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Character Build: Dinok Drog

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    October 7, 2012

    Dinok Drog

    Race: Nord.

    Stone: The Lord Stone (This Stone provides you with more physical and magical resistance, which can help a lot when going after powerful foes).

    Weapon: Dual wield Dragonbone War Axes.

    Armor: Dragonbone Armor Set/ Amulet of Talos/ Ring of Namira

    Major Skills: One Handed, Heavy Armor, Conjuration.

    Minor Skills: Smithing, Enchanting, Restoration.

    Shouts: , Drain Vitality, Marked for Death, Aura Whisper, Become Ethereal, Bend Will, Call Dragon, Call of Valor, Dragon Aspect, Dragon Rend, Elemental Fury, Soul Tear, Summon Durnehviir, Slow Time.

    Stat Spread: 1/2/1 (Once you reach about 200 Magicka you should stop putting points in there and focus on Health and Stamina).

    Perk Spread: (I have not yet reached level 62, but this would be the best fit for maximum potential).


    Boots: One Handed / Fortify Stamina.

    Helmet: Fortify Conjuration / Fortify Restoration .

    Armor: Fortify Restoration / Fortify Health.

    Gauntlets: One Handed / Fortify Heavy Armor.

    Necklace: (Amulet of Talos).

    Ring: (Ring of Namira).

    Weapon 1: Soul Trap / Chaos Damage.

    Weapon 2: Absorb Health  / Chaos Damage.

    The Build

    The Dinok Drog translates to Death Lord, and that is exactly what you are. This build is insanely obsessed with the death, agony, and revenge. You dual wield two Dragonbone War Axes enchanted in order to deal massive damage. They may be slow, but on good power attack can slaughter anyone in your path if you have the right enchantments. Instead of using different variations of spells, I have chosen certain shouts that fit the role perfectly so you don't have to worry about switching from your weapons to those spells! Using this advantage will allow you to summon powerful allies, raise the dead in a second, and also slowly kill your enemies. I became a vampire because it classified me as an undead, the Necromage perk in Restoration, and I could dink blood. I also turned to cannibalism to add the horrifying taste to the build. The Dragonbone Armor set suits this build the best since it is made out of bones, and you are a Death Lord. Enchanting and Smithing were chosen to make the Dragonbone Armor and weapons and to enchant them with powerful enchantments. Before I revamped this build, I had other enchantments which made me a bit to powerful and eased up the game for me. I changed a few of them so you will still have to take risks now and then. Since you will have to use many shouts, you should have the Blessing of Talos and his amulet on at all times, or go crazy and use the Restoration potion glitch. Even though you are a Death Lord, you have a myriad amount of respect for Talos, who you believe is the greatest of the Nine.



    The Dinok Drog is a master of death, blood, and chaos. Your battle tactics will depend on which opponent you will be battling. If a wolf or skeever appear then you should be able to instantly kill them with your dual Dragonbone war axes. Let's move onto more ferocious predators such as the Frost Troll, Falmer, and Chaurus. These opponents are harder than most foes, but not quite as powerful as Dragon Priests and such. These mediocre opponents should be attacked with an offensive spell right away such as  Dran Vitality or Marked for Death. Use your weapons wisely, remember which one has the absorb health so you can have a quick heal. After you cast the shout you should proceed as any other battle by ravaging the foes with your weapons. If the enemy uses ranged weapons that hurt a lot, it would be best to use Slow Time to dodge their projectiles until you get close enough to deal damage. Also, if a heavy armored warrior approaches you with a weapons that may inflict dangerous damage it would be best if you use Become Ethereal, wait for them to attack, and right after that start to use power attacks. If you encounter a Dragon Priest, a Legendary Dragon, Draugr Death Overlord, etc. you should use Dragon Aspect and right after that use Summon Durnehviir, Call of Valor, or Call Dragon depending on the situation. I prefer to use Durnehviir when I am encountered by multiple hard enemies because he summons allies and is preferably stronger than Odahviing, who I use when it's a one on one fight. I use Call of Valor when fighting indoors where the two dragons cannot be summoned. Restoration should only be used when you are low on health and your minions are fighting. Once you reach the maximum level though, you will become an unstoppable force of pain and agony. 


