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Character Build: The Noble Knight

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    March 6, 2013

    It's a sunny evening and Andre plays in the muddy streets with his friends Jauffre and Gaspar like every afternoon after he has helped in his father's blacksmith shop. A brisk "Make way for the lord's son" makes him raise the head towards the direction of the voice as group of horsemen rides by in sharp galopp. The man at the top wears a magnificient knight's armor, which reflects the last rays of the evening sun. Andre hast do protect his eyes with the palm of his hands to see the face of the man with the highborn facial features looking stressed but determined towards the unknown fate ahead of him. As he's passing Andre with his long hair flying in the wind the shield with the emblem of his lord father's house strapped to his back becomes visible. "Prepare to die dragon!" Jauffre's shout shakes Andre up and he realises he stared at the knight the whole time with his mouth wide open. "No this time Gaspar and me are the knights and you are the dragon" Andre shouts back as he runs with a sharpened stick in his right hand towards his friends who have already continued to fight the big battles of Tamriel's history.

    The Noble Knight

    You are a knight of noble origin. From your birth on you have honed your combat skills in the inner yard of your castle under the strict eyes of your lord father. You have spent countless hours fighting and riding your horse while wearing a full set of heavy armor till you barely felt it anymore. Because of your noble background you can afford a knight's armor and a war horse an average subject of your father can only dream of. The castle's smith taught you how to sharpen your sword and buckle your armor.

    The sharpest weapon of a man ist not his sword but his mind the priest who was teaching you always used to say. He taught you the skills of reading and writing and the way of the nine divines. You spent countless hours at the court of your lord father while he welcomed other noble men or addressed the problems of the simple folk learning about the importance of diplomacy. When you were old enough your father introduced you to the art of war. You learned how the right use of strategy and tactics can win you a long-lost battle. You aspire to live by the knigthly code of honor: Honor the nine divines, protect the weak and fight the evil.

    Your follower and loyal friend looks after your horse, makes errands for you or watches your back during the heat of battle. But your most loyal companion is your hunting dog your father gave to you when you were still a little boy.

    When your responsibilities as a lord's son allow it you like to visit courtly balls where you broke not only one heart of the beautiful daughters of other noble men with your unmatched charme.

    But there is anxiety rising in you. Something tells you there is more to this world than just listening to the troubles of farmers and boring stories of noble ladies. You caught yourself not only once thinking how it would be experiencing the adventures of the heros he bards sing about yourself.

    The Character Build

    Noble Knights can descend from one of the noble houses of Cyrodiil, Highrock or Skyrim. Usually the lord's sons are trained as the warrior and leader to follow in their father's footprints or to serve their brother the future lord. However some houses are not blessed with a son thus the daughters have to step into the breach. The main focus of the attributes is enough health to withstand the onslaught of your enemies followed by an adequate amount of stamina to execute combat moves. The magicka has to be high enough to perfom sufficient in leadership and diplomacy (Illusion Spells).

    Tested up to Difficulty: Expert

    Race: Breton/Imperial/Nord

    Sex: Male/Female

    Magicka/Health/Stamina: +2/+5/+3

    Skills: The skills a knight is using are One-Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Smithing, Speech and Illusion.There are 29 essential perks every knight has to be trained in. Adjust the X values according to the needs of your adventure. You have to be able to deal and take a sufficient amount of damage and to afford your expensive gear. Besides Illusion the skill trees can be further specced as you may like. Illusion reflects the diplomatic and leadership skills of the knight. Speech is skilled to reflect the charisma and eloquence as well as the wealth of a Noble Knight.

    Armsman (X/5) ✦ Fighting Stance

    Shield Wall (X/5)Quick ReflexesDeflect Arrows

    Elemental ProtectionBlock Runner ✦ Shield Charge

    Juggernaut (X/5)Fists of SteelCushionedConditioning

    Steel SmithingArcane Blacksmith

    Haggling (X/5)AllureMerchantBriberyPersuasion

    Illusion Dual CastingNovice – Master IllusionHypnotic Gaze

    AnimageKindred Mage

    Spells: The Illusion spells a knight uses are all supporting him to be an inspiring leader or if necessary to solve conflicts by diplomatic means.

    Courage,Rally, Call to Arms, Calm, Pacify, Harmony

    Dragon Shouts: You will soon discover you are the dragonborn and destined for greater things. The shouts you will learn will help you to recruit additional allies for your cause and strengthen them on the battlefield. They are also indicative of your athletic skills and strength of will.

    Call of Valor, Battle Fury, Dragonrend, Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint

    Standing Stones: The appropriate standing stones a knight can use are during his training either the Lover Stone or the Warrior Stone. Since he is used to wear heavy armor by countless hours of training the Steed Stone is also a viable choice when Heavy Armor becomes heavier. At the end of his apprenticeship he becomes either the Lord (male knight) or the Lady (female knight).

    The Lover Stone, The Warrior Stone

    The Steed Stone, The Lord Stone, The Lady Stone

    Powers, Abilities and Blessings: Depending on your choice of race you will have either Dragonskin, Voice of the Emperor or Battle Cry at your disposal as Greater Power. If you have Dragonborn Secret of  Protection and Secret of Strenght will be also avaiable later on.

    Notable Abilities through racial bonuses are either Magic Resistance, Resist Frost or Imperial Luck. Useful Abilities which you can acquire through quests include Agent of Mara, Agent of Dibella, Force without Effort and Dragon Infusion. In Dragonborn especially notable Abilities can be acquired by reading books (Companion's Insight, Dragonborn Force, Lover's Insight and Seeker of Might).

