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Character Build: Wrothgarian Warrior

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    June 30, 2013

    4E 191 First Seed 20- As I sit in the smoldering ruins of my stronghold, the memory runs fresh through my mind as if it were happening right before me. I was coming back from a hunt as I saw black smoke billowing from my stronghold. I arrived on a cliff next to it unseen to see the last of the Bretons moving out from the attack. I watch as they execute the Chief, my father, in his own stronghold. That was two days ago now, and I am trying to live off of what animals I can hunt and what I can make for shelter. 

    4E 191 First Seed 22- As I skin an elk I wonder about what I should do next. Maybe I should make for Orsinium in the Dragontail Mountains of Hammerfell or maybe Skyrim to live as a miner. I'll figure something out soon enough, in the mean time, today as I hunted I felt as if I was being watched, probably just my imagination but I have sharpened my sword just in case.

    4E 191 First Seed 25- It all happened so quickly right in the morning, I had no chance to react. A few of the Bretons decided to return and in that process tied me up in front of the longhouse. they don't seem like the smartest bunch though. Probably just trying to see how they could ransom me off. Sitting here in front of the longhouse cold at night, I oddly still felt as if I was being watched. Maybe its just the cold or the lack of food getting to me but for now I rest.

    4E 191 First Seed 26- Early in the morning is about when it happened I was barely awake myself. Two arrows nailed the guards near the gate right in the heart. Two other Bretons ran towards them and one stayed a bit behind to watch me. Suddenly when the two farther out Bretons weren't looking, two tribal Orc warriors dual wielding swords silently climbed the fence and dispatched them with their swords. As the last one runs toward the two warriors, another Orc jumps from the longhouse ruins and sends an arrow into his heart from his bow. The one who dispatched the last guard then approaches me slowly and with one swing of his sword cuts the chain used to tie me up. He then asks me the question to join them, he and his warriors and a few others based up at the top of the mountains. I thank Malacath that an opportunity has come and gladly accept.

    4E 196 Frostfall 17- I slowly repositon myself on the cliff waiting in patience as the Breton Warband slowly crosses the threshold of our territory. "Fools" I think to myself, "to have such arrogance just to cross into our territory just to try and ravage one of our strongholds, to have such arrogance is just what they teach you not to have as a Wrothgarian Warrior". They say its dangerous and I agree, just look at the Breton's each one of them about to be slaughtered all because of their arrogance. They close in and I take a look at my surroundings, a few birds nest in a tree below me, and barely I see a snake next to the road sunning itself on a Wrothgarian stone next to a small pond. The Bretons approach even closer now, I ready myself. I finally stand up with my bow and send an arrow in the first ones heart. One of them tries to run but takes one of my arrows to his neck. I then pull out my swords and jump down to meet the rest of the bloody confrontation. One Breton runs at me and with a swipe to his midsection he goes down. the last two now kneeling at my feet whimper and beg for mercy. I say to them "You show no mercy for my people, why should I show mercy to you" and with that I executed them both where they kneel.

    4E 201 Sun's Dusk 30- It has been ten years since I joined the ranks of the Wrothgarian Warriors and began my training. My training is now over and they will soon send me to Skyrim to defend those unwilling to speak up for themselves and liberate the oppressed. I learned over the years that that is what we are all about. Although we kill many Bretons who intrude on our home we are still sent out into Tamriel to free the oppressed and scorned. We fight for those unwilling to fight for themselves. We fight for our people! We fight because we are Warriors!

    1. The Build

       The Wrothgarian Warriors are Tribal Orc Warriors from the Wrothgarian mountain range. They are surprisingly smart, fast, and clever. They see Bretons as their biggest enemy because they destroyed the first Orsinium that was in the Wrothgarian Mountains. They now kill any Bretons who intrude on their territory with a quick and deadly ambush. They now also extended around Tamriel to liberate the oppressed and defend innocent people. They are Ambush type warriors who dual wield swords and at long range can nail a man in the heart from 60 meters with a bow.

    Race: Orismer 

    This choice is obvious because only Orc's are allowed into the Wrothgarian Warriors.

    Stone: Lord Stone 

    Start off with the Warrior Stone but at about level 25-30 switch to the Lord Stone because nothing beats 50+ Armor Rating and 25% Magic Resistance especially for this build.

    Health/Stamina/Magicka: 1/1/0 

    Magicka is not needed because the Warriors do not use it in fact they think its a cowards way to fight. As for health and stamina I got up to about 250 stamina and thought it was enough so then put the rest of my attributes into Health.

    2. Skillset 

    Major Skills are One-Handed, Archery, and Sneak.

    Minor Skills are Light Armor and Smithing.

    Level 50- Perk Calculator

    3. Gear 

    Any Light Armor besides Glass and Elven Should go well with this build. Some of my personal suggestions are the Stormcloak Officer Armor (At Forelhost southeast of Riften if you leave with Ralof), Stalhrim Light Armor is the set I am using now and loving it, forged it myself. As for helms, No helmets especially with Stalhrim Light Armor, although if you do need one the Stormcloak Officer Armor goes well with an Orcish helmet.

