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Character Build: The Dragon Warlord

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    August 14, 2012

    My main focus on this build was Ancient Nord Armor, Dragon Language and Dual Wielding. I've spent a lot of time trying to tweak him together in my head, and eventually started to test him. So now I give you the result...

    The Dragon Warlord


    Zu Yoldurvith

    Konahrik se Dovah


    In se Dinok

    Zu Fen Du Hin Sil


    I am Fire Curse Serpent

    Warlod of Dragons


    Master of Death

    I Will Devour Your Soul



    Yoldurvith, an Argonian Dragonborn who gave up his real name and identity in the belief that he is a fire dragon cursed to live in the form of a wingless lizard. He dedicated his life to become more powerful than all of his dragon brethren, and eventually become their master and king. Those who will not serve him he will destroy.

    When he arrived in Skyrim he joined the Companions to get some training, as well as equipment and a reputation. Using any means at his disposal to gain power, even if it meant pretending to be honorable, or even becoming a lycan. Once he was granted the position of harbinger, he rid himself of the disgusting disease and set forth on his mission to become the lord of all dragon kind.

    His quest for power will eventually land him in the Soul Cairn, where he will meet the dragon Durnehviir, who allies himself with Yoldurvith and teach him necromancy. His desire for revenge and power will grow with a hunger for souls, dragon souls or otherwise. He will infuse a ring and create the Miin se Dinok to trap the souls of anyone who dare cross his path.





    Name: Yoldurvith

    Race: Argonian

    GuardianStone: The Serpent

    Major Skills: One-handed, Heavy Armor, Enchanting, Smithing

    Minor Skills: Conjuration, Destruction

    Shouts: Fire Breath (Meditate on “Yol”), Soul Tear, Call Dragon, Summon Durnehviir, Bend Will, Dragon Aspect

    Essential Quests: Main Quest, Companions, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, The Black Star,





    Yoldurvith infuse his weapons and armor with the dragon language to further increase his power. Dealing fire damage is the essential part of being a fire dragon.

    Agsil (BurnSoul): Nord Hero War Axe (Fire Damage, Fiery Soul Trap)

    Agvol (BurnHorror): Nord Hero War Axe (Fire Damage, Paralyze)

    Agronaaz (BurnArrow): Ancient Nord Bow (Fire Damage, Fiery Soul Trap)

    Note: Orcish arrows look great for the look. 



    His Warlord Armor, name in dragon tongue, is what makes him look terrifying, and since he uses his ring  to summon undead from the Soul Cairn the reduction from the armor will let you summon the Wrathman without having to add to magicka. And being a fire dragon he should be more resistant to fire then other forms of magic.

    Konahrik Du’ul (Warlord Crown): Ancient Nord Helmet (Conjuration, Archery)

    Konahrik Slen (Warlord Flesh): Ancient Nord Armor (Conjuration, Regenerate Health)

    Konahrik Mulaag (Warlord Strength): Ancient Nord Gauntlets (One-handed, Archery)

    Konahrik Nah (Warlord Fury): Ancient Nord Boots (One-handed, Resist Fire)



    His dragon infused ring is able to absorb the souls of others (I use the Black Star and pretend it is the gem on the ring). And around his neck he wear a symbol of strength and power.

    Miin se Dinok (Eye of Death): Silver Amethyst Ring (Conjuration, Resist Magic)

    Amulet of Talos: Together with Blessing of Talos, simply because you will shout a lot.




    They may not be very special, but they fit the roleplay. So these are the abilities he has to compliment his melee fighting hack and slash.


    Narok Zii (Fierce Spirit): 

    - Histskin -

    Facing impossible opponents, he draws on his inner strength to keep himself alive against all odds.


    Dovah Maar (Dragon Terror): 

    - Paralyze Enchant, Paralyzing Strike, The Serpent Stone -

    Being what he is, his presence is terrifying, which sometimes causes his enemies to become so terrified by him that they can’t fight back, or even move.


    Alok-Dilon (Necromancy):

    - Conjure Boneman, Conjure Wrathman, Summon Durnehviir -

    Durnehviirs teachings. A power he gladly uses to summon forth archers to help him take down flying cowards, or powerful skeletal warriors to fight beside him, even the power to call Durnehviir himself into battle.

