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Character Build: The Avengers

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    July 12, 2013

    Greetings, true believers. If you want to know how to recreate Earth's Nirn's Mightiest Heroes and save Mundus from the forces of evil, then look no further. The Avengers are here to save the day!

    Alduin doesn't stand a chance.

    What the Avenger Builds Have In Common

    Each Avenger should be a member of the Companions. After all, the Companions are an order of warriors dedicated to honor in battle against foes such as bandits, vampires, or supervillains. It is preferable that each Avenger reach the rank of Harbinger, and any character that doesn't make use of lycanthropy should seek a cure to maintain their heroism.

    Each Avenger should be a member of the Dawnguard and focus on completing the main questline. Not only does beating the Vampire Lords make for a good "save the world" plot, but it also greatly reduces the chances of vampire attacks - you and the citizens of the province will be safe from the terrors of the night.

    Each Avenger should carry a crossbow at all times, unless they have a reliable means of ranged combat or a disdain for firearms. Most of the members of this heroic team would know how to operate this incredibly useful piece of Dawnguard equpiment, and would likely complete enough miscellaneous quests to obtain the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow.

    Each Avenger has the capacity to make a morally ambiguous decision, but must not make a habit of being outright evil. Conjuration, Pickpocketing, and Lockpicking are skills that should be kept at minimal use, and many Avengers would go out of their way to avoid such evil Daedric princes as Molag Bal or Mehrunes Dagon. Some wouldn't even conspire with a Daedric Lord at all.

    Also, there are a few non-Avenger Marvel-related builds planned. They do not necessarily have to meet the criteria above.

    Without further ado, the builds themselves!

    Captain America

    Steve Rogers, an Imperial soldier, was given the strength of the Divines themselves in a Magicka-related experiment. He renamed himself Captain America (after a fallen frontier town in northern Cyrodiil) and became one of the most effective footsoldiers the Legion had ever seen in the time of the Great War. His valiant courage in battle and ability to deflect attacks both physical and magical deterred the Thalmor armies and left them defeated wherever he marched.

    Toward the end of the Great War, he uncovered a plot championed by then-interrogator Elenwen to destroy all of mankind by eliminating the worship of Talos. He narrowly succeeded in holding the first master plan (which would have ensured Man's immediate extinction) at bay, but could not do much more than that - Captain America rode for Windhelm from Bruma in order to warn the people of Skyrim of Ulfric Stormcloak's possible indoctrination by Thalmor officials, but was encased in ice on a mountain pass in the south of the Nordic province in 174 4E, never to see the final battle or the signing of the White-Gold Concordat.

    He survived, perfectly intact, after nearly three decades of being completely frozen upon the mountaintop. Now that the Thalmor have concocted an alternative master plan, it is up to this First Avenger to join the Empire and set right what once went wrong and expel the Thalmor from Skyrim, and, ultimately, the neighboring provinces as well...

    Race: Imperial (Male) - This race is best for matching Cap's appearance, but that's not all - the racial bonuses fortify skills critical to this build, and racial ability Voice of the Emperor is good for persuading potential enemies to be calm.

    Stone: Warrior/Lord - Begin with Warrior to enhance Steve's knowledge of combat skills, and as enemies get tougher choose the Lord Stone in order to increase his defensive capabilities.

    Perks: Block filled completely, Heavy Armor up to Fists of Steel

    Major Skills: 

    Block - Cap's aptitude with his signature shield should be unmatched by any in Skyrim. His ability to take damage and bash it right back will serve any who seek a unique build well.

    Heavy Armor - Because whatever doesn't hit the shield will inevitably hit our hero. Plus, the Fists of Steel perk allows him to punch extremely hard with his free hand as long as he has some good heavy gauntlets.

    Archery - Of course Captain America knows how to use a firearm; he's a soldier. Put that crossbow to good use and hit the mark with deadly accuracy.

    Minor Skills:

    Restoration - Captain America is extremely resourceful, and will take any opportunity to heal himself or his allies when hurt. His use of "flashbangs" can also scare away the dead.

