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Character Build: The Deathless One

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  • September 4, 2021

    The Deathless One

    “Have you ever heard the story of the Deathless One?” The girl looked up, “no grandfather.” The old man leaned back against the large stone behind him and lit his pipe, “well it’s a story of a great battle, between the forces of Molag Bal and the heroes of Tamriel.” The girl leaned forward a bit, eager to hear the story. “There was an Altmer named Mannimarco, who was a devout servant of Molag Bal, but above Mannimarco was an even more powerful being, and he was known as the Deathless One.”

    “No one really knows where he came from, whether he was a Nord, or an Elf, an Imperial, or a Breton. What is known is that he was the most feared of Molag Bal’s servants, and rumor has it that he was even more powerful than his Daedric master.” The girl leaned in closer, her eyes wide. The grandfather puffed on his pipe, “it’s said that he slew countless people throughout several millennia, but what’s worse is what he did to them after. Rumor has it that Molag Bal himself taught the Deathless One the secrets of soul magic, and thus his most brutal disciple became the most feared amongst all the realms of Oblivion and Nirn. He would harvest and consume the souls of his fallen enemies, further strengthening his power. However, he would grow old, and eventually Molag Bal granted him another gift, immortality.”

    A branch cracked in the forest near their camp, and the grandfather grabbed his waraxe, “stay here. I’ll be right back.” The girl hid in the tent as she watched her grandfather enter the forest. After a few minutes the grandfather returned, “it must’ve been nothing. Shall I continue the story?” The girl poked her head out of the tent, “yes grandfather.” The old man leaned back against the rock, “well the Deathless One was eventually framed by the necromancer, Mannimarco, for the defilement of Molag Bal’s own daughter, and as punishment, Molag Bal tore his soul from his body and trapped it within a petrified draugr corpse. As for his original body, it and the vampiric powers were turned to ash in the fires of Coldharbour.”

    The old man took his axe and threw it, making it stick deep into a tree. “Great shot grandpa,” the little girl exclaimed. The old man nodded, “thank you, now let me finish the story. For the next two eras, the Deathless One was trapped inside of a petrified body, unable to move, unable to leave the body for long before feeling his powers fade. Then one day, an adventurer came into the barrow where the draugr corpse resided. He couldn’t see him, but he could hear him, but what’s more, he could sense his great power. He summoned all the strength he had and was able to take control of the draugr corpse, and he broke out of the coffin!”

    The girl gasped, “what did he do grandpa?!” The old man smiled, “the Deathless One fought the hero, trying to kill him so he could take his body for his own, but he failed. The hero defeated him, damaging the draugr body beyond use. However, the Deathless One did not admit defeat, and he forced his way into the adventurer’s body, wrestling with his soul until he eventually devoured it, and took hold over the body.” The girl’s eyes filled with horror, “he-he killed the adventurer?” The old man nodded, “he consumed his soul, yes. What was strange though was how powerful his soul truly was. It wasn’t like the soul of any mortal he had ever encountered, and later, after killing a dragon, discovered that the soul he consumed was that of the Dragonborn.”

    The girl sat up, shocked beyond belief, “he killed the Dragonborn!? Grandpa! That can’t be true!” The old man nodded, “it is true, the Dragonborn is dead, sort of. The Dragonborn who has been going around is actually the Deathless One, but not like he was before. He’s more powerful than before, now that he has the power of the Dragonborn’s soul.” The girl was crying, covering her ears, “Grandpa stop! Stop telling this story!” Branches cracked in the woods again, and the girl stared in horror as a figure emerged from the forest.

    It’s eyes were empty and it had a purple glow around it, and as it got close to the fire the girl recognized it, “G-Grandpa!?!?” She quickly looked back at the old man sitting against the rock, and she fell back as the old man morphed into a dark haired man, “I’m sorry for killing your grandfather, but he had to die. After all, he is a relative of mine, or the Dragonborn’s.” The girl’s tears wouldn’t stop, and the Deathless One stepped forward and brushed her tears away.

    “Hush now,” the Deathless One spoke softly as he placed a comforting hand on the girl’s cheek, “you only have to be sorrowful for a moment longer, but I will explain this to you. You, your grandfather, and my new body, are the last of the Dragonborns in existence. I have consumed two Dragonborn souls now, and regrettably, I must now consume yours, child.” Her lips quivered as she tried to speak, “I-I won’t stand against y-you, I p-promise!” The Deathless One kissed her forehead, “oh child, if only I could take such a risk.” She kicked him in the face and tried to run, but her grandfather’s revenant grabbed hold of her and kept her still, “Master needs soul,” the walking corpse spoke.

    The girl screamed in horror, “NO! GRANDFATHER PLEASE! PLEASE DON’T LET HIM EAT ME!” The revenant spoke, “I’m sorry, he must feed.” The Deathless One slowly walked towards her, his smile growing the more she creamed in terror, “hush now child, and embrace your destiny as my eternal slave, my sustenance.” He lifted her chin up with his hand and opened his mouth, and as he did her soul was dragged into him. Her screams ceased and her body became a withered husk. “Delicious,” the Deathless One said, “you’ve done your part, now return to me,” the old man’s body began to turn to ash, and as it did his soul flew back into the Deathless One.

