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Character Build: Dracul

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  • August 3, 2021


    Centuries ago, there was an ancient group of knights known as the Order of Light. The Order was a great secret, founded by the brother and sister of Lamae Beolfag, who were disgusted by what their sister had been twisted into. The Order, though they served under the marks and names of Arkay and Stendarr, worshipped all of the Divines, believing that one cannot succeed in destroying darkness without the strength of all the beings of light at their back. And in the First Era, through this Order, arose the greatest paladin and monster slayer in all of Nirn. His name was Gabriel Yngolson.

    Yes, Yngolson, Gabriel’s bloodline came from the great Ysgramor himself, and though his ancestor was famous amongst the Nords, it was Gabriel whose legend they admired most. Upon the command of the Order, Gabriel set out on a mission to destroy a number of powerful creatures that resided within Tamriel. In Valenwood, he slew a great man who was as tall as a giant, had fangs and hair like a wolf, and who swung a war-hammer like a god of war. Fenrir, the great man was called, fell to Gabriel who wielded a mighty, burning sword which he called Dawnbreaker.

    Gabriel’s journey continued, taking him into the most northern part of Skyrim, where he discovered a vampire woman who called herself Carmilla Queen of the Dead. He tracked her to a castle made entirely of ice, just north of Dawnstar. After slashing his way through hordes of vampires and resurrected skeletons, Gabriel confronted Carmilla and removed her head from her shoulders in one swift swing of the Dawnbreaker.

    Soon after, Gabriel discovered the location of the last target, a powerful necromancer who called himself, Death. After battling his way through a legion of Draugr, Gabriel came upon the necromancer, and after slaying him, removed the sorcerer's mask. Gabriel was horrified when he saw the face behind the mask, his best friend, Ivar the Honor Born. Ivar, who had mentored him, Ivar who once led the Order of Light before his death seven years ago. How could it be? Was this a ruse? Or was Ivar truly this wicked lich?

    Gabriel made his way to the Order’s base in Cyrodiil, and there he confronted them, demanding answers. The council, which governed the Order, told Gabriel that they knew Ivar was a necromancer, even during the time that he was their leader. They elaborated more, and told Gabriel that it was destiny that he kill them, for the targets that he dispatched were no mere beings, but that they were the most powerful and ancient of their kind. Fenrir, Carmilla, and Ivar were known as the Lords of Shadow, and it was through them that Hircine, Mephala, Molag Bal, Malacath, and Mehrunes Dagon all worked through. Each of them, including Ivar, had lived for over two thousand years, serving the Daedra and bringing disaster wherever they wandered.

    The Council continued, saying that it was written in an Elder Scroll that one day, from an order dedicated to the eradication of darkness, would arise a warrior who would slay the Lords of Shadow, but inevitably take their place. For he who would slay the Lords of Shadow would become the Prince of Darkness, a being more powerful and more wicked than all of the Daedric Princes combined, and that his offspring would be a greater blight upon Nirn.

    After divulging that information, knights of the Order swarmed in and bound Gabriel in chains. The Council commanded that they take him to the dungeon and that in three nights, when the moons were black, they would burn Gabriel at the stake. For three nights Gabriel sat in silence. He wouldn’t eat, he wouldn’t sleep, he just waited and prayed. He prayed to the Divines to help him, to show the Order that he was of no harm to them or any others. But at midnight on the third night, Gabriel was taken and tied to a stake in the center of the courtyard. While tied, he said one last prayer, “gods above, please keep my wife safe. Let her find peace and happiness with another.”

    The gods did not answer him, however, and a scream came from the compound, and when Gabriel looked up to see his wife, Muiri, being dragged into the courtyard. Something was different about her, and quickly Gabriel realized she was pregnant. He screamed at the Council that they did not have to do this, that Muiri was not a part of this. But the head of the Council shook his head, “Your offspring will be a blight upon this earth, Gabriel. This must be done.” With that, Muiri was tied alongside Gabriel, and the three, Gabriel, Muiri, and their unborn child, were set ablaze.

    Gabriel’s screams were soon silenced, and when he opened his eyes he did not see fire, nor Sovngarde, what he saw was nothing, pure darkness. A voice echoed from all around, “You are the one I have been searching for. You are my champion, my heir, my son of destruction.” Gabriel called out, “Where are you!? Who are you!?” The voice replied, “I am everywhere and nowhere, all at once, and my name is Sithis. You, Gabriel Yngolson, will be my champion.” Gabriel refused, though he did not know what this being was, he could sense it’s darkness. However, the Void persisted, “You were deceived were you not? You were tricked into saving the world from three evils, only so you yourself would be slain. You, your wife, and your unborn child are dead, but I can send you back and give you all the power you need to avenge them.”