    Alteration/Light Armor - Should Cap choose lighter armor for a more iconic appearance, he will need to make up for it using flesh spells (which he knows how to use as a result of being a super soldier). Candlelight and Magelight are also really helpful for such a character.

    Smithing - Used to improve your shield (and armor, to a point) if you want to break the game, or if you're playing on a high difficulty. Same goes for Enchanting, but even more so - that skill isn't recommended for anyone on Novice due to its cheating potential.

    Speech - He's known for his good speeches, of course, but Cap is also known to have his way, as he is a master at the art of persuasion in particular.

    Essential Quests: Main Story line, Imperial Civil War line, Dawnguard line, Companions line, The Book of Love, Missing in Action, College of Winterhold line

    Notable Equipment: Blades Shield, an open-faced helmet, Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow

    Explanation: Captain America is a total juggernaut in combat; he tanks as much damage as possible (thanks to the Lord Stone and Agent of Mara protection as well as his aptitude with blocking), biding his time, before finally cutting loose at the enemy with either a cinematic-looking shield bash, a swift punch to the face, or a volley of Dwarven Bolts. If he gets into a prolonged fight, he will even sacrifice his defensive capabilities for offense as a werewolf. A fearsome hero indeed.

    He's also a white knight, so this is the kind of character you really don't want to get a bounty or join any evil factions with. He will give to those in need (not only is it in character, but it also provides an excellent temporary bonus to speechcraft), and rarely turn down a heroic quest. He's also a staunch Imperial and reveres Talos, the hero-god of mankind.

    It isn't feasible to play Cap's role on a high difficulty without smithing or enchanting perks, but any who crave a challenge, high difficulty or otherwise, will love this character.

    Special Ability: Shield Charge

    Requires Disarm, Voice of the Emperor, Vegetable Soup, Potion of Regeneration/Regenerate Stamina, and all Block perks

    Captain America uses forceful persuasion to temporarily disarm and calm his opponents, quickly eats a good home-cooked meal to enhance his strength, and rushes at his enemies, relentlessly and unceasingly bashing his opponents with his shield until their red skulls crack while taking little to no real damage.

    Iron Man

    A brilliant, rich, flirty Breton of High Rock fame, Tony Stark's career was at its most grand point as he accepted a smithing job from the Imperial Legion itself on behalf of his business (which controlled half the forges in the province at that point already). After all, his father did business with the Empire in the time of the Great War, and Tony had quite the legacy to live up to. His creation of the legendary Jericho Trebuchet, a brilliant combination of metalwork and magic, would theoretically allow the Empire to eliminate entire Thalmor settlements from a distance with a single pull of a lever. This would not only keep him from answering to the pesky elves, but would also make him a great deal of coin.

    Unfortunately he didn't have the chance to finish the sale.

    He was kidnapped by Reachmen known as the Forsworn at the beginning of 201 4E, and they demanded he build another Jericho Trebuchet so that they could bombard the city of Markarth and take the Reach for themselves. As he learned that these fellow Bretons, his kinsmen, had noble ideals for the land they sought to possess, he agreed with them but not before all of them were taken into custody by the Nordic guards there. However, Stark's knowledge of Dwemer technology, the city's pride, allowed him to escape their prison - Cidhna Mine - with the rest of the Forsworn prisoners in an enchanted set of Dwarven armor, flames shooting out of his hands to kill all in his way.

    He is now known as Iron Man, and fights against oppression and any threats to his large ego. With a mastery of all heavy armors and a knack for augmenting destruction magic with his hands, he advances in his mission to eliminate corruption in Markarth and assist the Stormcloaks in saving the rest of the land from Imperial and Thalmor invaders...

    Race: Breton (Male) - This race is required for the full effect of Stark's appearance, but the magical resistance and Dragonskin racial ability are bound to come in handy as well.

    Stone: Steed/Lord - Iron Man must choose whether to sacrifice carry weight or defense in combat.

    Perks: Destruction for use of Flames spells and Dual Casting, Smithing up to Dwarven, Ebony, or Daedric, Enchanting

    Major Skills:

    Destruction - Practically Iron Man's only attacking style. Darn cool one, too, but really only at peak efficiency with the correct armor enchantments and swallowed potions.