    As for Weapons definitely dual wield two Nordic Swords from the DLC. They have a very Tribal look to them and are perfect for the build. I also went with a Nordic bow for the light weight but also high damage.

    I also recommend getting a necklace and ring that will foritfy archery and one-handed. 

    4. Roleplaying and Quests 

    Like most Orcs your god is Malacath so its fine to become his Champion and get Volendrung although you won't have much use for it.

    For a personality, if you have ever played Assassins Creed 3 go for a mix of Connor and an Orc. 

    The Warriors are from the Wrothgarian Mountains meaning they should know how to get around quickly (ex. Freerunning).

    Thalmor are dictators and there are many to be freed from their oppressive reign, you should harass them, kill them, and free their prisoners.

    Do not let anyone dictate you or boss you around.

    When taking jobs you don't do it for the money.

    When becoming a werewolf do not abuse your power. It is a terrible way in your eyes to die like that and so you do not always use it on people. Forsworn (Being Bretons) though you have no problem using this on them.

    Do not take followers not even Orcs the only people you should and will work with are people you are forced with and other Wrothgarian Warriors. The reason for no followers is that because most of them compromise your ambush and/or get in the way of your ambushes.


    Essential Quests: Main Questline, Companions, Dawnguard (As Vampire Hunter), and Dragonborn main quests

    Highly Recommended Quests: Daedric Quests (but do not kill any innocent people!), Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, and Forsworn Conspiracy. 

    5. Gameplay 

    Key Shouts...

    Aura Whisper- used as a kind of instinctive way of knowing where your enemies are. It is very helpful in planning Ambushes.

    Become Ethereal- When shit hits the fan you shout these words to get your Malacath's Blessing Ready.

    Cyclone- A shout for open combat, nothing beats having your enemies fly in the air and take some fall damage, or making them fly off a mountain. 

    Dragon Aspect- Your start in calling upon the Wrothgarian Rage power. Dragon Aspect allows for huge defensive tactics while keeping on offense. 

    Storm Call- Your second shout for summoning your Wrothgarian Rage power. This shout helps you take out the biggest of enemies.

    Throw Voice- Why waste an arrow when you can throw your voice to the fools you call you enemies and they come searching. This shout helps in starting an ambush if you want to kill someone you can't get to easily. 


    When assaulting a fort or stronghold of bandits plan an ambush. Kill a few people as stealthily as possible then confront your last few enemies. Maybe their's a mountain next to a fort you need to ambush, gain that higher ground use Aura Whisper to see all your enemies and learn their patrol patterns. When you know their patterns you can easily plan an effective ambush, maybe say, wait for a bandit do be far enough away from the others and pick him off than gain the ground he had and move on or maybe kill a bandit in the hopes that another will come running then you pick him/her off, then move in for the assault. This build is very tactical and fun. You will eventually find yourself planning well thought out ambushes that are very lethal. Although when you are forced to take a follower don't bother sneak or ambushing as they will just compromise you or get in the way.

    Special Moves: 

    Wrothgarian Rage- You call upon the Spirits of the Wrothgarian mountains and they answer in a tribal wrath on you opponents. Dragon Aspect+Storm Call+Berserker Rage

    Malacath's Blessing- When Lord Malacath see's his Champion in need he will answer, empowering you with the power to destroy your enemies. Become Ethereal+Mora's Boon+Berserker Rage.

    Blood Ambush- A quick but powerful ambush leaves your foes wondering what hit them. Berserker Rage+Sneak Attack with your sword or Bow+ Throw Voice (If needed).

    Wrothgarian Ambush- A more powerful and well thought out ambush from above can take out your most powerful foes. Aura Whisper+Throw Voice (Again if needed)+Berserker Rage+Sneak Attack with your bow

    Big thanks to Syphr54 who helped a lot on my backstory and inspired certain aspects of this build with his Valenwood Ranger Build. This was my first build, constructive criticism is helpful. Thanks!

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    June 30, 2013

    Beautifully done! Very nice backstory, very lore friendly. I know what my next character will be when I finish my upcoming build! The special moves are simple but effective.

    +1 for your first build!

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    June 30, 2013

    Thanks so much! Couldn't have done it without your help! 

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    June 30, 2013

    Very nice! ...Use more pictures... Very nice!  +1

  • June 30, 2013
    Thief and warrior skills are combined rather nicely here. I wish I knew lore half as well as you seem to. Just need to break up the text some more with pictures.
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    June 30, 2013

    Thank you, that was probably the hardest thing for this build but I will work on finding more pictures

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    June 30, 2013

    Added two more pictures, hope it looks a bit better

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    June 30, 2013

    Thank you! Just added more pictures hope it looks better

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    July 1, 2013

    This looks really good and nicer to read now

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    July 1, 2013

    Always liked the idea of a sneaky orc.  This build seems like it would be really enjoyable to play.  Love the way the backstory was written like a journal as well.  Awesome job!