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Character Build: Final Son of Wulfharth

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    July 29, 2013

    The Final Son of Wulfharth is a natural leader; he has the ability to control the battlefield on a whim by utilizing his illusion spells fear and calm. He is a powerful nord warrior who uses his natural knowledge in smithing to construct and augment his arsenal of weapons and heavy armor. He has no time for thievery and sneakiness, instead he approaches a battle courageously and will destroy anyone who stands between him and victory. He bears a passion for war and is always in control of a battle.

    You are awoken by a ray of sunlight flowing through your window and onto your bed. You sit up on your bed and stare down at the books strewn across your bedroom floor and find yourself staring at the cover of one of them; your uncle's old journal. You always wondered; did any of it mean anything, or was he just as crazy a man as everyone thought.

    The time is nigh, for change will come. They will finally know who I truly am. The savior they will call me, the savior, yes!

              You pick it up and start reading it. The entries make no sense, either they have no context or the english is just incomprehensible, he must have gone mad before writing this, but you continue to flip through the pages until one page catches your eye. Written in perfect english;

    I am the great grandson of Ysmir Wulfharth, the Underking, the destroyer of the Numidium.

              The entry went on to talk about reclaiming the title of High King of Skyrim and everyone worshiping him. You found this extremely interesting so you decided to do some research of your own on "Ysmir Wulfharth".

              After researching as much as you could about Ysmir Wulfharth, you decide traversing back up to Skyrim, and more specifically Windhelm from your current home in Cyrodiil to join up with the Stormcloak rebellion to fight for nord freedom and possibly become a leader of your own legion of soldiers.


    Nord fits the backstory the best as Wulfharth was a nord from Atmora. Also, the nord starts with the power "Battle Cry" which can help control the battlefield and your enemies.

    Standing Stone: 

    The Warrior Stone is a very useful stone for the Final Son as he is a warrior and will use most of the stats effected by the warrior stone, leveling up in these skills early is very useful. You can switch to the lord stone whenever you feel it would help you out more.

    The Lord Stone can also be very helpful for the Final Son, resistances to both physical and magic damage can really help keep him alive and keep him doing more damage. Magic damage for fighting dragons and mages while trying to close the gap between you and them. Physical damage can help when fighting a big group of people all with melee weapons, you can keep alive longer which in turn will make you able to keep fighting and killing them.

    Level Spending:


    Magicka will be used for your illusion spells, making it useful to have but not the most important thing. 

    Health is very important, being a warrior in the middle of a battle makes you lose health very quickly, having enough health to stay alive is very important.

    Stamina will be used by power attacks and shield bashes, as a warrior these are important moves to be able to do and without enough stamina you won't be able to use them.

    Level 25 Perk Tree | Level 50 Perk Tree

    Major Skills

    One-Handed is used by the Final Son as his main damage output. The Final Son prefers the use of swords over the use of war axes or maces for his one-handed weapon because whenever not using the sword he longs for the feel of the hilt in his hand.

    Illusion can be a very powerful skill in the hands of the right person. Fortunately that person is the Final Son, he utilizes illusion magicks to calm, frenzy or fear his enemies in the middle of a battle or in one on one combat. The Final Son switches between a shield for protection and illusion spells in his left hand, hotkeys are good for this.

    Block is the Final Son's main use of his left hand. Shields are very useful for negating some of the incoming damage during a fight. The Final Son will use his shield for shield bashes to stagger the opponent as well. As stated above you will switch between illusion spells and shields in your left hand, hotkeys can be very useful for doing so.

    Minor Skills:

    Heavy Armor will be the armor type the Final Son uses, it provides the most protection for him and will be useful because agility is not utilized as much in this build.

    Speech is useful when trying to get someone to believe something and when trying to buy and sell items. The Final Son will be using speech for both these reasons.

    Smithing is an important part of the Final Son's life. As a nord, he has a natural knowledge of smithing which will help him in learning to create better weapons and armor. The Final Son loves to smith weapons to sell and to use in battle.


    The Steel Sword will be the weapon you use during the start of the game, you will use this sword until you get Bolar's Oathblade. You can acquire one by smithing it or buying it in Riverwood. 

    Bolar's Oathblade will be your weapon of choice throughout this playthrough, may it serve you well in your adventures. You will find Bolar's Oathblade along with Bolar's Writ in Bloated Man's Grotto, just south of Bleak Fall's Barrow, but be warned, there are many dangerous creatures lurking there.



