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Character Build: The Whet-Fang

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  • July 11, 2012

     "Molag Bal, Keeper of my Dark Soul, I give you this, My Blood, in homage to you, the source of my Dark Powers"

     Credit goes to Ponty for the amazing screenshots, and TZ for the graphics and Video!
    I am Aleron Nyx, born in Black Marsh during the Second Era. I was alive when the Knahaten Flu hit. During the ensuing chaos I stumbled upon a clan of vampires hiding in the roots of an ancient hist. After that day I was never quite the same.

    They taught me about our ways. I was told that we are called "Whet-Fangs", and that we are quite notorious among other vampire covens due to our........habits. They taught me how to paralyze and enthrall people, and they told me that this is how we feed. We aren't as aggressive as other vampires, as we only feed on one person over a long period of time, while others continuously feed on multiple cattle.

    Then they taught me about Molag Bal, the father of our kind. He is merciful to me, he says there is something in me he hasn't seen before. He showed me the way to his shrine, and told me to kill in his name. He told me that if I did this, he would watch over me and grant me new powers, sounds like I have a new way to occupy myself for all of eternity.

    Too bad Molag Bal wan't the only Daedra who fancied my blade. Another Daedra calling herself "Meridia" told me that if I was able to kill a few undead for her she would grant me her sword. I accepted her challenge, not knowing that the sword was designed to kill my own kind. The Dawnbreaker may come in handy at some point though.

    Around this same time I had a similar run in with a Daedra that called herself "Namira". I had never heard of the things she had preached, but I listened anyway. She spoke of a way for me to refill my health even in direct sunlight, all I needed was a corpse. She granted me her Ring, and told me that I simply needed to consume the flesh of the dead, that doesn't sound so horrible, at least it doesn't when you're near death every day.

    I wonder, would feeding on someone, killing them, eating part of their corpse, then raising the body to fight for me be frowned upon? Probably, yes. Does that matter to me? Not a bit.

    At some point in the late Second Era, a group of Vampire Hunters caught me. They weren't exactly sure what to do with me, they had never seen an Argonian Vampire before. They decided to lock me in a box of some sort and take me up into the cold regions of Skyrim to bury me. Burying a cold-blooded creature in a cold region is smart. I thought Nords were supposed to be dumb?
    The Whet-Fang seeks out his next meal.

    Race: Argonian (Whet-Fangs are Argonian Vampires)

    Stone: The Ritual Stone

    Health : Magicka : Stamina (per 10 levels)
        3             5              2

    I recommend playing on Expert or Master, this build gets really powerful. If you can't do something on the recommended difficulty then lower it to adept and try.

    Skills and Perks: Level 30:

    Conjuration: Level 100: Conjuration is the bread-and-butter of the Whet-Fang. Your ultimate goal is to get the Twin Souls and Master Conjuration perks (preferably by going up the Necromancy sie of the perk tree) in order to summon deadly thralls to support you during combat.

    Restoration: Level 70: Restoration, while not essential, will greatly improve your survivability as a vampire. Your goal with this skill is to get Necromage, which will make all of your healing spells more efficient. 

    One-Handed: Level 40: While this build may not focus much on melee combat, it is wise to have a backup plan should your thralls be reduced to ash. I recommend taking Three levels in the Armsman perk, but feel free to take more!

    Destruction: Level 60: Frost's ability yo slow your opponents will give you a distinct edge in combat. I suggest taking up to Adept Destruction, and all Frost perks leading up to Deep Freeze. 

    Alteration: Level 100: The Whet-Fang vampires are notorious for luring people into their homes and  keeping them in a Magicka-Induced coma to feed on at whim. Use Alteration to Paralyze your opponents, then enthrall them. This will greatly improve both your overall playstyle and the roleplay aspects of this build. I suggest taking up to Expert Alteration, Stability, and Atronach (as this will help improve magicka resistance). 


    • The Mace of Molag Bal- You are Molag Bal's champion, use his mace to kill in
    • his name, in return he will grant you greater power and extend your life.
    • The Ring of Namira- An ancient and powerful ring, this will allow you to eat the flesh off of fallen foes to regain health.


    • Vampirism
    • Cannibalism
    • Ritual Stone Ability
    • Necromancy Spells


    • Aura Whisper- See where your enemies are hiding, whisper into the air to see their very life force.
    • Soul Tear- Make the bodies of your enemies fight for you, tear the soul from their bodies.
    • Bend Will- The ability to create temporary Thralls is not something to look past. The bodies will remain intact, allowing you to re-raise them once they die.

    There are no necessary quests for this build, however I would suggest doing The Dark Brotherhood and Dawnguard (if you have it).


    The Whet-Fang's Abilities:

    The Whet-Fang is one of the strongest vampires in Skyrim. He was buried for thousands of years, and now he's angry. Show Skyrim your fury, unleash the power of The Whet-Fang.




    Champion of Molag Bal

    Using the Mace of Molag Bal in one hand and Vampiric Drain in the other, you will easily cut down anyone who stands in your way. Give there soul to Molag Bal, he is your true master.

    Mace of Molag Bal + Vampiric Drain


    Vampire's Feast

    Using Vampiric Drain with any spell of Heal Other you will be able to amount a huge health gain (at least until they die or you run out of magicka).

    Vampiric Drain + Heal Other


    Traitor's Irony

    Using The Dawnbreaker in one hand and Vampiric Drain in the other is very powerful towards the undead. Use it to clear out any tombs relatively fast.

    Dawnbreaker + Vampiric Drain


    Ice Grip

    Use your Destruction Skills to dual cast Frost Cloak, then switch to a Legendary Daedric Sword or War Axe, and use the Elemental Fury shout to make quick work of any opponent.

    Frost Cloak + Daedric Sword/War Axe + Elemental Fury


    The Crypt Clearer

    First, you must enter a crypt and use Vampire's Seduction on an enemy, then feed on them to reduce sun damage. Then you must kill them, and feed on their corpse. Then use any Raise Dead spell to make them your ally once more, and have them kill more enemies for you. Then simply use the Ritual Stone ability to raise your army and "Clear the Crypt".

    Vampire's Seduction + Cannibalism + Raise Dead + Ritual Stone Ability



    Play Style:
    This build is centered around the idea that you can feed off of people who are awake. You will be using Vampire's Seduction to enthrall people, then feed off of them, and kill them. Once they're dead you will feast on their corpse to regain health and stamina, then you will raise them again. You can use your new meat-shield any way you would like, but I recommend having them kill others near you, that way you can gain even more health and use the Ritual Stone ability to raise an undead army!

    A fun challenge to do with this build is see how many undead minions you can have at once. I once used Unrelenting Force to push almost every Draugr in Labyrinthian into one big pile then raised them all.


    Whet-Fang Tips:

    1. After Dawnguard you have unlimited access to the Soul Cairn, visit often, harvest Soul Gems from your fallen foes.
    2. Paralyze your enemies! Then you can enthrall them, feast on their blood, kill them, eat their flesh, and raise them again as a companion.
    3. Get the Dawnbreaker before level 20. That way the explosion effect on the undead won't kill you. Upgrade it to Legendary when your skill level allows and the damage will compensate.





    1. The Whet-Fang is one of Molag Bal's creations, if he grants you his mace, use it.
    2. Wearing Vampire Armor or Vampire Royal Armor will greatly add to he vampire effect (although they don't have very good defensive stats).
    3. You are able to feed on people while they are awake by using Vampire's Seduction on them, which really comes in handy as a Vampire.
    4. The Whet-Fangs are notorious for luring people into their homes and  keeping them in a Magicka-Induced coma to feed on at whim.


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