    Smithing - How Stark makes his Iron Dwarven Ebony best possible armor, and the pinnacle of his crafting genius. Also good for much-needed armor improvements.

    Enchanting - Another crafting trade Iron Man uses on his armor to ensure he doesn't run out of flames...or worse: life support. Do not use the Fortify Restoration glitch, though.

    Minor Skills:

    Heavy Armor - In other words, what keeps Tony from getting killed. This will level up naturally.

    Alchemy - The final example of crafting brilliance that keeps Iron Man one step ahead of the competition, with all manner of healing and enhancing potions.

    Speech - Might as well call this guy Tony Snark; he will bribe and intimidate his way into anything, and otherwise speak sarcastically in conversation.

    Essential Quests: The Forsworn Conspiracy, Escape from Cidhna Mine, Main Story line, Dawnguard line, Companions line (with cure), Stormcloak Civil War line

    Notable Equipment: The best Heavy Armor you can make, complete with enchantments for regenerating/fortifying health/magicka and decreasing the cost of Destruction spells

    Explanation: Take his armor away and what is he? He's an honest, if sarcastic, tradesman with magical aptitude and lots of coin for bribery. Put it on and he's the most perplexing battlemage ever devised - pure heavy armor but pure destruction too, and all pure awesome. Shooting flames and other destruction spells at stuff might get kind of boring, but hey - you don't say no to a cool metal suit that shoots infernos and lightning bolts.

    Oddly enough, this is a character you wouldn't see in very many factions. Tony Stark is very morally grey, and while perfectly willing to perform evil actions for the common good, not so willing to work in a team to do so. He will avoid the Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, and College of Winterhold like the plague, and only join the Companions to test out his martial arts.

    This build will get boring quick unless you really get in character, but once you're immersed you'll find yourself wishing you had Iron Man's armor in real life.

    Special Ability: Power Allocation

    Requires Dragonskin, Whirlwind Sprint, Potion of Fortify Destruction, and Potion of Regenerate/Fortify Magicka

    Iron Man puts available power into magical attack absorption and thrusters in order to either close the gap or keep his distance from his enemies, then swiftly allocates all of his alchemical magic into his repulsor blasts in order to blast his foes into nothing. (If conflict is prolonged enough for the shout to recharge, use Fire Breath.)


    Firstborn son of the all-powerful All-Maker and clanmate of Shor himself, Ysmir, the Dragon of the North, has assumed the mantle of Thor ever since the ascension of Tiber Septim and the formation of not eight but Nine Divines. Thor's desire to protect mankind began after the threat of Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon subsided and left the Ruby Throne Septim-less. He sought to intervene in the affairs of mortals and protect them from the evil god-like beings that so often threatened them, citing Molag Bal's conquest in the second era as an example of (as another incarnation of Ysmir) his aid.

    He pleaded for Odin All-Maker to allow him to travel to Nirn and defend Tamriel from dark forces. Odin refused until an incident occurred 200 years into the Fourth Era. Thor Odinson, without permission, traveled across the realms of Oblivion to free trapped souls with a team of divinely powerful warriors. The All-Maker, learning this, banished Thor to Skyrim and left him to defend it as a mortal.

    Thor, still an adept warrior with his trusty hammer and impressive lightning magic, assumes the role of the Dragonborn in order to slay the serpents that threaten to bring about the end of the world. With his heroic might he will prove himself to his father and demonstrate that the gods the Nords worship are ever vigilant against the threat of evil...

    Race: Nord (Male) - Nuff said.

    Stone: Atronach - For cleverly absorbing magicka from foes...however, if you can't do without fast magicka regeneration, pick a stone of your choice.

    Perks: Destruction from Novice to Master with Shock Perks, One-Handed with Armsman 5/5 and any perks that improve mace damage

    Major Skills:

    One-Handed - Thor's trusty mace isn't just good for pounding nails into a homestead (though it does also do that) - it's also good for swinging at any foes who dare touch a powerful being. Place Mjolnir in the main hand. (Also, leave those warhammers to the people who can't hold them in one hand.)

    Destruction - In the offhand, Odin's kin can shoot deadly arcs of lightning to roast his foes from a distance. Even from far away it isn't a smart idea to make snarky comments about a divine being known for having valor in warfare.