    An Iron Helmet will be the helmet that will guide you through your adventures until you get an Ancient Nord Helmet. May this helmet serve you well.

    Banded Iron Armor will be your armor of choice until you acquire Ancient Nord Armor. A strong heavy armor fit for a nord. 

    Steel Nordic Gauntlets shall be the gauntlets you wield, these heavy gauntlets will guide your sword and shield in battle. 

    Steel Cuffed Boots will be the boots you tread in throughout your adventures until you get Ancient Nord Boots. Sturdy boots that will guide you to victory.

    Banded Iron Shield shall be your shield to use along side your weapon. It will take damage for you and it will be used to bash your enemies' faces in.

    End Game 

    An Ancient Nord Helmet will protect your head, this helmet shall save your life more than once. It reminds you of the ancient nords that fought for this land land ago.

    Ancient Nord Armor will be your chestplate, heavy armor one worn by an ancient nord hero now worn by a present nord hero.

    Ancient Nord Gauntlets shall guide your sword to victory and shall protect you from other swords from defeating you.

    Ancient Nord Boots shall take you far, a good sturdy pair of boots that will guide you through many different adventures.

    The Shield of Ysgramor will be your shield, to acquire it you must join the mighty companions in Jorrvaskr in Whiterun. May this shield serve you well as it did Ysgramor.

    A few recommended quests for you to do while playing this build, though these are certainly not all the quests you can do in this build.

    Main Questline

    Companions Questline

    Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!

    Stormcloak Rebellion Questline

    Any others you deem fit for a Nord!

              The Final Son of Wulfharth is a warrior that will charge into battle and fight in the middle of the fight. He will use power attacks, shield bashes, illusion spells and blocks while in the middle of battle. It is important for him to keep all his pools up so he uses any potions he finds in caves, random chests, or buys in shops. He does not use restoration magic, or any other kind of magic with the exception of illusion.

              The Final Son utilizes his quick mastery of the thu'um by learning as many thu'ums as he can and using them at every opportunity he has. He will wear an amulet of Talos when he gets one to reduce the amount of time between shouts. This will help him immensely because he will be shouting once again right after the cool down is over if he needs to.

              You will want to hotkey your shield and your illusion spells so you can very easily switch between them, you will be doing this in the middle of a fight so be sure you know which button corresponds to which spell which button corresponds to your shield.

              The Final Son is an adventurer and explorer, any caves, mines, bandit camps, ancient nord ruins or any other dangerous landmark he takes as a challenge. He will jump right in to any of these types of places even if it looks unsafe. He loves adventures and loves a good fight.

              The Final Son is a true nord, he'll stay up in a tavern or bar and he'll drink mead and ale until sunrise. He loves to have a challenge and a brawl is a perfect challenge for him no matter what time of day. He's no wimp, he'll fight anyone as long as they instigate a fight.

              The Final Son is no thief or sneaky type, he will not sneak by anything. For one, he can't, he wears heavy armor and he's a big, loud nord and for two, he won't, it's cowardly to sneak by you enemies without fighting them, just as cowardly as running away from a fight.

              Thanks so much for checking out this build! This took a long time and 3 playthroughs to get to where it is but it certainly is not perfect. If you have any suggestions for improving this build I'd love to hear them, post them in the comments! Have a good day!

    I'd also like to give a special thanks to Garion, one of my friends, for helping me test this build and giving me suggestions on how to make it better so, thanks!

  • July 29, 2013
    No need to explain armor choices so in-depth +1 (was gonna give it sooner but maintenance ruined it)
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    July 29, 2013
    Looks good but I'm not fond of the banners. Also, try to think of a synonym for "the Final Son of Wulfharth" just to break up the monotony.
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    July 30, 2013
    This is a good build! You could try using some of Ahzidal's armour, as that has the same look but better defence. Or the Ancient Nord Helmet of the Unburned found in Labyrinthian, that resists fire.
  • July 30, 2013

    Good first build but you have room for improvement.

    Firstly, why Bolar's oathblade? You tell us where to find it but not why we should or how it works with the character.

    My second point is your gameplay section. I'd like to see more specific details about how to play the character. For example, try explaining when and where  this character should use certain illusion spells and how the rest of the fight should play out. Fighting a frenzied opponent is different to fighting a feared one.

    On a positive it is a solid build with good presentation. +1

  • July 30, 2013

    Cool.  A melee fighter with illusion thrown in for a twist (+1).  (But there's no way I'm wearing one of those horned helms).