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Character Build: The Twin Souls ☯

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  • TZ
    February 3, 2013


    The Twin souls are bound partners in endeavours that one would not dare tackle alone.

    They are bound in how they fight, appear and what they believe in. The power of the fabled Dragon priest masks has enabled a bonding effect that allows one soul to strengthen when the other gains victory.

    The souls share the same fate, so if one was to falter and die tragically, the other soul would so surely die as well.




    The Soul Binding stone, through it, all Dragon Priest masks act as a conduit that channels energy between the wearers of any Dragon priest Mask, however the closer one wearer is in proximity, the greater the connection.



    The main idea behind The Twin Souls is a build that is based around tailoring your character to be as identical to that of a follower of your choice. From Race, Gender, weapons, armor and abilities. Your perk choices should reflect based on what abilities your follower has, for instance if your follower uses a two-handed weapon, place your perks in the two-handed tree.

    This build can be a meta build and research online may be required to find out more about your follower though it is not absolutely needed, as followers while with you show you the skills that they use from what spells to weapons.

    Variations and Roleplay

    You can either go from one follower to another and ignore the race/gender requirement or in the case of a forced follower such as Serena not become a Vampire if you so desire, though the main aim is to be either the clone or the original and blur the line between which you are.

    Another great Role-play tactic is to go to the Face-Scultpor in the Ragged Flagon and have your face and body type changed to match that of your Twin Soul, an excellent resource for helping with this can be found here.

    *Thanks to Ben C for this idea and NobodyBeast for the link.


    This build works well with always using no matter which follower the enchanting, smithing and restoration tree. Healing your Twin Soul not only helps them but you, quite often this build will bounce back agro and thus having a meat shield whether tough or squishy is still a great addition and rather than just having a follower along as an extra carry bag, your choice in follower is a choice in who you want to be. You are emulating what person as a class your desire is to play.

    Perks and Points:

    Using these two perk trees will compliment any follower and fill out your levels much better than if you completely focus only on the perk trees applicable to your follower.


    However with smithing, your selections are based on the armor of your Twin Soul, for example Uthgerd uses Steel Plate. 

    This can be reached by going into Steel Smithing into Elven Smithing then finally into Advanced Armors. 

    This is as far as you need to go just to craft it or improve it more than if you did not have the perk selected.


    Battle Tactics


    There won't be any Oasis for these poor suckers!

    Using a corner or small constraint area and your follower can create a physical stopping point where the opponent can't escape, a great time to use a fear spell.

    Requirements: Confined space + Fear (Optional).



    Anger Management

    Sometimes it's good to make people vent, though when they have swords, it can get quite messy...

    Using your positioning as well as corners or areas that blocks the line of sight for the opponent and yourself is a great way to get your Twin Soul to take the brunt of the damage.

    Requirements: Obstacles to block vision between you and opponent + Shadowcloak of Nocturnal (Optional).



    Field Medic of Mayhem

    No matter where, how or when, you are there to support your Twin Soul, even if they try to brush Alduin's Teeth.

    Using a heal for your twin soul in one hand and a heal for yourself in the other, quickly replenish health lost to both of you.

    Requirements: Heal Other OR Heal Undead + Close Wounds.

    Gear and Gear Enchants:

    Dragon Priest Masks in combos work well, these are not just for role play but to balance out and boost you and your Twin soul in a way that won't be game breaking and will help in the long run.

    Rings and Necklaces can be any choice. You may copy your Twin Soul but it is not essential, this is where the rules are a bit more flexible on how hardcore you want to be.

    Hevnoraak and Otar are a great combo for Heavy Armor Twin Souls.

    Volsung and Rahgot are a great combo for Light Armor Sneak Twin Souls.

    Vokun and Morokei are a great combo for Light Armor Mage type Twin Souls.

    I suggest for you and your follower to enchant as much +HP/Stamina/Magicka as possible where applicable. For weapon enchants, fear works well as well as drain HP enchants. Keeping yourself and your follower alive is much greater than having them constantly get knocked down. This build relishes in the power of two.

    Early Playstyle, Quests and Followers:

    Get the Dragon Priest Masks as soon as possible and before even creating your character it may be best to check out the list and details for all followers before you decide who you want as your Twin Soul.

    List of Misc Followers (Click to Enlarge or Here):


    This build is based on playing to your favourite followers strengths and taking incidently, their weaknesses. Make sure to try your best to keep them as sustained as possible and you will be double teaming your way though Master difficulty without it being a faceroll. Enjoy!


  • Member
    February 3, 2013

    This is a really unique concept.  I dig!  Watching the video now.

  • February 3, 2013
    Isn't one of Vix's builds named twin souls?
  • February 3, 2013
    I like this, making you and your follower use the same skills is a idea I haven't seen on this site before
  • TZ
    February 3, 2013

    Your thinking Order of the Twin Serpents which is by Vix. :) I always double check every section with a quick Ctrl+F to see if my name is taken. Cheers on the props. I thought about how I could flip an aspect of the game we all take for granted and usually manipulate our own way. This time the gear we use is not what we give but what we copy from our follower. :)

  • February 3, 2013
    I love that you end your videos with Heimskr killed, and great build!!!!
  • February 3, 2013
    Good idea! If there only was a way to find out... "How" the NPC's are "built". Couldn't find the words! -_-
  • Member
    February 3, 2013

    "support your Twin Soul, even if they try to brush Alduin's teeth."

    Made me laugh.

    Interesting premise, +1

  • February 3, 2013

    I really love your brain. +1

  • TZ
    February 3, 2013
    It's a sort of running gag now lol.