    Enchanting - Mostly used to provide Shock damage to the trusty hammer, but it should be used well. Putting fortify carry weight on the armor might also be a boon.

    Minor Skills:

    Heavy Armor - This allows Thor to shrug off attacks from even the most daring of mortal foes, and as a plus Nordic armors look really cool on this guy. (Don't worry, the Heavy Armor Avenger builds are finally over.)

    Smithing - A true warrior makes his own weapons and armor, the heat of the forge a symbol of the fire in their hea...oh, who am I fooling? Use shiny shocky hammer on dull normal anvil to make awesome metal stuff, nuff said.

    Restoration - Bandit, you HIT a god? Fool! The mighty Thor can heal at will! On easier difficulties, though, you won't be using this skill much, but it might be a lifesaver on Master or Legendary.

    Essential Quests: Main Story line, Dawnguard line, Companions line (and cure), Dragonborn line, Stormcloaks Civil War line, and things for Skaal Village

    Notable Equipment: The mighty mace/hammer Mjolnir (preferably iron or steel, improved on a grindstone, and then given a shock damage enchantment) and the best heavy armor you can find/make of the Nordic style

    Explanation: This is essentially a rework of the already-existing Thor build, the only very major change being that he specializes in one-handed rather than two-handed - it looks more Marvel Thor-esque and it allows for easier use of destruction without dual cast. Your foes will look pitiful to you (unless you are playing on a higher difficulty) as you specialize in both close-quarters and ranged combat (ranged to a point, anyway).

    Like the existing Thor build, this spellsword shockhammer is a complete white knight. Avoid Conjuration if at all possible, don't use sarcasm, and don't commit crimes. You should actually go out of your way to avoid the Daedric princes (unless you choose to betray them), and only join the Companions just so you can get as many people cured as possible.

    Once you finish playing this build, you'll be calling your tool hammer Mjolnir as you work on your next home improvement project. (Good luck with that, by the way.)

    Special Ability: Divine Might

    Requires Storm Call, Battle Cry, Potion of Regenerate/Fortify Magicka, and Potion of Fortify Destruction

    Thor summons the storms themselves to obliterate his opponents, then charges at his opponents with a flurry of hammer swings and shocks after using his voice to strike fear into their hearts. Only works outdoors. Bring an umbrella.


    Granted the curse of lycanthropy in a magical accident, pacifistic mage and scholar David Bruce Banner has reluctantly saved the world from evil wizardry by use of the raging werewolf monster he refers to as the Hulk. It is a part of his nature now, and the only reason he hasn't sought a cure is because the alternative is Hircine giving his gift to someone with much more bloodlust.

    He has learned to control his rage, limit his time in crowded cities and work for the common good without getting involved in combat. As Banner his work with magical spells is unprecedented, and should that fail, he has the ability to turn into an enormous howling rage monster.

    A new threat has emerged to the world that even the companions he enlists to fight for him cannot stop - the threat of the dragons. The Hulk must channel his rage and save the world the only way he knows how: by smashing...

    Race: Breton (Male) - This is to stay true to Banner's persona. Don't worry, I'll make an Orcish Hulk build later.

    Stone: Apprentice - Needed for that much needed magic regeneration; just hope mages don't kill you while you transform - the Mage Stone might also help for greatly-needed training.

    Perks: All on Alchemy, Alteration, and Illusion

    Major Skills:

    Lycanthropy - Not a skill, but not associated with skills. This is the Hulk. Fill up all of its perks to full for maximum benefit.

    Alteration - This will provide Banner some flesh protection in the midst of combat situations (he does not wear armor, or at least heavy armor). The light and telekinesis spells are also useful, and last-resort Paralyze works wonders.

    Alchemy - This is Bruce's main field of study, and the effects of some potions may be of benefit in werewolf form. Also, selling potions is quite useful for moneymaking.

    Minor Skills:

    Illusion - This will allow Hulk's pacifist alter ego to buff his followers and deter his enemies. This tree is also quite undervalued despite its usefulness, much like the non-Hulk character himself.

