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Character Build: The Stag Prince

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    March 21, 2013

    He is a hunter, and a stealthy one at that. He travels the wilds of Skyrim on horseback hunting animals, creatures, and people alike. He follows the green pact by eating his fallen prey, but will still eat plants and use them in alchemy. He wears light armor to shield himself while still permitting movement. He has a strong connection to Kynareth and can invoke his power to speak to the wilds and the sky.

    The Stag Prince

    A hunter in the stag prince’s mounted hunting party. For the glory of the Bosmer of Valenwood he hunted all manner or beasts. While hunting in Skyrim a Stormcloak division murdered the entire group out of hatred for the Aldmeri Dominion. He alone escaped with his life. He then traveled South to Skyrim and wallowed in self pity for some years. In Falkreath a dunmer tradeswoman told him that she had sold the fallen Stag Prince’s bow to a strange trader on Solestheim. The fabled Glass Bow of the Stag Prince, he resolved to reclaim the mythical relic and set off for Solestheim. While en route he was captured in an imperial ambush along with the same nord faction that murdered his brothers and sisters. He now looks for any opportunity to slip away from the humans. For him one thing is certain, he will succeed the stag prince and become a fabled hunter just as he was.

    Race - Bosmer

    Skills - Archery, Sneak, Pickpocket, Alchemy, & Light Armor

    Stone - Steed

    Stats - Follow 0 - 1 - 2 in magicka, health, & stamina until level 31. Then follow 0 - 1 - 1.

    Passives - Blessing of the Stag Prince, Seeker of Shadows, & Sinderion’s Serendipity

    Power - Command Animal

    Shouts - Animal Allegiance, Aura Whisper, Call Storm, Clear Skies, Cyclone, Throw Voice, Whirlwind Sprint

    Essential Quests - Main quest until “Use your fire breath shout on Paarthunax”, Ill Met by Moonlight, Black Book: The Sallow Regent, & The Taste of Death

    Suggested Quests - The Forsworn Conspiracy, No One Escapes Cidhna Mine (Forsworn side), & A Return to Your Roots


    When you find beneficially enchanted pieces of glass armor then wear them. Finding pieces of glass armor is much more fun than just crafting it as it makes each piece feel unique. Rather than monotonously mining and forging a set of armor you will explore and discover each piece. Look for fortify archery, pickpocket, sneak, and stamina regeneration enchantments. Enchanted elven armor can substitute at lower levels. The following specific armor pieces are just guaranteed armor.

    • Helm - Helmet of the Old Gods or Krosis
    • Chestpiece - Savior’s Hide
    • Gauntlets - Gauntlets of the Old Gods
    • Boots - Boots of the Old Gods
    • Amulet - Kyne’s Token or The Gaulder Amulet
    • Ring - Ring of Namira

    Glass Bow of the Stag Prince

    The Stag Prince’s bow; use it to kill any animal you see, from bear to rabbit, troll to skeever. For every 20 animal kills the bow will grant you the blessing of the stag prince, which adds 5 health and stamina to your maximum. This only works up to 80 kills, 25 health and stamina, but that’s no trifle of a buff, it’s equivalent to the altmer magicka buff. Get the bow as soon as possible. Since Falas Selvayn, the vendor, will without a doubt have the bow equipped when you meet him at lower levels you’ll need the misdirection perk to attain it. Obviously don’t let a guard arrest you as the bow will be stolen.


    Level Twenty Five, Forty Five, and Sixty Two.

    Prioritize archery perks, respite, deadly aim, extra pockets and misdirection. All of the archery perks. All sneak perks except backstab. All pickpocketing perks but keymaster. All alchemy perks. All of the light armor perks. The matching set perk is best at higher levels, as you will likely not find a full set of enchanted glass armor before then.


    Use aura whisper to hunt nearby prey. Enter combat from stealth with a volley of arrows, use throw voice and frenzy poisons to keep remain hidden and pick off as many enemies find the stag prince. If your enemies close in on you make them regret it by alternating arrows with bow bashes or send them running with a fear poison. To distance the stag prince from his foes bow bash them, then turn and use the whirlwind sprint shout, then turn back, zoom, and riddle them with arrows. Eat fallen enemies to regain health. Use animal allegiance and command animal to ally with all nearby animals.