    1. Show no mercy! If you see a lone guard or citizen on the road, slaughter them! Once you are more powerful and have reached your maximum potential you should take over cities to prove your might.

    2. Soul Gems are your best friend, especially Grand and even the Petty. Save up your Grand Soul Gems and use your weaker ones to enchant your early armor.

    3. The Dinok Drog will never surrender, so fight to the death! If you are losing a battle call on your allies and heal yourself using your advanced knowledge of Restoration.

    4. A vampire must always feed in order to have immense power. Do this every night or you will start to notice that the Dinok Drog will become weaker.

    5. Not all corpses can be used as your ghouls. Feed on the ones that are to petty to serve you, but great in giving you more power.

    6. The Dinok Drog gathers most of his power from Dragon Shouts. Due to this you must defeat any dragon that crosses your path be it friend or foe. The only exception is Durnehviir and Odahviing who are forever bound to you.

    7. The corpses that you do not feed on are worthy of standing by the Death Lord's side. Use them wisely as tanks for when you need to gather your strength.


    College of Winterhold- You are a necromancer at heart, and a warrior on the outside. You will travel to the College and become the Arch Mage in order to receive the powerful knowledge stored in there.

    Dark Brotherhood-  As a Death Lord, you are obsessed with killing. The Dark Brotherhood worships Sithis, the God of Death, and you should honor him to by obeying this cult.

    The Black Star- Grasping souls from your enemies will only become easier once you receive the Star. I prefer the Black Star as it captures souls of humans and creatures.

    Boethiah's Calling- The Ebony Mail is a powerful object in the hands of Boethiah, the god of deceit! Once you obtain it you will be able to show it off on your undead comrades. 

    A Daedra's Best Friend- Barbas, as annoying as he can be, is a great companion as he can never die! This can allow you to heal yourself while this canine takes all of the damage.

    Discerning the Transmundane- Knowledge is power. The College of Winterhold is nothing when you compare it to the Oghma Infinium. This will allow you to level up some skills to benefit your road to power.

    The Whispering Door- This Deadric being will give you the Ebony Blade. The Dinok Drog prefers to dual wield, but this weapon will only benefit you when handed to a trustworthy companion.

    The House of Horrors- You are a vampire, and Molag Bal created them. The least you can due is honor this Daedric Prince by taking his mace and defeating a few foes with it!

    The Taste of Death- This will be the only way you can get the Ring of Namira, which is very important to the Death Lord as it allows him to feast on the fallen.

    Special Moves

    Blood Leech- You carve your name into your opponents heart sucking his very life force from the foe. (Drain Vitality+Absorb Health+Hack and Slash)

    Death's Embrace- The very cold soul of your foe will be forever engraved into you, as you either take them as a willing servant, or devour their very flesh for a feast. (Axes+Soul Tear+/ Axes+Ring of Namira)

    Obliterate- Your opponent is frozen with fear as you deplete their energy and charge at them taking their very soul with you. (Marked for Death+Critical Charge+Axe+Soul Trap)


    Scourge Strike- Using the shout Elemental Fury, you meet your opponent head on with necrotic power while your weaponry finished the foe off withing seconds. (Elemental Fury+Axes with Chaos Damage+Savage Strike)


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    October 8, 2012

    This build looks great. Can't wait to try it

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    October 8, 2012

    Pretty cool build

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    October 8, 2012

    Thank you!

  • October 8, 2012

    Very nice build. +1

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    October 8, 2012

    Some of you may be wondering why I only took Steel Smithing, it's because I just needed to upgrade the Nord armor and weapons and I didn't really want to spend perks into Dwarven just to increase the armor and damage when I can just use potions and enchantments 

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    October 8, 2012

    Added and removed a bit of the text and fixed some spelling errors!

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    October 12, 2012

    how did you split up your health magic and stamina

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    October 13, 2012

    I went 2/1/3 then once my magicka was at 200 I switched to 0/2/2

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    October 15, 2012

    Which quests did and didn't you do