    Enchanting - Just for Hulk to put magic effects on non-magic clothing, should the need arise. Merely a hobby, though it could prove useful.

    Light Armor - Recommended for higher difficulties to keep non-Hulk Banner safe from dying. In this case, enchanting really would be useful.

    Essential Quests: Main Story line, Companions line, Dawnguard line, Ill Met by Moonlight, College of Winterhold line, peaceful radiant quests

    Notable Equipment: Ring of Hircine, other beast rings (Dragonborn), mage gear for Alteration

    Explanation: I was originally planning on an Orcish Hulk that meandered into odd questlines and helped out people smart enough to manipulate him, like the Dark Brotherhood. This build is very Banner-centric, though - he would have no part in such evil organizations.

    As Banner, you want a mage that doesn't do any actual fighting, instead allowing your companions to bravely charge in and save the day. Your non-combat skills should also serve you well on your endeavors. As Hulk, smash. Lycanthropy should be used in more builds, and with all of the perks it can be extremely useful even at high levels. The Dragonborn Beast rings are even more powerful.

    This Jekyll and Hyde build shouldn't lose its novelty, especially if you know magic builds like the back of your hand. Know the Hulk character, and you will know entertainment.

    Special Ability: Smash!

    Requires Werewolf perks (preferably), your strongest Flesh spell, Vegetable Soup, Potion of Resist Magic, and Beast Form

    Before charging into battle, Banner waits from the sidelines and whips up some gamma-radiated alchemical goodness, only to rush in as a supercharged and heavily fortified rage monster. The Hulk will then proceed to smash all of the puny weaklings in his path.


    "Ain't been a merryman in these parts for a hundred years." - Vantus Loreius

    He was wrong. Clint Barton had quite a rough childhood; he lost his parents to bandits, his brother abandoned him in a desperate pursuit for adventure, and he wandered the roads outside Dawnstar before coming across a travelling circus troupe. Seeing no other option for survival, he became the protege to the performers responsible for entertaining their audiences through feats of great combat ability. As he grew to become a man, his skills honed to offer him great agility, swordsmanship, and especially marksmanship.

    Barton left the troupe and became a one-man archery show, moonlighting as a mercenary. His skill with a bow only grew as he took on odd jobs that required his combat prowess, and eventually one of these jobs led him to an infiltration mission on an Imperial fort. He pulled off the dubiously moral job with aplomb, but on his way out he mortally wounded a man he recognized as his wayward brother. Since then he vowed never to betray the Empire nor anyone close to him for gold, and began taking the fight to the bandits.

    Now working as an Imperial scout, Barton must use espionage and subterfuge to put down the growing Stormcloak rebellion, investigate the criminal organizations of Skyrim, and eradicate the evils that have plagued the province, namely bandits and dragons. He does this under the new persona of Hawkeye...

    Race: Imperial (Male) - For lore and correct appearance, also for Imperial Luck.

    Stone: Lady/Tower - Neither are important; simply choose between faster regeneration or better looting.

    Perks: Archery (fill the tree fully), Light Armor and One-Handed

    Major Skills:

    Archery - Barton's incredible use of the bow should leave his enemies in a pile from a single shot. Go for the long-distance kills, and leave the crossbows for the warriors that can't aim.

    Smithing - Hawkeye should also be a decent fletcher and tailor, customizing his equipment to serve his needs. Expect to make arrows often, as you might find yourself running out.

    Light Armor - Naturally, you're going to take a lot of hits. That's what happens when you don't spend as much time crouching as Black Widow does. At least you're not overpowered that way.

    Minor Skills:

    Sneak - Hawkeye would have a rudimentary knowledge of stealth, and it would certainly help for getting the first hit. This should not be totally relied upon, however.

    One-Handed - Carry a spare sword - Barton is an expert duelist of any trade, not just the bow, and you never know when you might find yourself in a close-quarters combat situation.

    Lockpicking - Clint's perceptiveness makes him one of the few Avengers that would completely crawl a dungeon for its greatest secrets and loot, and that includes locked chests.

