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  • April 26, 2013

    Welcome to The Character Build Archives! On this page all of the group's character builds can be navigated to quickly through our tag network. Builds found here are specialized by archetype and playstyle by their original author so you can refine your search and find the perfect Skyrim character.


    Joining The Archive:

    To display your own builds in the archive you simply need to place CB archive tags on your character build. You should carefully select the tags that best describe your characters most prominent characteristics to help people locate your build better.

    All character builds are allowed three playstyle tags, one race tag, one rank tag, and the "Character Build Mods" tag if the build uses mods. The hosts will remove any tags that go over these limits.


    Playstyle Tags:  A build can have up to three playstyle tags

    All playstyle tags require "Character Build" at the beginning of them. For example, Character Build Thief is how you'd format the thief playstyle tag on your build.

    Archer - Users of bows and crossbows
    Juggernaut - Tough characters that use heavy armor and/or blocking
    Knight - Honorable warriors skilled in close combat
    Barbarian - Brutish fighters that use light armor and two handed weapons
    Monk - Combatants that prefer to fight with their hands as well as bows
    Warrior - Fighters that rely primarily on combat skills
    Blacksmith - Characters that create and/or temper their equipment
    Dual-Wield - Characters that use a weapon in each hand
    Crusader - Holy warriors devoted to eradicating evil

    Necromancer - Magic users skilled at raising the dead
    Elementalist - Mages that wield the power of the elements through Destruction magic
    Healer - Characters skilled in healing themselves or their allies
    Sorcerer - Mages that utilize heavy armor to protect themselves
    Mage - Magic users skilled in the arcane arts
    Witchhunter - Skilled archers who make use of spells
    Spellsword - Combatants capable of wielding both weapons and magic
    Illusionist - Mages skilled in the arts of Illusion magic
    Summoner - Mages that utilize Conjuration magic to bring forth otherworldly allies
    Enchanter - Characters that imbue their equipment with magical effects
    Battlemage - Mages that can also use weapons to destroy their foes
    Nightblade - Rogues and assassins that use magic to enhance their abilities

    Pilgrim - Mobile warriors, travelers and hagglers
    Rogue - Characters that make use of stealth, skill and wit to win battles
    Scout - Stealthy archers skilled in both alchemy and close combat
    Assassin - Characters that prefer to eliminate foes from the shadows
    Thief - Scoundrels that prefer to steal from people rather than kill them
    Acrobat - Agile fighters who use speed and agility to their advantage
    Alchemist - Characters skilled in making potions and poisons
    Bard - Jacks of all trades, these characters use weapons, magic and skill
    Agent - Spies and assassins, making use of spells and stealth

    Bound Weapons - Characters who make use of conjured weaponry
    No Crafting - Characters who do not use any crafting skills
    Mage Armor - Characters who rely primarily on flesh spells for defense
    Unarmored - Characters with little to no armor rating
    Unarmed - Characters who fight with their fists or claws
    Shouts - Characters who make heavy use of shouts
    Supporter - Characters who buff their allies instead of fighting themselves.
    Werewolf - Characters who use their werewolf form extensively
    Vampire - Characters who utilize vampirism
    Hero - Characters devoted to good and justice
    Villain - Characters devoted to evil
    Mods - Characters that rely heavily on game modifications


    Race Tags:  A build can have one race tag.

    For race, all you need to put in for the tag is Race:(Name of Race). For example, Race:Argonian (ignore the link) is the race tag for Argonians.


    Rank Tags:

    The rank tag determines a build's position in the character build ranking system, so ensure that you understand the ranking system before adding your tag. While all the other tags are optional, every build is required to have a rank tag that corresponds to its number of likes. Additional information on the ranking system can be found here.

    Bloodworks (0-19 Likes)
    Recognized (20-39 Likes)
    Exemplar (40-69 Likes)
    Mythic (70-99 Likes)
    Legendary (100+ Likes)

    When creating the rank tag for your build write it exactly as it follows: Rank:Bloodworks (ignore the link), substituting "Bloodworks" with "Recognized", "Exemplar", and so on as your build rises through the ranks.


    Character Building Events:

    Character Building Events are a regular occurrence around here, during which people sign up to create character builds with a specific theme. Event builds are recognized by their "Event Build" prefix as well as their two special tags: one tag that represents the event and one event rank tag that replaces the typical character build rank tag. Links to the tags for each event can be found here, while the tags that represent an event build's rank are the following:

    Event Bloodworks (0-9 Likes)
    Event Recognized (10-24 Likes)
    Event Exemplar (25-39 Likes)
    Event Mythic (40-64 Likes)
    Event Legendary (65+ Likes)

    When creating the rank tag for your build write it exactly as it follows: Rank:Event Bloodworks (ignore the link), substituting "Bloodworks" with "Recognized", "Exemplar", and so on as your build rises through the ranks.


    Character Building Contests:

    Unlike Events, Character Building Contests are quite different in that are clear winners chosen. A list of past contests can be found here, along with tags for each contest. You can also search for previous contest winners (Contest Gold for first place, Contest Silver for second place, Contest Bronze for third place).


    Miscellaneous Tags:

    The Character Building Discussion tag is for group discussions that aren't character builds themselves but still pertain to character building.

    The Hidden Gem Spotlight tag is used, as you might expect, for Hidden Gem Spotlights, which are special features for "diamond in the rough" builds that deserve more attention.

    Less frequent is the Builder Spotlight, which is done to recognize character builders with multiple quality builds.

    The Hall of Fame Build tag, as the name implies, is for builds that have made it into the Character Building Hall of Fame.

    Finally, you can click on the Build of the Week tag to look at past Character Build Showcases.


  • Member
    April 27, 2013

    So wait, is the official tag "Character Build Duelist" or "Character Build Dual-Wield"?

  • April 27, 2013

    Sorry Easily, the tag got changed again after some debate on the term Duelist...

    It is now Character Build Dual-Wield.

  • Member
    April 27, 2013

    Ahahahah! It's up! It's...working!  Good Job everyone!!!!

  • Member
    April 27, 2013

    Alright, thanks for clarifying.

  • Member
    April 27, 2013
    Maybe the Oghma page in yellow or gold (glowing) for the misc section?
  • April 27, 2013

    I'm going to be a dick and vote for no.

    Skyrim is a roleplaying game, these are all builds for Skyrim created by rp nerds, therefore every build in the group is a roleplay build. Is someone saying that their build is more RP intensive than 'The Paladin'?

    RP is in the eye of the beholder, everyone does it differently and enjoys it exactly the same...

    We also have an entire roleplay group which I still don't understand...

  • April 27, 2013

    It's just my opinion on how I see the proposed tag...

    It's one of those 'eats sweetrolls daily' tags. Anyone can do it, if they want to...

    Someone could pick the Paladin purely for its mechanics, another could pick it because they see a rich RP experience...

    Throw it up though if you like mate, I'm sure some people will use it. I just don't see how RP defines a character build because people can use the playthrough of a build as they see fit.

  • Kaz
    April 27, 2013

    yes the dual wield link is fixed

  • April 27, 2013

    Sorry Auroness, my opinion isn't based on your builds or personal feeling towards the groups power characters...

    Here is the problem I see...

    This is a group for builds.

    Sometimes we get people posting something that doesn't resemble a character build but is more like an RP experience. (We had someone post a fisherman build a few weeks back) We removed the build (on the grounds that it wasn't a build) and directed him to the RP group.

    If we have an RP tag we are opening the door for people to post RP 'builds'...

    When we say "this isn't a build this is an rp character" they will reply "aye, so I filed it under your RP tag" to which we reply "oh...ummmm".