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Character Build: The Forest Druid

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    March 10, 2013

    Hey everyone! This is my first build here, a staff wielding animal mage who is deeply intuned with nature. The Forest Druid, or simply the Druid.

    The Druid

    A Druid's power is drawn from the earth, and nature is his ally. Their goal is to protect the earth and further increase their knowledge and connection towards it. They are wise and resourceful, and can enter the beastly form of a dire wolf in desperate situations.



    Bosmer: The wood elves knowledge of the forests and natural ability to command animals make them excellent druids.

    Khajiit and Argonians also make good druids as they have natural beast forms

    Standing Stone:

    The Serpent or The Steed, for additional animal abilities.


    Animal Allegiance lets you call upon the help of the wild.

    Clear skies with command over the weather

    Dragonrend, even beasts as mighty as dragons bow with respect

    Kyne's Peace to calm the wild

    Storm Call to further your command of nature

    Whirlwind Sprint and Unrelenting Force harness the power of wind

    Major Skills:

    Alteration: A druid's connection to nature grants him many powers. He can grow temporary gills for underwater breathing, or fangs that deliver the paralyzing bite of the spider. He can transform his skin into the dense elements for protection, and even transmute those elements. Novice - Expert Alteration, Stability, Magic Resistance 3/3.

    Illusion: A big part of the druid's power comes from the ability to enter and manipulate the minds of living creatures. Most natural beasts can be calmed by a druid, or intimidated. Druids can also give beasts the will to fight. They can also dwell in the minds of man. All perks.

    One-Handed: In combat, a druid usually wields a sword or an axe with his staff. They are fast and savage fighters. Armsman 5/5, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike.

    Alchemy: The Druid's knowledge of the wilderness lets him combine natural ingrediants to make medicines and to enhance his abilities. He can also use the gifts of the wild to create powerful poisons. Alchemist 5/5, Physician, Benefactor, Poisoner, Concentrated Poison.

    Minor Skills:

    Conjuration: Most druids only practice conjuration to call familiars and capture souls to power their staff, but some also learn how to banish the unnatural daedra. Novice - Apprentice Conjuration.

    Restoration: Draw upon the earth's energy to heal your wounds, and destroy the unnatural undead that roam tamriel. Novice - Apprentice Restoration, Regeneration, Respite.

    Light Armor: Druids wear furs and hides to be more in touch with beasts. Saviour's Hide is a good armor choice. the helmet of the old gods is also recommended. (Some druids instead choose to wear robes). Agile Defender 5/5.

    Sneak: The Druid can movie quietly through the wilds, and when needed can hunt like a predator. Sneak 1/5.


    Part of the druidic culture involves harnessing the powers of nature in staves. A druid always holds a single staff at a time, leaving one hand free for casting spells or holding a weapon. The staff a druid uses only uses powers that he could normally cast. The exception being, some druids use staves with destructive properties when they are outside of the wild.

    Animal Companion:

    Most druids have an especially close bond with a single animal, who will follow their every command. The average druid is close with a tame animal, such as a war dog, but some more powerful druids bond with spiders (dragonborn dlc) or even trolls (dawnguard dlc)

    Play Style:

    The druid gives his life to protect and honor the earth, and to increase his bond with it. They do this by travelling the world, and exploring its natural beauty. Sometimes they also seek out and destroy the undead, and try to root out the unnatural art of necromancy. They will always try to calm or scare off animals before fighting them, but they arent afraid to kill, for death is as natural as life.


    A druid can enter the form of the dire wolf when needed. It is used to travel the distant skyrim environments, and strike fear into the hearts of weak men. It is a druids last resort in combat, and he will call the aid of other wolfs.


    The druid combines the magic of nature and the natural speed and strength of the beast to take on the toughest foes. When manipulating the mind doesn't work, a druid has many different combat options. He can strengthen his skin with alteration magic, then draw a weapon and fight. In addition to a weapon, when outside of the forests, some use powerful destruction staves. they can also poison their weapons for addition effects and damage. 


    For additional role playing fun, try to only use spells you could justify a druid using like my examples of gills for waterbreathing and spider powers for paralyze. Also, this class should probably level half and half magic/health. Hope you like it


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    March 10, 2013
    Good idea, can probably work out perks anyway, am gonna give this build a try, I really think Bethesda should add transformation or a new school of magic based on the wilds and nature +1 :)
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    March 10, 2013

    Naturialism or druidism would be my pick for a new school of magic. I dig the first picture, I DIG IT A LOT!

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    March 10, 2013

    This is really good, but maybe put a perk spread? other than that Great! +1

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    March 11, 2013

    Just so you know, there's already a build called the Druid.

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    March 11, 2013

    Thanks for pointing that out! I renamed the class :)

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    March 11, 2013

    haha us Mundy's are rare, glad you like it.

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    March 24, 2013

    Some ideas to include/try out.

    - With Dragonborn DLC you can use the Wirlwind Cloak spell to more closely use the wind concept with an Unrelenting Force type effect

    - Poison Rune from DB DLC, as well as spider scrolls

    - Self enchanted staves in DB DLC

    - Again, Dragonborn DLC lets you get the Cyclone Shout to summon wind to toss enemies around

    - The two armored huskies in Fort Dawnguard in the Dawnguard DLC make great followers

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    March 24, 2013

    I enjoyed this build, but i added conjuration to the mix and ressurected dead animals at my side. This build reminds me of that weird wizard from The Hobbit who was obsessed with nature.

  • July 29, 2013

    Mysticism used to do that a lot with Detect Life and other stuff being in there. If they'd just have added custom magic we could have made a spell similar to the Animal Allegiance shout :(