    Essential Quests: Main story line, Imperial Civil War line, Companions line (and cure), Dawnguard line, Thieves Guild line (and anything that gets you cool non-stolen stuff), might elect to Destroy the Dark Brotherhood (or join them)

    Notable Equipment: Nightingale Bow+Blade, Nightingale Gloves+Boots, Blackguard/Linwe's/other Armor, and Linwe's Hood (for that iconic Hawkeye Look)

    Explanation: Hawkeye is an often-ignored hero that is, honestly, quite a character to explore. His aptitude with the bow makes him a perfect character to recreate in Skyrim, and he not only looks intimidating but boosts his archery with Linwe's Hood (obtained from the Summerset Shadows leader, Linwe).

    The only way to completely avoid making this character overpowered is by not making him primarily sneak-based. Dagger-wielders have an excuse, but being able to sneak-kill from a distance might very quickly make a build boring. That said, Hawkeye would still possess an aptitude for that kind of thing, and if you're really that keen on avoiding a prolonged fight...

    Anyway, this awesome and utterly manly archer will put Legolas to shame (darn elves), and you'll find this character build a potential cure for restartitis if done right.

    Special Ability: Critical Shot

    Requires sneaking and undetected position from long range, Nightingale Bow, Linwe's Hood, Nightingale Boots, and Vegetable Soup

    Hawkeye readies a piercing shot at the strongest of the unaware enemies before him from a crouched position. After firing, he stands and readies his regeneration of Health and Stamina and mercilessly holds back the remainder of his opponents with arrows and bow bashes.

    Black Widow

    Natasha Romanoff was orphaned at the outbreak of the Great War as the Thalmor advance left her family and County Kvatch home in blazes. She would have been dead too if not for a passing Imperial soldier, who took her in and attempted to make her a part of the war effort despite her young age. He did so by sending her to northern Cyrodiil to be a part of a war program run by a questionably-sane battlemage. Captain America was not the only Imperial with magicka-polluted blood - Romanoff would become one of the Black Widows inspired by the success of Cap's experiment.

    She was likely the weakest of the Black Widows, as their youngest - most were already well past their teens while she had barely entered them - but despite engaging in dangerous covert ops across the province of Cyrodiil, she was the only Black Widow remaining alive at the time the White-Gold Concordat was finally ratified...and she stayed that way during her pilgrimage to Skyrim. It was in Falkreath that she discovered the true extent of her powers, and could even corrupt the magic coursing through her veins for use as a lycanthrope. She spent decades honing her skills by aiding the Imperials in unlikely-to-win stealth fights against bandits and the undead.

    Now that the dragons have returned, she must rise to an insurmountable challenge again and enlist in an Imperial war effort once again. It is the duty of the Black Widow to silence the creatures that wish infernos into existence with their voices...infernos that remind her of the fire that consumed her life thirty years before...

    Race: Breton (Female) - This is mainly for looks and simulates the magicka resistance of the Black Widow serum.

    Stone: Thief/Shadow - The first enables Natasha to gain an aptitude for stealth, while the second puts it into practice once per day.

    Perks: Sneak (everything), might devote perks to relevant weapon skills

    Major Skills:

    Sneak - The Black Widow is one with the darkness, and the best way to kill an enemy is to do it quickly, quietly, and without anyone ever knowing you were there.

    One-Handed - Romanoff's aptitude with daggers makes for excellent up-close-and-personal assassinations, and aren't bad to have in a straight-up fight on the rare occasion her cover is blown.

    Archery - Natasha has an impressive knack for firing crossbows and similar firearms, and any kill that can't be made short-distance will be delivered as an innocuous-looking bolt.

    Minor Skills:

    Light Armor - In the rare occasion she does take damage, she will at least need a sturdy cloak of the night's embrace rather than bulky armor or gossamer robes.

    Illusion - Muffle is a must, and casting spells to manipulate the enemy could make assassination attempts fool-proof.

    Uncanny abilities will likely fester as a result of the Black Widow Project - when exposed to direct confrontation, she will either buff her defenses with Alteration flesh spells, transform into a ravenous werewolf, or become indignant of the fires in her life by shooting it out of her hands with Destruction spells. These will not be used often, as this is a character of stealth.

