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Character Build: The Windhelm Butcher

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    August 30, 2012

    Windhelm is plagued by a shadowy killer. I've been asked to help investigate the latest murder... Little do they know, I am he. My role in the investigation is perfect, I will set up some poor fool, and the world will never know, I am...


    "Soon enough, my sweet Lucilla, you will be with me again. Normally when such words are written it is because the love left behind is soon to depart, but in my case, I hope to soon bring your spirit back into my world, for it was you who loved this world so much, not I.

    I continue to collect your new form from the ragged bits around Windhelm. If they only knew what destiny would soon grace their bodies, with your spirit imbuing them with higher purpose, they would surely thank me for the great gift I give them. I reserve for them a place of beauty alongside your heart.

    The day draws near. Soon I will hold you. And I will show you this and it will be as delivering a long-forgotten letter to a weary traveler."


    The Windhelm Butcher is a role-play based build centered around stealth, murder, and beating death at his own game. You are a man, driven into darkness by his lost love. This is the macabre story of your decent into madness and despair as you are claimed by the night. 


    Level 25

    Stats: 3 Magicka 1 Health 1 Stamina

    Race: Any. Though he must be male.

    Stone: Ritual, Serpent, Shadow

    Major Skills: 

    One Handed - Your knife is your murder weapon, your surgeon's scalpel, and your ritual dagger.

    Sneak - Cloaked in darkness, you roam the streets, a passing shadow under the gaslights.

    Conjuration - How does one return a soul from the aether back into a body? Ashes, ashes, they all fall to ashes.

    Minor Skill: 

    Alchemy - Poisons, potions, life and death, there are chemicals that prolong life, but can they reverse death?

    Restoration - Flesh is cut, flesh is knit, transient, like life, one day, like death.


    Armor: Mourner's cloths, Boots, Gloves.

    Weapons: Mehrune's Razor & Ebony Dagger

    Artifacts: Necromancer's Amulet, Black Soul Stone, White Phial (Health)


    Shouts: Marked for Death, Aura Whisper

    Spells: Summon Dead Thrall


    Quests: Anything dealing with life, death, the undead, necromancy, vampirism, alchemy, soul stones, spells & magic, or powerful (often Daedric) artifacts. Agent of Dibella. Maybe the Dark Brotherhood, in the hope they know a way to cheat death.



    "Some say he eats the pieces he takes,

    others say he uses them in dark rituals,

    others still have... different ideas.

    there are many theories."



    The Perks - Level 25.

    You are the Butcher of Windhelm. You roam the streets of Widhelm and other holds at night, going about your work. Killing like Jack the Ripper, you are driven by an almost religious fervor; you are on a quest to bring your dead love back to life. You try every route possible: Alchemy, Conjuration, Restoration, Vampirism, Necromancy, Daedric pacts, whatever you can to bring sweet Lucilla back into the mortal world, even if you must send others out to do so. Kill at night, with your knife, under the cover of darkness. Work quickly and quietly, with practiced hands. You leave a Deathbell over the hearts of your victims, to let them know their sacrifices have not been in vain. It is your mark.

    You probably have no companion, unless its some insane Bonnie to your Clyde, Eola, perhaps.

    Don't kill too may women in one town, to avoid suspicion. Three a hold, perhaps. Always kill women.

    Never cast your dark magic in public or enter a town with a zombie out.



    Custom Quest:

    To complete your ultimate goal, the resurrection spell, you must acquire the following. Whether you need them, whether it will work or not, is up to you. Maybe you are just a little insane after all.

    • 10 Perfect Human Hearts
    • 10 Cuttings of Human Flesh
    • 10 Undamaged Skulls
    • 20 Filled Black Soul Stones
    • 30 Piles of Salt
    • 3 Stolen Silver Rings
    • 3 Books: Darkest Darkness, Spirit of the Daedra, Souls, Black and White
    • 1 Set of Embalming Tools
    • 1 Sacrifice


    A short film, credit to TZ:

    “Don't walk the streets after dark. Light the lamp, lock the door, and open it for no man." ~ Vilara's advice to her daughter.


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    November 7, 2016

    Build Restoration: Complete!

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    May 7, 2017

    Bagged and tagged!