    “All of their souls are mine.”

    Level: 121

    Race: Nord Vampire Lord

    Stats: 3 Magic, 3 Health, 2 Stamina

    Stone: The Lord Stone is arguably the most potent of the Standing Stones, and the Deathless One has mastered all of its strength, as well as the power of the dreaded Ritual Stone.


    Major Skills:

    “To become the Master of Souls that I am, I had to first find ways to defend myself, and sever the souls from their meat suits.”

    One-Handed- The Deathless one uses One-Handed attacks in close combat to defend himself and slay his enemies, allowing him to then steal their soul.


    “I have mastered many of the greatest spells this world has ever known. I can shock the muscles, char the flesh, and freeze the bones.”

    Destruction- Through the use of Destruction Magic, the Deathless one dispatches enemies by using their greatest weaknesses against them, usually in the forms of fire, ice, or lightning.


    “It’s no fun collecting the souls of the fallen, if they aren’t useful in some regards. Rise my minions, serve me as I conquer this world.”

    Conjuration- Being the Master of Souls, it should not come as a shock that the Deathless one can raise the dead and summon creatures from the pits of Oblivion itself. Though it is his champions that he favors the most.


    “While armor provides great resistance, it can be a nuisance when trying to move fast. With Alteration, you gain that same resistance, but without any of that worthless weight added.”

    Alteration- Though he wore armor during his service to Molag Bal, the Deathless One found that he preferred robes, as they allowed much faster movement. With powerful Alteration Spells, he can defend himself without needing any armor.


    “Sometimes one must take any chance they can to avoid senseless violence. With the use of a silver tongue, I can manipulate others into doing my bidding.”

    Speech- The Deathless One was a master negotiator and manipulator, thus how he gained the attention of the Lord of Domination.


    “When words fail to manipulate and bind, then the actions you desire must be forced.”

    Illusion- Illusion has some aspects of soul magic, and the Deathless One knows how to utilize such spells. He can enrage enemies, make them cower, or even bring them a temporary sense of false peace.

    Minor Skills:

    “While the School of Restoration is weaker than other forms of Magic, there are some secrets that I could make great use of.”

    Restoration- The Deathless One is an experimenter, so it’s no surprise that he discovered dark secrets hiding within the Restoration School.


    “Alchemy is more than making simple potions. It is the study of perfection and experimentation.”

    Alchemy- Though he is not a fan of using poisons, the Deathless One knows that they can be essential in obtaining and maintaining power.


    “What better use for the souls of my victims than to fuel my infinite power?”

    Enchanting- Through the skill of Enchanting, the Deathless One harnesses the power of souls to further enhance his own.


    “One must always fight when they have the upper hand, and one of the best cards to have in your hand is the element of surprise.”

    Sneak- Though he is not a thief, nor a coward, the Deathless One is a master of stealth, and can pick enemies off with ease as he slithers through the shadows.


    One-Handed: Armsman 5/5, Bladesman 3/3, Dual Fury 2/2, Dual Savagery, Savage Strike, Critical Strike, Paralyzing Strike

    Destruction: Dual Casting, Impact, Augmented Flames, Augmented Frost, Augmented Shock, Intense Flames, Deep Freeze, Disintegrate, Rune Master

    Conjuration: Dual Casting, Summoner 2/2, Elemental Potency, Dark Souls, Twin Souls

    Alteration: Dual Casting, Mage Armor 3/3, Magic Resistance 3/3, Stability

    Speech: ALL

    Illusion: Dual Casting, Rage, Quiet Casting, Master of the Mind

    Restoration: Respite, Dual Casting, Necromage, Recovery 2/2, Avoid Death

    Alchemy: ALL

    Enchanting: ALL

    Sneak: ALL



    Fire Shout

    Soul Tear

    Summon Durnehviir

    Slow Time


    Aetherial Crown

    “I have always been a collector of rare and unique items, the Aetherial Crown is perhaps one of my most treasured. With it I have fully mastered the power of the Ritual Stone, thus giving me even greater power over the souls of the dead.”

    (Ritual Stone)


    Miraak’s Robes

    “Miraak’s robes were blessed by Hermaeus Mora himself. It is only fitting that the Last Dragonborn should wear the robes of the First.”


    Battlemage Bracers

    “Through the Dark Arts I have obtained the skills and powers of the souls I’ve consumed. To further enhance these skills and power, I have transferred some of their souls into these bracers.”

    (Fortify One-Handed & Fortify Magic)


    Fighter’s Boon

    “On the field of battle, one must never tire, nor should they fear the fires of war. Within these boots I have bound the souls of fire mages and some of the more superior warriors I have slain.”

    (Fire Resistance & Stamina Regen)


    Dragon Heart Amulet

    “The very heart of a Dovah is far stronger than that of any Man or Mer. Their will is superior, and, for lack of better phrasing, the fire in their heart burns much brighter.”

