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Character Build: The Town Drunk

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    June 19, 2012

    "Yeah, I watch all you fancy so-called Dragonborns come through these gates in Whiterun looking to talk to the ‘almighty’ Jarl about solving Skyrims problems with dragons and the Civil War! Baaahhh… *belch…You’re all pathetic! I watch you from under the bridge by the gate as you try and improve your smithing skills in order to fancy yourselves to the grips Skyrim unleashes. It’s not like it used to be when real travelers would wonder these lands and learn skills from the heartships of everyday life! *belch….”

    This is Harold Boggs III and is a Nord. He’s been living in Whiterun his entire life. Thirty years ago he was happily married to Bergritte Battle-Born, but things took a turn for the worst when he caught her cheating on him with Olfrid Battle-Born. This event devastated him and he turned to the booze. You will see him spend his hours wondering the streets mumbling to himself in despair and what could have been. He does have the charm of a gentleman when having the proper amounts of Black-Briar Mead running through his veins, otherwise he’s vial with disgust, especially when just drinking Nord Mead. He spends a large amount of time in jail. His lockpicking skills are no match to anyone in Whiterun, but a lot of times, Bergritte will bail him out due to sympathy. His speech is impeccable (when not too drunk) with the ladies and young travelers wondering through. How else is he to get someone to buy him a drink? His stealth can almost be Khajiit-like, although when drinking too much, you’ll just see him crawling around in broad daylight. Be warned when traveling though! He’ll pickpocket the lint out you!

    His old house, Breezehome, was taken over by Jarl Balguuf the NOT-so Greater due to unpaid taxes. So when you purchase the home, Harold will keep an eye on you and know when you are not there. Have you ever gone looking for an item you thought you had but couldn’t find it? Most likely Harold broke in and stole it to sell for mead.

    He doesn’t make it out of Whiterun that much. When he does get the energy, he’ll sneak down to the Honningbrew Meadery to steal some of the latest batches of mead from Sabjorn. Mallus Maccius and Eimar know of his thievery, but turn a blind eye knowing of his short-comings. Although, his latest venture took him to the border of Skyrim and Cyrodiil, he has no recollection how he got there (too much of a new batch of mead). He just woke up on a wagon with bonded hands, splitting headache and his rebellious, younger brothers’ friend, Ulfric! After seeing some stranger get his head chopped off and some large bird churpin, Ulfric helped him out of Helgan and he headed straight back to the Whiterun streets where he belongs. But not until he has a word with Sabjorn about how strong his latest batch is……"Bastard poisoned me!!"

    SKILLS-Harold’s vision is blurred 75% of the time due to drinking, so he can’t look to the stars to pick perks, but when he can, this is what he chooses…..Level 35


    • Novice
    • Apprentice
    • Quick Hands
    • Wax Key


    • Stealth x3
    • Muffled Movements 
    • Lightfoot
    • Silent Roll (this one’s tough for Harold. Doesn’t always look good)


    • Lightfingers x2
    • Night Thief
    • Cutpurse
    • Extra Pockets

    SPEECH x8

    • Haggling x2
    • Bribery
    • Persuasion
    • Allure (for the ladies)
    • Merchant
    • Investor (this is obviously not used. Too much responsibilty)
    • Fence

    ALCHEMY x7

    • Alchemist x5
    • Benefactor (to make hangover restoration potions)

    LIGHT ARMOR x3 (although he just wears rags for cloths)

    • Agile Defender x3 (this is just to protect him from skeevers chewing on him when passed out)


    • Armsman x2 (only for defense against critters and occasional bar fight. Dagger only)
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    June 19, 2012

    This is my one and only Build and finally made one after all these months on the Blog here. Builds aren't my thing, so I thought I'd have a little fun with it! lol I have actually made and played Harold Boggs III. He's now in hiding in the hills outside of Whiterun. He's wanted so bad, that they want his head....Try this build just for fun. Make him nasty. Get hammered. See how long you last!!!

    Cheers and long live Harold!!!

  • June 19, 2012

    He would make an awesome character in the story section,

    please tell me your going too develop harold more over there?!

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    June 19, 2012

    lol...I don't know. I should. He doesn't get out much. Not sure he can go back to Whiterun, so he may have to venture out to new perishings....well see! And hey, thanks for the like!!

  • June 19, 2012

    Lol! Lol! Lol!

    I absolutely love it! How can i not!

    "Agile Defender x3 (this is just to protect him from skeevers chewing on him when passed out)"


    Whats great about this is that its actually a perfectly viable build when your not wandering the gutters!

    Really fun read and nicely laid out! Thanks for this Ty!

    I'd love to see what Harolds 'special abilities' are!

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    June 19, 2012

    Cool man! Thought I would add a little humor to all the serious builds here (not that anythings wrong with them) I usually don't map out my builds and just go on feeling and Harold is what I tried one time and rolled with it. My apologies if the little 'background' should have been posted somewhere else. Again, it's my first build. I may take in consideration and tell the tales of this lost soul over in story telling.

    Look out Paladin and Volkihar!!! Harold's coming!!!!!! LOL!!!

  • June 19, 2012
    You get a like from me. This build is really different and awesome. 'You dragon born think your better than me huh....hick.... cause u can shout... hah hick... I can shout to.. GET ME MORE MEAD!!!!! LOL
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    June 19, 2012

    *slow clap*

    Well done, sir.  Well done. 

    Just curious, how long did it take you to get to 35 with this guy?  If you're not relying on fighting to level, I imagine you can get up there fairly quickly.

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    June 19, 2012

    It's all a blurr.....

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    June 20, 2012

    Definatly his strongest shout. That and "WENCHES"....the shout should be Me Mo Mead and Wen Chez Now....LOL!!!