn baby as the catalyst. Thousand of soldiers died during the battle and finally the spell is cast and the soul of the beast trapped forever in the baby.

    Impressed by the bravery and strength of the eastern empire, Hircine applaud and decide to leave the eastern empire and cursed baby alone forever.


    Race: Khajitt

    The build utilizes the beast form ability, which means there will be an unarmed combat, and Khajitt have a great advantage in it. Also their capability in night vision fits well with the White Eye ability.

    Stats: 1 Magicka 2 Health 1 Stamina

    This is a hybrid build and you’ll use the combat ability to defeat your opponent as well as magic ability to deceive or destroy your enemy. Also you’re a weak character in an open combat so stamina is equally important in case you have to run away.

    Stone: The Lord Stone

    One of the main weaknesses of this build is its mediocre health rate and defense the lord stone will help a lot. 

    Shouts: Aura Whispers, Throw Voice, Whirlwind Sprint

    Major Skills:

    - Sneak

    Like I said, he’s unseen and unheard, so the sneak skills is a must.

    - Destruction (Your main weapon against Dragon)

    You are weak in defense, therefore there’s not possible to get into an open face-to-face combat with the Dragon. Therefore you need to utilize the Ninjutsu abilities that you have to manipulate the elements to assist you. You can choose any elements (Fire, Ice, Lightning) I prefer lightning because the disintegrate perks is pretty handy.

    - Illusion

    The Illusion magic (Genjutsu) is one of your main weapons for a crowd control. You’ll find yourself in a situation where it’s too risky killing the enemies on by one. Then this is the answer of the problem, when it comes to the last enemy, that’s when you step up. Also the calm spells make your life easier.

    - Lycanthropy

    There are some times that you can’t avoid an open combat, luckily you’re blessed (or cursed) by the beast that is sealed inside of you which power can be utilized. When that time comes, transform and rip their head off

    Minor Skills:

    - Alchemy

    You don’t have much health, magicka or stamina; all of them are pretty moderate. I prefer the alchemy to support all three of them. Having a stockpile of potions is essential, especially during Dragon encounter.

    - One Handed

    To do enormous backstab damage you have to have a mastery in one handed weapon, also the dual flurry perks support your beast form ability. 

    - Light Armor

    There are some points left actually, so It’s wise to add a little defense just in case.


    - Armor

    I prefer the Dark Brotherhood armor set, no doubt about the glove (30x backstab damage with dagger) it match the aesthetic reason. If your character is a female the mask will looks nice for a Ninja. I usually not forgot to bring another set of destruction robes for Dragon Encounter, which will consume a lot of magicka and potions if you don’t own one. 

    - Weapons

    Lightning (or weapon of your element choice) Dagger and additional higher damage weapon for the right hand, if you’re planning on doing an open combat without the beast form.

    Special Abilities

    The White Eye (Khajitt Night Vision, Detect Life, Detect Dead and Aura Whispers)

    Ability to detect anything that can’t be seen by others

    Shadow Strike (Invisibility + Shadow Warrior + Assassin’s Blade)

    The wolf ninja quickly cut enemy throat and disappear

    (in game mechanics: Invisibility, sneak, approach enemy and backstab, invisibility and sneak)


    You already see the perk and skill section and you can tell that your character is a pretty weak one in defense. The concept is that you have to remain unseen and unheard. The wolf ninja is a character that plans and calculates every move he’s going to make utilizing his White Eye that can see anything which allows you to see any enemy and plan your attack before you launch one.

    Utilize your exquisite sneak skills in killing your enemies; also because you are proficient in using the illusion skills, the invisibility and muffle will help a lot.

    When there are packs of enemies, it’s time to use your Illusion ability to fight against each other and clear the remaining of them.

    During the Dragon encounter the Destruction spells will be your only weapon, usually I go blasting the Dragon with the Lightning Bolt spells empowered with the Impact Perk and charge with the magicka potion giving the Dragon no chance to counter. 

    So what do you think? Constructive criticism is always appreciated. =)

  • August 8, 2013
    Im loving the incorporation of the khajiit night eye ability. I'm also loving how you e broken the fabled ninja fighting style into 3 forms. In sensing some inspiration from naruto. In any case you did an awesome jib incorporating that into sky rim. +1
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    August 8, 2013

    was wondering where the Naruto reference was... besides for 'Ninja' but they are cool * is more into Pirates (One Piece) at the moment* but still interesting. Also despite my LOVE for Khajiit I/m curious why you picked them as the main race. Just for reasons but still.... curiosity Killed the cat.

  • August 8, 2013

    Your tags are a bit off. Use the standard tags including the quotation marks (such as "Character Build Assassin". (YOSH! and +1)

  • August 8, 2013

    I'm going to be king of the pirates!

  • August 8, 2013

    The White Eye power that the Wolf Nina possesses. Rare individuals or clans with the ability to focus chakra into the eyes, to produce rare and powerful techniques, is a prominent part of the Naruto series. 

  • August 8, 2013

    I have some constructive criticism to offer on the perks of the build.

    You have points in both light armor that I feel are unnecessary. If your focus is on remaining unseen and unheard, there's no point to having points in light armor.

    Also, I don't see the point in going all the way up to master destruction. The strongest lightning spell youve mentioned using is lightning bolt. Adept alone gets you access to chain lightning, which is pretty powerful. Its a much better than lightning bolt and doesnt cost much more.

    You also dont mention accessories at all. Why not enchant a pendant/ring for a little destruction cost reduction?

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    August 9, 2013

    Yes, I actually kinda confused about the two points that's left so that's why I just put it in the light armor, I'm actually agree with you because in my gameplay it's kinda useless to just have two point in light armor because it don't make you more durable.

    About the master destruction, I was thinking that this character have a mastery over certain element. I have the Lightning Storm spell actually, but because I mainly use the destruction spells for fighting dragon, the highest spell I use is the Thunderbolt because I need the Impact perk. I got to admit that the master destruction perk is a waste. But this is the build I currently played.

    After reading what you say, I guess you're right, both perks that you mention is a waste in my build. I'm going to try to build it from the scratch and will put the remaining point in enchanting.

    Thank you

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    August 10, 2013
    If you sow in the werewolf part it sed it is sealed in Sid your charactor like Naruto and the nine tail
  • August 10, 2013

    No need to rebuild. If you have the Dragonborn DLC, all you have to do is complete its main quest and you'll be given a chance to reset the perk points (mastery level stays intact) of any skill trees you want in exchange for 1 dragon soul for each tree reset.

    If you want help improving the build I would be glad to offer what advice I can.