    “My wife and my child, can you bring them back,” Gabriel asked in desperation. “Yes,” Sithis replied, “but I cannot bring them back as I would you. To bring them back, the way you desire, would take time.” Gabriel bowed his head, “Then I will do it, I will become your champion. Mighty Sithis, give me the power to avenge my family! Give me the power to slay the Order of Light, and the Divines and all who serve them!” In an instant, Gabriel felt all manner of power fill his body, and Sithis spoke once more, “No longer are you Gabriel Yngolson, from this day forward, you are-”

    The fire had begun to die down, and as the Order began to return inside of their Stronghold the fire re-ignited in a burst of black smoke and dark green fire! A roar, unlike any they had ever heard, arose from the pyre, and a creature emerged. It had wings like a bat, skin as dark as the night, eyes that burned red, teeth and claws like that of a wolf. The Knights drew their swords and prepared to fight, but they were no match for the terrible beast. It ripped them to pieces, drank them dry in seconds, and bit their hearts from their chests!

    The Council hid in their chamber, with only a handful of Knights protecting them. The beast entered the room, and quickly dispatched the Knights. As it made its way towards the Council, the beast slowly morphed into a new form. Before the Council stood a man with long black hair and a black beard. His eyes gleamed red, but they recognized his face. “G-Gabriel,” one of them stuttered, and in a second the dark haired man gripped the Council member’s throat and lifted him high in the air. “I am no longer Gabriel,” he shouted as he squeezed the terrified man’s throat, “I am the ripper, tearer, slasher, gouger! I am the teeth in the darkness, the talons in the night! Mine is blood, and death, and power! I am the dragon, Dracul! I am the Prince of Darkness!” Unimaginable fear overwhelmed the council members as they heard his roar of proclamation, and soon their hearts stopped as he tore the one council member in half, his blood painting the walls, ceilings, and their faces. They cowered in fear, begging for their lives, but their fates were sealed the moment they lit the pyre.

    Unlike what he had done with the Knights, Dracul took the council members, and while they were alive, impaled them on long spikes. He set them high upon the hill overlooking the Stronghold, each one squirming to get free, screaming in agony as their efforts only made the spikes push deeper and deeper into their bodies. Two died from shock, one from blood loss, and the others died days later when the spikes finally came through the top of their bodies. There the corpses remained for many years as Dracul ruled from within the Stronghold, spreading chaos and carnage all over Tamriel with his werewolves, vampires, daedra, draugr, and all other creatures of terror. But eventually the world changed once more. In the Second Era, through the combined might of a priest of Arkay, a former Dawnguard from Riften, and a Paladin of Stendarr, each equipped with powerful weapons and artifacts, Dracul was killed, his body turned to ash and his soul sent adrift in Oblivion. However, his atrocities had already been cemented into the hearts and minds of those in Tamriel, so much so that they could not repair the physical damage because the psychological damage was too great. So the trio searched for a solution.

    Due to the irreversible horrors that had transpired, the trio sought the aid of the Psijic Order, who after much persuasion, casted a spell throughout all of Nirn and the realms of Oblivion, erasing every memory and piece of information that there was on Dracul or Gabriel Yngolson. Though the spell did not work completely, for the trio remembered all that had transpired, as well as a small group which worshipped Dracul, hiding deep in Blackreach.

    After a few hundred years of tedious work, the cult which worshipped Dracul finally found a way to return him to the physical world. To return him from the emptiness of Oblivion, Dracul's new body had to be of his flesh and blood, and finally they found him. The cult had found the body of a Nord who resembled drawings of Dracul, and through magical tests they discovered that he was the reincarnation of Dracul's son! They took him, and in a ceremony sacrificed him on an altar. The spilled blood and death of his own flesh pulled Dracul back to Nirn, and his soul was forced into his son's body, and he consumed his son's soul for sustenance. The cult rejoiced, however, their celebration was short-lived. A side effect of consuming his son's soul and being forced into his body, was uncontrollable rage and madness. In a blind fury, the madman butchered the cult, their blood drenching the ground of Black Reach!

    For weeks he wandered the wilderness of Skyrim, killing anyone and anything that got in his path, until that day in Riften Hold. The madman was attacked and rendered unconscious while a fight ensued between Imperial Soldiers and a group of Rebels. The madman in rags was thrown in a cart, and there he remained unconscious for days. After finally awakening and reclaiming his sanity, the madman began to remember who he was. The cart stopped and he, along with the other prisoners, were removed from the wagon. After being asked who he was, by an Imperial soldier, he replied, “I am Dracul, son of Sithis.”