    Note: Durnehviir will take up a summon slot, so you cannot have him and a summoned skeleton at the same time. With Twin Souls you can have one with him of course. Durnehviir will however summon three undead minions himself sometimes, granting you a small undead army. He can also be summoned inside if there room for him. (Not recommended in tight dungeons.)




    Magicka 0%, Health 50%, Stamina 50%
    Not so important, but that’s what I went for. This is a Warrior Class with a Conjured Undead army, usually summoned before the fight. So I used enchanting to lower the cost instead of adding to magicka.

    The Build

    The might seem like just a normal warrior build with some magic, but this is primarily a roleplaying character. I only picked what I believe will fit with his personality and equipment. When I play him I feel really bad ass and powerful. Using no destruction spells, I highly recommend spending some gold at one of the destruction trainers.

    This is the goal for level 50. For Conjuration you will be using the Boneman and Wrathman. (The Mistmans frost theme doesn't fit in.) Destruction is only to improve the weapon enchants, not spells. Your armor will be Ancient Nord, which require Daedric Smithing to improve.


    A young Yoldurvith arriving in Skyrim


    Roleplaying and Gameplay:

    When I made him I imagined him as a Fire Dragon, and used mostly brown, orange and red skin tones in character creation. Helps a lot for immersion.

    Pick aggressive conversation lines, be rude. A mere mortal addressing you does not deserve respect. How dare they speak to a mighty Dragon.

    Slaughter people who insult you.

    Soul Tear is the ultimate in character execution move. It will kill your target and "trap his soul in your ring,” then reanimating their lifeless body for you to mutilate once again. Perfect for dooming anyone who pisses you off.

    Dragon Priests who refuse to bow down must be slain.

    Use your right hand to summon undead. Your ring is on that hand.

    Use Fire Breath as much as possible. It adds to the feel as a fire breathing dragon. Even though the damage of the shout is sort of pathetic.

    It is pretty awesome to have a dragon fighting with you. If outside and about to fight a big group, both Durnehviir and Odahviing will gladly serve their master.

    While a dragon in theory can use all shouts. I believe the game is more immersive and fun when you limit your options. I picked the ones I listed for a reason, though it is no harm in mixing it up..

    Don’t use horses. A dragon will never demean itself by riding a lesser creature. Flying a Dragon Servant is fine.

    Never sneak. He fears nothing and will gladly charge into a room full of enemies. This makes for a bit more challenge, especially since he can’t block.

    If you use a follower, give him Ancient Nord Armor. This is the same armor used by the Wrathman and yourself, and adds to the feel that it is actually your army. Personally I don’t use a follower

    Stack up on all kinds of empty soul gems before you go to the Soul Cairn. When I left it I had 100+ filled gems, which made it easy to max out enchanting.

    This build can also be played as a frost dragon, Fodurvith (Frost Curse Serpent), with associated Dragon Shouts, Weapon Names and Enchants, Perks and skin color.





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    August 14, 2012

    Amazing +1

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    August 15, 2012

    Thanks. Nice with some positive comments seeing as it's my first build posted ^^

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    August 15, 2012
    Awesome! Cool backstory and great choices for skills. Like it a lot!
  • August 16, 2012

    I like the build, I just wish I wasn't a ps3 player so that I could try it fully.  Nice touch using the dragon language.

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    August 20, 2012

    You can forgo the Dawnguard by making him either a normal necromaner (Dead Thralls. I don't have any good suggestions on which Thralls would having fitting armor though.) or even using Atronachs of the right element instead. While I agree it takes away a lot from *my* RP, you can make him more your own. And there is never anything wrong about build tweaking :)

  • August 22, 2012

    Very VERY creative. Bravo sir, I salute you. +1

  • August 22, 2012

    Ah, yet another good Argonian. Bravo to you, you get my like.

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    August 22, 2012
    This is impeccable. Kudos!
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    August 23, 2012

    I used a smaller font to describe my perk choices as well as the roleplay/gameplay tips. (Same size as the "notes"). Because to me it seemed less cluttered that way. I can easily fix that if it bothers people.

    It have the same font all the way down until the first Perk picture. Not counting headers (bigger) and notes (smaller)