    Since a knight is raised religiously he would never pass by a shrine of the nine divines without praying for their Blessings. He has a strong distaste for almost everything Daedric and would never pray at one of their shrines. He never refuses to give a Gift of Charity to a poor soul with less luck than him in life.

    Armor, Weapons and Jewelry: Heavy Armor pieces that suit the Noble Knight would be Steel Plate Armor, Ebony Armor, Blades Armor, Imperial Armor as Imperial Knight and Dawnguard Heavy Armor. The Noble Knight uses One-Handed weaponry especially Steel Swords. Useful enchantments on items include Fortify Magicka/Health and Stamina as well as the equivalent Regen enchantments. The six kinds of Fortify Resist enchantments become handy depending on the kind of enemy. Fortify Skill and Waterbreathing enchantments are also quite helpful. A knight has several sets of equipment available which he uses depending on his needs. While he stays in cities he will always have equipment that helps with his smithing and barter skills for example. When he finds one of Tamriels famed artifacts or other special items during his adventures he's not opposed to using them for the greater good if he can incorporate them into his equipment. An example for a set of high level equipment can be found below.

    Ebony Helmet of Extreme Illusion: Illusion spells cost 22% less to cast.

    Ebony Armor of Extreme Health: Increases your health by 60 points.

    Ebony Gauntles of Extreme Wielding: One-handed attacks do 35% more damage.

    Ebony Boots of Extreme Stamina: Increases your stamina by 60 points.

    Necklace of Peerless Wielding: One-handed attacks do 40% more damage.

    Ring of Peerless Magicka: Increases your Magicka by 70 points.

    Steel Sword: Sharpened to legendary quality.

    Ebony Shield of Magic Abatement: Increases Magic Resistance by 20%.

    Potions and Scrolls: A Knight who lives by his code of honor would never use Poisons but several kinds of Potions come in quite handy. Useful Potion effects include Restore and Regenerate Magicka/Health/Stamina, Fortify Skill, Resist Magic/Fire/Frost and Shock, Cure Poison/Disease, Waterbreathing and Fortify Strength. Healing Potions are especially important since the knight hasn't any other means of healing. During the beginning of the adventure when he just escapes his unjust imprisonment Food is a viable source of health.

    Since a knight is educated in reading and writing and has a basic understanding of magic he can use all Scrolls with ease that don't conflict with his code of honor. Forbidden Scrolls include all Conjuration Scrolls and Illusion Scrolls with spells he wouldn't learn.

    Followers: As already noted a Noble Knight is not only a great fighter but a great leader and he naturally assembles followers around him that serve him in his quest. His Followers should have at least the same basic moral values. That excludes members of the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood or other evil beings. The knight looks after his Followers and provides them with Potions, Armor, Weapons and Jewelry. He should ride a War Horse and use this advantage in battle as often as he can. His loyal Hunting Dog is a fierce companion in battle and by great leadership his party often becomes more than the sum of its parts.

    Battle Tactics:

    Stand your Ground!

    You learned to stand your ground by superior tactis even when severly outnumbered.

    Courage/Rally/Call to Arms + Battle Cry

    Follow me!

    People are ready to follow you into combat and die for you and your cause.

    Call of Valor + Courage/Rally/Call to Arms

    Armed Truce

    You negotiate a truce for a tactical retreat or reorganization.


    Dragon Slayer (Breton only)

    You lure dragons into an ambush and beat them with the help of your allies.

    Courage/Rally/Call to Arms + Dragonrend + Dragonskin

    Battle Charge (Nord Only)

    You and your allies charge into battle to the songs of the old nord warriors and shatter the hearts of your enemies.

    Courage/Rally/Call to Arms + Whirlwind Sprint + Battle Cry (Racial)

    Quests und Roleplaying Guidelines:

    • Try to become a Thane in as much cities and villages as possible and try to help people
    • Fight in the Civil War
    • Kill Alduin
    • Join the College of Winterhold to further sharpen your mind.
    • Think wise before you join the companions even as a Nord because they have a somewhat grey morality and some members embrace their werewolf curse. Maybe you can change their fate?
    • Do not join the Thieves Guild because they are low life scum
    • Destroy the Dark Brotherhood
    • Avoid Daedric quests with the exception of The Black Star and The Break of Dawn
    • Join the Dawnguard and stop the vampires
    • Kill Miraak
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    March 6, 2013

    This looks solid. A little rough around the edges, but everything makes sense and is explained clearly.

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    March 6, 2013

    I like the restricted use of illusion spells. To be honest I don't believe I have ever used Courage, Rally or Call to Arms but then I hardly ever use followers. Maybe Erik the Red could be my squire, eh?

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    March 6, 2013

    Automatic +1 from me!

    Your build is very solid and the roleplay made me want to play this class. congratz!

  • March 6, 2013

    I'm unsure why you say you cannot join the Companions. They are honoured warriors that live by a strict code of conduct, unlike common mercenaries.

  • March 6, 2013
    They take the abilities from a daedric lord and turn into beasts.
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    March 6, 2013

    I used to always like the knight class from Oblivion, and this is the classic knight. Well done and a +1

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    March 6, 2013

    I like how you added what difficulty you played it on. I wish more builders would do that. Overall a really good layout. Easy to read and flows well. I'd clean up a few things; some of the pictures seem in the wrong spot, but over all this is a very solid build.

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    March 6, 2013

    One reason is of course the werewolf curse. Also at one point during the quest line i remember a dialogue when one of the members states that they basically don't care who they kill or who hired them as long as they get paid.

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    March 6, 2013

    Haha yes the oblivion knight was the inspiration for this character .