    (Fortify Health & Health Regen)


    Soul Master’s Ring

    “I have acquired the Necromancer’s Amulet, and I must say that Mannimarco created a rather pathetic item, no matter how attractive the design. I knew I could do better, and now I have once again put him in his place. This, Mannimarco, is an item of true godlike power.”

    (Fortify Destruction & Fortify Conjuration)


    Soul Stealer

    “The Daedra of the Deadlands know how to craft a truly magnificent blade. It’s sharp enough to cut through steel, and jagged enough to inflict great pain as it tears through flesh. I improved upon one such sword, making a weapon that truly reflects me, its Master.”

    (Fiery Soul Trap & Absorb Health)


    Staff of Magnus

    “The Staff of Magnus, such a sought after artifact. In the hands of Magnus it was used to help create, but in my hands, it will be used to destroy and conquer.”


    Mehrunes’ Razor

    “The Lord of Change, Mehrunes Dagon, such a powerful being, and all of his will resonates from this dagger. With it, and all my power, I shall take over Tamriel, and make a permanent mark upon all of Nirn, and the realms of Oblivion.”



    “All will submit to me in my new Era.”

    The Deathless One is a powerful individual, however that does not mean he is cocky. He is a cautious man, taking care to calculate every possibility to ensure a great and speedy victory. He utilizes a number of spells, choosing the proper ones for each foe. Usually, he starts off a fight from a distance, using fireball or firebolt to hit the targets, as they approach, he begins to use different runes, primarily Fire and Poison runes, placing them as close to his enemies as possible in quick succession. As enemies advance, he backs away, giving himself enough time to attack and defend. When it comes to close combat, the Deathless One dual wields Soul Stealer and Mehrunes’ Razor, inflicting heavy damage on his enemies, severing their souls from their bodies. Should he suffer heavy damage, he has a variety of potions and spells to heal him or replenish his powers, as well as potent poisons that could even kill a dragon with a single drop.

    While the Soul Master's Ring ensures that the Deathless One can continue to fight, using Destruction spells and the Poison Rune Restoration spell, should he ever run out of magic temporarily, he has a variety of staffs in his collection to use. From summoning atronachs or raising the dead, to draining the very life force from his foes, the Deathless One has it all. He never neglects the possibilities, and is always prepared.

    Being a collector of souls, the Deathless One has an entire stock of soul gems, from Grand to Black, though his greatest, and most prized soul gem is the Black Star. However, the Black Star is not the only unique item that the Deathless One possesses. In his mansion deep in the Marshlands of Morthal, he displays his greatest acquisitions, or grants them to certain individuals who serve as his loyal guards.

    When it comes to dealing with civilians, the Deathless One will use his words to negotiate, manipulate, and scheme. Should conversations not go as planned, the Deathless One has no problem enslaving the souls of those who disobey him, or forcing them to slay their loved ones. This would undoubtedly cause guards to swarm, which is where the strongest Illusion spells come in handy, either forcing the rage out of the antagonists, or forcing them to turn against one another.

    The Deathless One is also an Alchemist, meaning more than making potions. He engages in many experiments, be they his own or others'. He enjoys learning new ways to better fuel his own power, including manipulating the fools of the College of Winterhold. Each experiment aids him in his ultimate goal, whether his "colleagues" are aware of it or not.



    Main Questline- “The dragons of old have finally returned, and to my great fortune, I now possess the power to consume and enslave their souls. I cannot see Alduin submitting to me, nor would he allow me to ‘serve’ him as his new High Priest. Perhaps, in time, I will slay the toothless worm.”

    Dawnguard Questline- “The Volkihar Clan needs a proper leader. Harkon is a weak and narrow minded fool. I must gain their trust, show them how resourceful I can be, and only then, will I usurp Harkon’s throne.”

    Dragonborn Questline- “Miraak, the supposed ‘First Dragonborn,’ has sent his minions after me. I will not allow this cowardly insect to thwart my plans.”

    Civil War Questline (Imperial)- “The Empire is weak under the rule of Emperor Titus Mead II, and now this land is being ravaged by squabbling fools. Ulfric is a powerful enemy, and perhaps he will be a powerful thrall. It is my ‘birth right,’ to be Emperor, and through gaining victories for the Empire, slaying and enslaving Ulfric, I will gain the support of the entire Imperial Army. I will rule Tamriel, no matter the cost.”

    Azura Quest- “The Black Star is far more superior to the regular Star of Azura. Now that the Star is forever separated from Azura, I am it’s new Master.”

    Dark Brotherhood Questline- “The Dark Brotherhood are masters of stealth and murder. Perhaps such allies will help further my goals of conquest.”



    “Prepared to die!”

    Death Trap- Slow Time+Fire Runes+Poison Runes+Summon Wrathmen


    “Your soul is mine!”

    Fatality- Slow Time+Fire Runes+Fire Bolts+Soul Stealer


    “All of you! Come to me!”

    The New Era- Slow Time+Fireballs+Summon Wrathmen+Ritual Stone+Summon Arvak+Soul Stealer


    "It has begun!"