    "I am the dragon, Dracul! I am the Prince of Darkness!"


    Level: 115

    Race: Nord

    Stats: 3 Magic3 Health, 2 Stamina

    Stone: Dracul utilizes the Lord Stone and the Ritual stone which he has bound to the Aetherial Crown.


    Major Skills:

    “I am no ordinary vampire to be killed by mortal magics. I am the Prince of Darkness, and I will turn your bones into ash!”

    Destruction- Dracul is a master of Destruction, utilizing the most potent spells to turn his enemies to ash. From fire storm to lightning storm, no spell is too difficult for this great monster.


    “I will summon an army from the depths of Oblivion itself!”

    Conjuration- As the Champion of Sithis, Dracul was granted power over the realms of Oblivion, and the creatures that reside within.


    “I will sever their heads from their shoulders, and I will drink their corpses until they are withered husks!”

    One-Handed- As he was in life, so he is in death. Dracul is a master swordsman, though now his weapon is far more potent than the Dawnbreaker that Gabriel wielded. It would be unwise for any mortal to attempt to go toe to toe with the Prince of Darkness, no matter how skilled they may be.


    “I need no protection from my enemies, but Daedric Armor can be quite intimidating.”

    Heavy Armor- While Dracul is more than capable of slaying all his enemies in the nude, he prefers to wear a set of Daedric Armor, to show his status as a dangerous, unyielding foe.


    “The minds of mortals are so easily fooled. Let brother slay brother, and sister slay sister.”

    Illusion- Being immortal, Dracul has plenty of time on his hands, and when bored likes to watch his foes slaughter one another, rather than engaging them himself.


    Minor Skills:

    “The Dark Brotherhood thinks darkness is their ally; they merely adopted the dark, whereas I was born in it.

    Sneak- Dracul is truly a force to be reckoned with. He disappears into the darkness, merging with the shadows. His attacks can come from anywhere, because he is everywhere that darkness resides.


    “It takes a true master of souls to be able to harness their power and morph them into powerful enchantments.”

    Enchanting- Through extensive study of souls and soul gems, Dracul has become a master enchanter, creating weapons and armor that rival that of the Daedric Artifacts.


    “Who knew that some skills from my past would aid me in becoming stronger.”

    Restoration- The Prince of Darkness recognizes that knowledge is power, and even the humble school of Restoration has powers and techniques that can be used for more nefarious purposes.


    "To change my new body into what mine used to be, I must harness the power of creation."

    Alteration- With the power of Alteration, Dracul was able to make himself immune to magic.


    “Alchemy is simple to learn and understand, but some of its teachings are valuable.”

    Alchemy- Dracul uses Alchemy to enhance his power, specifically his strength in enchanting. After he got what he needed, Dracul eventually took the knowledge of Alchemy and converted it into power that he used to master other skills.


    “The forge is a great instrument, allowing one to create and enhance the potency of weapons and the durability of armor.”

    Smithing- While he does not require powerful armor or an overly sharp sword, Dracul recognizes that some enemies are quite powerful, and he does not desire to waste too much of his time defeating them.


    “Sometimes words can be as sharp as a sword, if one knows how to wield them.”

    Speech- Dracul is a sophisticated man, and a scholar. He uses his words like a warrior uses a blade. He can be suave and elegant to persuade an individual to give him what he desires, or he can bare his teeth and threaten the life of an entire city if he is denied his prize.


    Destruction: Intense Flames, Deep Freeze, Disintegrate, Augmented Flames 2/2, Augmented Frost 2/2, Augmented Shock 2/2, Dual Casting, & Impact

    Conjuration: Dual Casting, Summoner 2/2, Elemental Potency, Dark Souls, Twin Souls

    One-Handed: Armsman 5/5, Bladesman 3/3, Savage Strike, Critical Strike, Paralyzing Strike

    Heavy Armor: Juggernaut 5/5 & Conditioning

    Illusion: Dual Casting, Rage, Quiet Casting, Master of the Mind

    Sneak: ALL

    Enchanting: Enchanter 5/5, Frost Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, Extra Effect, Soul Siphon

    Restoration: Necromage, Recovery 2/2, Avoid Death

    Alteration: Magic Resistance 3/3

    Alchemy: 5/5 Alchemist, Physician, Benefactor, Purity (after restoration glitch and enchanting potions are made, make skill Legendary to use perk points elsewhere)

    Smithing: Arcane Smithing, Ebony Smithing, Daedric Smithing

    Speech: ALL




    The Void Sword

    Stalhrim is a rather strange material. While it appears to be like ice, it has a hidden capability that only one is able to unlock. Through sheer will and powerful magics, Dracul can transmute the material into a form of soul gem. Though unlike other soul gems, it absorbs health rather than souls, and freezes the blood and bones with each strike. Only one such weapon exists, the Void Sword, created by Dracul in the 4th Era for the sole purpose of eventually destroying the Divines.