    The stag prince is a bosmer, their 50% poison immunity combines with either the savior’s hide or snakeblood perk for full poison immunity. He uses the ring of Namira to fulfill his green pack beliefs and feast of felled prey, restoring health in the process. The steed stone and extra pockets perk allow him to stay out on longer hunts. This character quite fun because the player spends much less time crafting or storing and much more out in the wilds, acting and existing within Skyrim. Finally, ceasing the main quest at the given objective allows the stag prince to shout with very minimal cooldowns, which keeps a non magical character interesting.

    Mounted Combat

    Entering combat from a distance, zoom in to pick off as many enemies as possible. Ride circles around enemies after they approach. Zoom in to slow time and help aim while riding. Be careful to protect your horse, as they are very fragile. Don’t let your horse near a dragon, giant, or mammoth.


    Chicken, cows, deer, elk, foxes, goats, and rabbits; all are weak. Kill them to empower your bow and eat their flesh. Other animals provide more of challenge. Most can spread disease, though some do so much more commonly. All can be controlled with animal allegiance and command animal.

    Bears - Snow and cave variants. They are docile creatures before approached, but vicious, fast, and hard-hitting when provoked. Take them down from a stealth at a distance. Take their claws for alchemy.

    Chaurus - Reaper and hunter variants. Large venomous insects, even with poison immunity they still pack a physical punch. The hunter variants can fly and spit poison. Harvest their eggs.

    Death Hound - Undead dogs with a frosty bite, these creatures are tough.

    Dogs - Barbas, Bran, Meeko, Sceolang, Stray Dog, and Vigilance variants. They are loyal, if weak companions, perfect for your hunting party. Barbas is essential, while Bran and Sceolang are huskies.

    Frostbite Spiders - Giant variant. Poisonous spiders, their size related to their health and strength. Their poison should prove no threat. Take their venom and eggs for alchemy.

    Horkers - Large creatures that live on Skyrim’s northern shore, they pose no real threat.

    Horses - Skyrim has no rideable stags, so you’ll have to settle for a horse. Nonetheless, mounted archery is very effective. Frost is the stag prince’s ideal horse, Shadowmere is altogether too dark entirely.

    Mammoths - Large, very big, well, mammoth creatures, they roam Skyrim near giant camps. Animal allegiance or command animal can be used to turn them against their giant masters to take the camp. They are huge targets and can be foiled by standing atop or around an obstacle and shooting them. Don’t let their size fool you, they can move very rapidly when they want to.

    Mudcrabs - Hardly worth being mentioned, but their size related to their health and strength. Their chitin can be used for alchemy.

    Sabre Cats - Snowy and vale (DG) variants. Fast, stealthy, and vicious predators, sabre cats should be handled carefully. Try to outpace them while slowly weakening them with lingering and slow poisons.

    Skeevers - Small, poisonous, spreaders of disease that often come in a pack. Dispatch these vermin with arrows and bow bashes. Take their tails and burnt hides for alchemy.

    Slaughterfish - These fish swim Skyrim’s lakes and rivers. Shoot them from the shore and retrieve their scales and eggs for alchemy.

    Trolls - Frost and cave variants. Tough humanoid monsters, if you cannot best one use animal allegiance or command animal to kill them without a fight. Take their heavy fat for alchemy if you can carry it.

    Wolves - Pit and ice variants. Common predators in the province of Skyrim, they travel in packs a couple arrows or bow bashes will dispatch them.


    • Little to no fast traveling; explore the wilds more.
    • Eat slain humanoid enemies and animals where they fall. Use the Ring of Namira & eat animal meat.
    • Visit cities in stealth; the stag prince is an illegal poacher who’s green pact practices are taboo.
    • Don’t hoard items, keep what is needed and sell the rest.
    • Use the alchemist’s shack for necessary storage.
    • No humanoid followers, animals are fine.
    • Loathe nords.


