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Character Build: Orc Pit Fighter

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    August 23, 2012

    A spurned and outcast orc, raised in the hell of the Cidhna Silver Mines, you are not a hero, not even a warrior, you are a Fighter.

    The Orc Pit Fighter

    "I learned to fight before my hair was long enough to be braided. I learned to kill before I learned to fight."


    A lone orc, you are a wolf without a pack, a soldier without a cause. After escaping Cidhna mine at young age, you wandered Skyrim, unwanted and outcast from the holds.


    there is an intimidate option, pick it, no matter how stupid it is.

    someone is trying to pick a fight, you give them a damn fight.

    there's a brawl, there's a brawl.

    someone says something you don't like, punch their lights out. Fight guards. Get arrested.

    You join the Thieves Guild, its as a bruiser. You're there to intimidate people and beat them when they dont pay up. You're no dexterous cat burglar, you just dimly want to take nice things and get gold.

    You join the Companions, you're not a champion, no honorable warrior, you're a fighter, hired muscle. These people happen to pay you for getting into trouble.

    You join the army (either side), go nuts. People want you to crack skulls? Onward.

    Level 25

    Race: Orc

    Stone: Lord or Lady "Tough as nails"

    Major Skills: One Handed, Block, Heavy Armor

    Minor Skill: Blacksmithing


    Armor: Banded Iron (Engame: Orcish Armor)

    Weapon: Iron Axe (Endgame: Orcish Axe)

    Artifacts: Targe of the Blooded




    Disarm - Bash an opponent's weapon away


    Dismay - Release a terrifying bellow, causing the weak of hear to flee in terror


    Elemental Fury - Hack and slash your way through everything that stands in your path


    Custom Abilities:

    Name: Fighting Fair

    Skills:  Disarm + Fists of Steel

    Effect: Disarm an opponent, then drop your own weapon, crushing his skull in single combat. if things go south, pull out a shiv.


    Name: Heavyweight

    Skills:  Berserker Rage + Fists of Steel

    Effect: Enter a state of blood lust, taking 50% damage and dealing massive damage with each punch, bludgeon your opponent into submission.



    You fight to live. This means you fight dirty. In combat, you use an axe and the Blooded Targe. Both apply bleed effects, making it possible to combat multiple foes by switch targets, hacking and slashing everyone around you, until they are all bleeding. Elemental Fury is your bread and butter, it is your adrenaline and battle thirst. Use Disarm to gain the edge against a more equipped opponent. Dismay and Berserker Rage are your longer cool downs, use them in dire situations against overwhelming odds.

    "Who's Next!"

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    August 23, 2012
    I gotta say, I really love this build. It is short and to the point, it COULD benefit from a little more pinache with in depth guidelines or a backstory, but I just can't say no to an Orc. I like the simplicity.

    I am making a new Orc build and this got me excited to go play, as I am also playing off of the bleed effect.
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    August 23, 2012

    Thanks Henson! My other guides just felt very long and wordy, so I wanted to make something with brutal simplicity, something.... Orcish. Though your right, I think there is a lot of good potential for back-story  here, I might very well fluff it up later.

    I'll keep an eye out for your Orc build and we can compare notes. What I've found is that bleed is actually incredibly weak, as it stems from base weapon damage, but hell, I like it, so I use it. Its all about the fun anyway!

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    August 24, 2012
    Brutal simplicity is definitely a good thing. Tink I might hold off on Orcs, character I am trying just feels to familiar after my Old Orc. Need to try out a race I have never touched!
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    August 25, 2012

    Just started this build, and thus far I've completed The Golden Claw.

    While staying and drinking in Riverwood, Embry said something I didn't like so I hit him hard over the head with my steel mace.  This caused him to get angry and proceed to fight me with his fists.  I clubbed him again, and more blood started to flow.  Again and again I rained blows down on him until his lifeless body was oozing on the ground. 

    It was broad daylight, and some Stormcloak wench saw me and proceeded to pull out her dagger and have at me.  Before long, she lay dead in the street. 

    I was trying to find Alvor when I was attacked by him and his wife.  I killed them too. 

    So now I'm a fugitive in Whiterun, apparently.  This ain't nothing compared to life in the CIdna mines.

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    August 25, 2012

    Bravo! Personally, I would have pummeled Embry with my fists, but that's just me. 
    Classic orc pit fighter: gets in fight, guard shows up, kills guard.
    My next step would be getting arrested in Whiterun, probably after a few good long drinks of mead. After getting let out, I'd probably hit the inn, for a few good long drinks for mead.
    Both Mikael and Uthgerd the unbroken can be brawled with (legitimately) to get some coin and maybe even another hot headed outcast to watch your back.

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    August 25, 2012

    I like orcs, they really don't get venous love. The Icons are all Warcraft 3 or World Of Warcraft Icons, available on their respective wikis. I think they work nicely, but I'm not sure how I feel about using them all the time. The cartoonyness doesn't quite jive with Skyrim's hard realism style ambiance.

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    September 22, 2012

    I just started this build....... Got to whiterun........RIP Nazeem

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    September 23, 2012

    Yes I to often find myself killing him even when I am playing a paladin. That guy just makes my blood boil. 

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    April 26, 2013

    Ah, excellent! I love Tolkien's take on the forces of darkness. Though joining any particular order hedges on a bit too organized for our chaotic ball of destruction.