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Character Build: The Velociraptor

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    June 26, 2022


    Velociraptors are the quickest and deadliest killers in the Jurassic Park franchise. Their name, when translated from Greek, means 'swift thief.' These carnivorous killers, I feel, perfectly resemble an Argonian. Their quickness, ferocity and ablity to use their front claw as a weapon is what makes them excellent hunters and brutal killers. 


    In the jungles of Black Marsh, there lived a tribe of Argonians skilled in guerilla warfare. these Argonians were so skilled in this art that no outsider would dare enter, or even venture near, their village for fear of seeing this horrific art first hand. 

    One night the village elder, Ju'raz, was tending to a clutch of eggs his mate, Shaayo, had just laid the night before when he heard movement outside their hut. Ju'raz told his wife to stay quiet as he could hear voices. With horrible familiarity with whom those voices belong, he could perfectly guess the owners of such gravely voices: Shaleez and her brother and fellow shadowscale, Veezara.

    "Why do the cowardly ones always hide like fleshflies from a wamasu?" Shaleez asked, "Surely they knew were would be seeking them out sooner or later?"

    "I've no idea sister, but we're under orders by Lucien to purge every last traitor of the dark brotherhood out of existence." Veezara answered, in a deep throated hiss, "Heh, what fools. They should've known hiding was a foolish endeavor. The black hand always has a way of purifying the deserters from the guild. Pity too, should've just stayed quiet and all this heartache could've been avoided.

    Traitors? of whom are they speaking?" Ju'raz thought as he moved closer to the room where Shaayo sat with her eggs. The male Argonian froze, rushing to shelter behind some baskets in the corner of the hut just as he heard knocking on the door. He had to fight the urge to cry out as Shaayo got and and moved to answer the door; he knew that any sound woud alert the two Argonians to his position.

    No sooner did Shaayo open the door when two black arrows were loosed into her chest. Ju'raz yelled in shock as his wife's lifeless body hit the floor. He bellowed with rage as he ran towards the Saxhleel, his poison-tipped dagger raised. "You bastards, Damn you to Oblivion." He yelled through tear-stained eyes. "You killed my Uxith-beeko, now I shall gut you like a horker." He plunged his dagger into the Argonian's chest, seeing no damage being done, he grabbed his bow and arrows that lay against the shack wall, notched an arrow and fired. The arrow whizzed through the air, pinning the Saxhleel to the nearby wall like a stuck guar.

    Seeing his fallen comrade, the second shadowscale tossed a dagger hidden inside his boot towards Ju'raz. He quickly dodged the dagger, grabbbed his unhatched son and fled from the cottage. Ju'raz ran all the way to Blackmarsh harbor and boarded a vessel bound for Skyrim.

    Years later, the egg hatched and the hatchling grew into a respectable Argonian and, upon finding out about his father death by a wound he had suffered upon crossing the border, he swore revenge on whomever caused his father's and mother's deaths.

    Clever Girl

    Name: Haj-ei

    Weapons: Mehrune's razor (use elven dagger or elven dagger enchanted with drain health until you get this), Zephyr

    Apparel: Dark Brotherhood Armor, Namira's Ring

    Standing Stone: The Serpent

    Shouts: Whirlwind Sprint, Aura Whisper, elemental fury

    Major Skills: Sneak, One Handed Marksman,

    Minor Skills: Light Armor

    The Velociraptor carefully plans his method of attack

    Light Armor - living in the swamp, the Argonian knew how to craft the lightest armor that protected him from many dangers

    One Handed - The dark brotherhood hunter learned how to deliver deadly strikes with a blade from his father

    Archery - being versed in Guerilla Warfare, Yelakees knows how to deliver death from the shadows

    Sneak - Yelakees' father taught him how to use the trees of his homeland to avoid detection


    The raptor patiently waits out his victim before lunging

    Ordinator - This mod enables you to truly play as the deadly velociraptor



    Against bandits, forsworn, and other humanoid enemies, Haj-ei would seperate the strongest prey from the group, sneak from behind and proceed to slice their throats with Mehrune's Razor. Once the leader is dead, he use his The Serpent Stone ability from the shadow or while hiding in grass to weaken the rest of his human prey and then use zephyr to finish them off, proceed then to feast on them.

    For dragons the velociraptor uses the dragonrend shout to ground the flying reptiles only to deliver fast and ddeadly strikes with his razorr, if that fails, he can use zephyr to weaken them while they are airborn and on the ground. Use the elemental fury shout to make your dagger strikes more dealdy (A velociraptor prides itself in its ferocity.) 

    Against draugr use your corrosive spit ability coupled with the razor and elemental fury only if the draugr spots you. Use stealth if he hasn't spotted you yet.

    Your toughest test by far will be the dark brotherhood guild as they have a keen understanding to the ways for the Argonian and require you to use all of your abilities learnt thus far toi defeat them.

    The raptor waiting in the shadows... then catches prey offguard

    When he gets inducted into the Dark Brotherhood via the Live Another Life - Alternate Start mod, he immediatly sees what his father had said about the corruption of the Dark Brotherhood and that is why he hid prior to his escape and death by Dark Brotherhood Assassins. He seeks out a guard in Dawnstar that directs him to Destroy the Dark Brotherhood! He then goes to Falkreath to kill the Assassins one by one both to end the corruption of the guild and to find the assassin who killed his father and mother for 'deserting the brotherhood' as she calls it. He, however knows the truth.

    In a struggle of power with him against a fellow shadowscale, one of his claws snap. He then goes to the shrine of Molag Bal to obtain a new claw, namely the legendary blade Mehrune's Razor. he also goes to Markarth's hall of he dead to obtai Namira ring in the Taste of Death quest. 

    After his claws are sharpened and he acquires a taste for flesh he returns to Falkreath to sniff out the leader who put a contract on the heads of his parents' heads. After cutting a blooody swath through the guild, he finally comes claw to toe with the one who issued the contract... Astrid.



    Destroy The Dark Brotherhood - The raptor had joined the guild in the past; but after realizing the guild was responsible for the death of his parents, he sets out to kill the shadowscales and the guild they belong to. 
    Pieces of the Past - After hs claws have dulled after a lengthy usage, he must sharpen his claws, thus leading him to this mystical 'blade' that never dulls. The perfect killing claw.

    The Taste of Death - The argonian learns from his father that he muot not waste the spoil of his kills

    Companion - Xelzaz (Derkeethus can work as well)

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