    Essential Quests: Main story line, Dawnguard line, Companions line, Imperial Civil War line, Dark Brotherhood line, Thieves Guild line, might elect to perform tasks in service to Hircine or Mehrunes Dagon depending on playstyle

    Notable Equipment: Dark Brotherhood gear (preferably Ancient Shrouded), Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow, dagger of choice (possibly Mehrunes' Razor)

    Explanation: Black Widow is a difficult character to get in the head of, so my assumption is that she's cold and calculated as the result of a tragic backstory and training from hell. Her service to both the Empire and the Dark Brotherhood is perplexing until you realize she'd prefer the Empire to be on her side rather than going out of her way to serve them. She fights for herself, really, and most of the time she does it from the shadows like any good sneak build.

    But what happens if she's caught off guard?

    My guess is that she'll be royally pissed, and begin displaying everything in her arsenal (weapon- and magic-wise, people) to take down any threat that has the audacity to face her in the open. It would be amusing or simply terrifying to see a once calm assassin forced into a position where they furiously fight with flurries of fire spells for felling a feckless foe. Fantastic alliterative appeal! And when push comes to shove, there's always the blood of the wolf...

    If you've ever had a problem finishing a sneak build because of the risk of getting caught, that will be nonexistent here. There's just enough to this Black Widow build to set it apart from the rest.

    Special Ability: Shadow Force

    Requires sneaking, Muffle (or enchantment), Shadow Stone (or lots of invisibility potions), Shadow Warrior and all other Sneak perks, and Whirlwind Sprint (first word, at least)

    Black Widow fades from sight and sound before slitting the throat of the most powerful target in a group. When threatened by the other opponents, she retreats in a flying rush and fades back into the darkness, ambushing the remainder of the foes with either rolling dagger strikes or expertly-placed crossbow bolts. Bonus points for not taking damage - in cases where Whirlwind Sprint is unnecessary, use Throw Voice to distract foes instead.

    Nick Fury

    The Director of the Blades doesn't need a backstory. What matters is what he does.

    With the return of Alduin, the rise of Miraak, the onslaught of the Aldmeri Dominion, and the threat of a rebellion of racist Nords, proud Redguard Nick Fury is to the other evils of the world what Isran is to vampires (though he hates those too). With sharp-bladed swords at the ready and his crossbow in its holster, Fury is equipped to stand up against even the most monstrous of foes and defiantly punch it in the face. He slays dragons as a hobby. He wipes his boots on Thalmor robes. He conspires with Daedra only by taking their artifacts and leaving them with nothing.

    While Nick might have a very personal reason to eliminate all of the evils that plague Skyrim - or be in Skyrim, come to think of it - all that takes a backseat to his authority. And when another evil arises, the citizens of the Nordic province will call on him to come back...because they need him to...

    Race: Redguard (Male) - For correct appearance, One-Handed bonus, and Adrenaline rush...they will all come in handy (except maybe that first one).

    Stone: Lord - When offense is everything, it might be nice to let strange magical forces have your back defensively once in a while.

    Perks: One-Handed (Armsman, Dual Flurry, Bladesman), Archery (various)

    Major Skills:

    One-Handed - While it might not be possible to dual-wield utter domination, you can have the next-best thing: A sword in each hand. (You can put a dagger in your left one if you still want to swing fast using only your right.)

    Light Armor - Fury charges right into battle without a thought about his health. Why? His armor's got him covered well enough, and by the time it's an issue his enemies are already sliced up like lunch meat.

    Archery - Whether a bow or a crossbow, Nick has a penchant for using ranged projectile weapons. Just imagine the chaos that would come from Nick alone when gunpowder is introduced to Tamriel...

    Minor Skills:

    Smithing - Fury needs to keep his weapons and armor in good and working armor, and while he'd generally hire someone for such a menial task, he can't trust anyone with his war equipment but himself.

    Destruction - Merely a last-resort combat tactic against enemies weak to magic. This is the only type of magic most Redguards can tolerate, anyway.

    Speech - Nick is the master of all forms of speech, and knows when to use each one. Do you?

