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Character Build: The Nordic Slayer

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    January 13, 2013

    Long ago a group of Nords came together believing they should be the ones to purge Skyrim of the dark evils within. With the threat of the Drauger being their first concern they soon realized there was much more. Now with the return of the dragons and vampires making a much stronger hold in Skyrim the land is facing dark days. Now you must call upon the knowledge your parents taught you to reclaim the land from these evils.

    The Build

    Race: Nord (Male or Female) 

    Supernatural: Werewolf 

    Standing Stone: Lover -> Steed / Lord / Atronach 

    Major Skills: One-Handed, Destruction, Enchanting 

    Minor Skills: Restoration, Heavy Armor, Smithing 

    Shouts: Call of Valor, Disarm, Dragonrend, Frost Breath, Ice Form


    Stat Spread: 1/2/1

    Perks (Level 40) -


    Factions: Companions, College of Winterhold, Dawnguard, Stormcloaks

    Quests: Destroy the Dark Brotherhood, Entire Graybeards storyline

    Daedric Quests: The Black Star, The Break of Dawn

         When it comes to destroying the evils that have infested Skyrim you’ll need the help of several factions within its borders. Starting firstly with the companions, as they are the closest to your order in terms of fighting skills. You’ll need their help and training to hone your skills with your blade and gain their groups greatest secret, lycanthropy. Which will come in great handy when helping a group known as the “Dawnguard” in an effort to eradicate the vampires from Skyrim.

         The College of Winterhold is seen by many as destructive mages. However, they simply seek a place to train their skills in the various schools of magic. Upon your visit to the college you will join and train along side others to learn to better your magics. Learning more powerful frost spells from the powerful mages at the college.

         You’ve only seen glimpses of the Stormcloak army but know if you’re to drive the Imperials from your land you’ll fight for them. Under the banner of Ulfric Stormcloak you’ll battle against Imperial forces wherever you go. Pushing them back in the ultimate effort to drive them from Skyrim and reclaim the Nord’s homeland.

    Combat Style

    As a Nordic Slayer you wield the power of ice magics as well as your enchanted equipment. As such, it is very helpful to utilize this to your advantage. Here’s a few things to remember:

    • Your frost magic slows and drains an enemies Stamina
    • Once you unlock the Deep Freeze perk you have a chance to paralyze enemies with low health
    • Ice Spike is a good spell to get a ranged advantage started while Frost Rune can be laid for when the enemy charges you.
    • The frost damage on your sword will be increased by augmented frost.
    • Frost Cloak is a helpful “damaging shield” when in melee range.

    All of these and other frost spells will allow you to get a high advantage over your opponents without executing a large amount of effort. Without stamina due to your frost magic your enemies will be unable to run and unable to power attack. Allowing you to easily dispatch of them.


    A Slayer’s Equipment

    A Slayer’s armor is their most important tool. Between their powerfully enchanted weapon to the armor they forged themselves. For a true Nordic Slayer, the difference between life and death is their arsenal.

    Slayer Tier 1

    Head: Steel Horned Helmet

    Armor: Steel Armor (w/ shoulders)

    Hands: Steel Nordic Gauntlets

    Boots: Steel Cuffed Boots

    Ring: Enchanted Ring or Any Ring*

    Amulet: Gauldur Amulet (Fragment/Complete) or Any Necklace*

    Slayer Tier 2

    Head: Nahkriin / Otar / Nordic Carved Helmet

    Armor: Nordic Carved Armor

    Hands: Nordic Carved Gauntlets

    Boots: Nordic Carved Boots

    Ring: Enchanted Ring / Any Ring* / Ring of the Hunt**

    Amulet: Gauldur Amulet (Fragment/Complete) or Any Necklace*

    * - Any Ring/Necklace will work but you will have to enchant them.

    ** - Requires Dragonborn DLC + Werewolf Form


    T1: Steel Sword (Frost Damage) + Dawnbreaker

    T2: Nordic Carved Sword (Soul Trap + Frost Damage) + Dawnbreaker

    Equipment Enchantments

    Tier 1

    Head: Fortify Magika

    Armor: Fortify Destruction/Magic Regen

    Hands: Fortify One-Handed

    Boots: Resist Fire

    Ring: Fortify Health Regen

    Amulet: Fortify Restoration

    Tier 2

    Head: Fortify Magika + Fortify Restoration

    Armor: Fortify Destruction/Magic Regen + Fortify Health

    Hands: Fortify One-Handed + Heavy Armor

    Boots: Resist Fire + Resist Frost

    Ring: Fortify Health Regen + Fortify Health

    Amulet: Fortify Restoration + Resist Magic

    A Slayer’s Apprentice

    It was a custom among the Slayers to never travel alone. It was a dark and dangerous world and being alone would prove fatal. The same is once again true in Skyrim. With the return of Alduin and the other dragons you’ll wish to travel with a companion. There are several fitting fighters in Skyrim; many perhaps that can rise to the ranks of the Slayers.

  • January 13, 2013
    Random Slayer's Apprentice section :P Great build, Skyler.
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    January 13, 2013

    It was meant to be a whole other section but I realized people will pick whatever companion character they feel will be best for them. I'll be looking at it again and adding more RP to it later on. Still have my biggest build to do.

  • January 13, 2013
    For companions I would suggest maybe Vilkas, Farkas, and every Housecarl (except the redguard one you get with hearthfire, and Iona... No one likes Iona)
  • January 13, 2013
    Or worst... I'm kidding, you'll do great :P
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    January 13, 2013

    I've thought about the twins from the beginning when I thought of an "apprentice". I'll look more at the RP side and come up with a general list of who would be good.

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    January 13, 2013

    I like this build, +1. Has anyone else noticed that Nordic Carved Armor looks like the stuff Ysgramor wears on his statue?

    And when I clicked this build I really thought it would be someone who's life goal was to kill a lot of Nords  

  • January 13, 2013
    I like this build, I might try it with my new Nord character, Freyja
  • January 13, 2013
    Ysgramor wore plain chain mail armor, it didn't look anything like Nordic Carved Armor to me
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    January 14, 2013