    Flee and Perish - Horseback Archery + Poison of Fear or Slow

    Ride, ride hard and loose poison-laced arrows into your enemies. Then chase them and shoot down your prey while they limp away.

    Wild Winds - Frenzy Poison + Cyclone

    Use poisons to frenzy your opponents until they are clumped together, fighting one another, then hit them with the highest level of your cyclone shout.

    Leaves on the WInd - Invisibility Potion or Shadow Warrior + Frenzy Poison + Throw Voice

    Disappear from your foes, then renew your assault with new venom, throwing your foes into disarray. Confuse any pursuers with your throw voice shout.

    Kynareth’s Rage - Call Storm + Cyclone

    Open up the skies in a thunder storm and call their winds down to form a cyclone.

    Thanks to Kyrielle for this awesome animal habitat map and happy hunting!

    If the Stag Prince struck your fancy, then feel free to check out the rest of

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    March 21, 2013

    Nice solid archer build. +1 Really enjoyed it!

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    March 21, 2013

    I like it +1. About the stolen tag on the bow, after you pick-pocket it off him, can't you reverse pick-pocket it back on him and he will have it for sale. Or you can sell to a fence and buy it back.

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    March 21, 2013

    I haven't tested this. I just grabbed it once and left. It is a difficult pickpocket since the bow is relatively heavy and expensive.

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    March 21, 2013

    Just noticed the picture with the first stag prince is from the huntsman movie with that twilight actress...

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    March 21, 2013
    Basically a standard hunter/alchemist build, which is my favourite type of character, but based around a bow that i hate. I tried using the bow (the enchant is awesome) but my lord glass bows are slow to fire lol.

    The only question i have about this build is the use of fear and frenzy poisons. You dont mention enchanting so im assuming youre using the base alchemy levels, if that is the case them those poisons affect enemies upto lvl 15. Did you not find yourself having issues relying upon these poisons? Ive tried incorporating them into my alchemy builds but they are always worthless for me. They only max out at lvl 15, but to get them that strong you need lvl 100 alchemy which brings your character (assuming 100 alchemy and absolutely no other skills trained at all) to lvl 17; basically your enemies are usually outleveled by the time you can make poisons that do anything. Did you use any fortify enchants to boost their strength or am i missing something?


    To be blatently honest i wonder if you actually used some of these poisons. Poison bloom is the worst ingredient in the game to use since there are only a total of 12 of them in the entire game and as far as i know they never respawn. Fear poisons only work on a handful of enemies in the game and poison blooms are almost impossible to get, certainly you didnt actually rely on these poisons at all.


    If youre going to rely on extra pockets and the steed stone its probably wise to use a fortify restoration potion before taking extra pockets perk, it boosts it by 60% (with base alchemy, more with enchants) for a nice +160 carry weight.
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    March 21, 2013

    Good build, but I'd like to note a couple of things:

    • How does Kynareth's Rage work? Depending on how many words you shout for Storm Call, you're looking at five to ten minutes worth of cooldown before you can use Cyclone.
    • Until you can get your hands on the Stag Prince bow, the Bow of the Hunt is a good substitute.
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    March 21, 2013

    I was using leveled fear & frenzy poisons that I found and bought. I'm not great at alchemy myself, I just hate managing all of the effects, the UI really annoys me.

    The restoration glitch is an interesting trick, but its important to not let your inventory turn into a archive.

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    March 21, 2013

    The bow of the hunt is a good idea, I actually had it in my working pages document of this build for a while. I chose to remove it so it would be clear that the player should use the glass bow of the stag prince, the build's namesake. I went to Windhelm straight off to power level pickpocketing. As soon as I got misdirection I grabbed the bow.

    Stopping the main quest at, "Main quest until 'Use your fire breath shout on Paarthunax'", shortens your shout cooldown dramatically. This will make the "Kynareth's Rage" ability work.

  • March 21, 2013

    ...... It's from the Hobbit, dude