    Essential Quests: Main Story line, Dawnguard line, Companions line (and cure), Imperial Civil War line, Dragonborn line, and Blades quests. Aside from that, any questline you choose as long as it involves beating a villain (ex. Ancano, Mercer Frey, etc.) into the dirt at the end.

    Notable Equipment: The best light armor and swords you can find/make, Zephyr, and an Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow

    Explanation: Nick Fury is a total boss. Sure, he's probably not the best day-shift manager in the world, but he can choose to organize a group against a common threat (no matter how rag-tag the team...take the Avengers, for example) or face it alone, head-first. This is a build reliant not only on strong, fast attacks, but the power of choice as well. "What would Fury do in this situation?", you should ask yourself. He might seek a diplomatic solution with a harsh warning tagged on, he might cut off the heads of all who oppose the forces of justice, or do something in-between.

    If you don't like the idea of not being confined to something, in this case, too bad. You are the player, and with a build like this you should ignore the concepts of strict role-playing and start playing Skyrim as though it's a game you can beat. You have many tools in your arsenal and it is with this great power that you have a great responsibility to make the choice that puts the Nick Fury character ahead.

    If you want your imagination to run as free as your blade, this is the build for you. No holds will be barred, and no expenses spared, to save the world.

    Special Attack: Say What Again! (sorry, I just had to say it)

    Requires Zephyr, all Archery perks related to aiming, Adrenaline Rush, Vegetable Soup, and Unrelenting Force

    Nick Fury stands his ground and tries to force as many arrows into his opponents as possible, slowing time as he aims, angrily bashing opponents that get too close before shouting them away in order to shoot them again. A rare example of what happens to an idiotic enemy trying to take advantage of Fury being tired of sword fights.

    The End?

    Of the Avengers? Yes, I have them all down. However, I will still add other Marvel heroes to this page as requested. This will be edited sparingly, though, only to introduce large and meaningful updates containing at least two builds each. Stay tuned.

    Next update: Non-Avengers. Currently a secret.

    If you have any specific suggestions for improvement (which I suspect I'll really need) or would like to request my inclusion of a character that isn't technically a member of the Avengers, leave a comment.

    Happy adventuring and world-saving.





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    July 12, 2013
    This is a cool idea, and incorporated into the game well, but needs pictures.
  • Member
    July 12, 2013

    Avengers assemble!

    I really need to go to the comic book store next holidays.

    Good build/s btw

  • Member
    July 12, 2013

    oooo neat. for the hulk, you should make him like a pacifist alchemist, but when things get harry his "hulk" mode is a werewolf. you could roleplay to only switch when you would get mad

  • AJ
    July 12, 2013

    I like the way you mixed TES history with Avengers history. A support +1 from me.

  • July 12, 2013

    This is a very neat concept. I highly recommend adding some pictures though. Maybe not pictures of the actual Avengers, but fantasy RPG style pictures that might bear some resemblance to them.

  • July 12, 2013

    how about hawk-eye and black widow? they are technically avengers. mabey a loki build. the prime antagonyst?

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    July 12, 2013
    I think for a black widow build you'll probably need some poisen use
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    July 12, 2013

    In reply to all of the comments, thank you for your support. I'm quite impressed I got such a response over the course of half a day. In turn I will respond to your questions and comments.

    #1 - Pictures. I would love to offer pictures, but for one I don't know the image policy for things I can randomly pull off Google (there's a funny one I would use for Hawkeye), and secondly my PC doesn't run well enough for me to screenshot the things I make. That said, if anyone who plays through the builds I write could send me a picture of what they look like doing it, it would be much appreciated. (Also, Knight-Paladin Robert, can I use that picture of yours for the introduction?)

    #2 - Planned Characters. Next up are Thor and Hulk, and the remaining Avengers builds would be Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Black Widow. I'm also planning on making some non-Avengers builds like Loki and Extremis Pepper Potts (Iron Man 3), which I already have slightly planned out but nowhere close to finished.

    #3 - Hulk. This is something of a conundrum - I can't decide between making him a pacifistic lycanthrope or a bulky orc. I think both concepts are kind of overdone and I'd need a way to make them unique and Avenger-esque, but aside from that I would already know how to write both ideas. (Thor, I have figured out.)