    (Absorb Health & Frost Damage)


    Aetherial Crown

    The Aetherial Crown is made of a rare substance, and the power it possesses can only be properly wielded by an exceptionally powerful entity, such as Dracul. With the crown and Ritual Stone combined, Dracul is able to resurrect massive hordes of undead to fight as his army.

    (Ritual Stone)


    Armor of Darkness

    Through the use of an item known as the Atronach Forge, Dracul summoned a set of potent Daedric Armor. One piece of the set is said to enhance the endurance of the wearer, even healing them during a battle.

    (Fortify Health & Healing Rate)


    Chaos Claws

    These Daedric Gauntlets hold the raw power of Dracul within them. Any who wears them will be able to swing a sword with the force of a thousand men, and punch an enemy so hard that their skeleton explodes from their bodies.

    (Fortify One-Handed & Fortify Unarmed)


    Boots of Shadow

    Like Dracul, these boots were born in the darkness. They allow the wearer to become as silent as the shadows, yet allow them to move quickly should they be detected.

    (Fortify Sneak & Fortify Stamina)


    Amulet of Dracul

    The Amulet of Dracul is a powerful artifact. It is rumored to be able to deflect any spell, no matter its elemental alignment, and that it allows one to control the minds of others with ease.

    (Magic Resistance & Fortify Illusion)


    Ring of the Dragon

    This ring is rumored to hold the breath and blood of Dracul himself. It is said that it is the embodiment of its Master, full of destruction and power that reaches past the realms of Oblivion.

    (Fortify Destruction & Fortify Conjuration)



    “What is a man? But a miserable pile of secrets!”

    The Prince of Darkness is well spoken, using his words to acquire rare or unique items for his collection. Though words are not his only tool in his arsenal. As the Champion of Sithis, Dracul utilizes all the creatures of terror, as well as the Void Sword, or powerful destruction spells, to slaughter enemies, be they soldiers or civilians. In his eyes, humanity and elven kind do not deserve to rule the world, but rather they should be culled and subjected to his rule. He is, after all, the right hand of the Void.

    In a fight, Dracul uses spells such as fireball, flames, sparks, frostbite, or any other potent spell to weaken enemies. Once close, he will either use the Void Sword, or his fists to dispatch them. Should it be night time, however, Dracul will take on the true form of a vampire, and drain all of his enemies of their life force. Though that is not the only form he can take. Through manipulation of his body and blood, Dracul found a way to obtain the power of a vampire and the power of a werewolf. Though the blood of Molag Bal is more potent, making him weaker in the sunlight, even in the form of a beast. All in all, Dracul is an immortal monster, being more vampire than wolf, and more wolf than man.

    During the Dark Brotherhood Questline, Dracul runs into someone he did not expect, Muirir, his wife. Sithis had indeed resurrected her for the Prince of Darkness, and after killing the Shatter-Shield wench and the lying bandit, trapping both of their souls, Dracul sets his sights on reclaiming the heart of his one true love. Eventually winning over her heart, Dracul asks for Muiri's hand in marriage, and she moves into his mansion in the swamps of Morthal. Later on he discovers a child, Sissel, and quickly he realizes her potential. She has visions, seeing the dragon Paarthurnax in one dream, and had even been taught magic by an old man in the town. Dracul feels a pull, and in an instant makes up his mind. He waits for night to come, and when it does he unleashes his vampiric blood and takes on the form of a Vampire Lord. He slaughters Sissel's father and all those who got in the way. The following morning Dracul returns to find the, now homeless, child and offers to take her away from everything, to give her a good home. She eagerly accepts and thus Dracul becomes a father once again.

    Eventually his little family caught the attention of his Volkihar subordinates, especially Vingalmo who suggested that the Prince of Darkness turn his wife into a vampire. After considering this suggestion, Dracul agreed, and turned his mortal wife, Muiri, into an immortal vampire.

    After ensuring his wife's life would not be taken so easily a second time, Dracul continues his conquest over Skyrim, making alliances and slaying any possible enemies in the process.



    Main Questline- “When I was reborn, Sithis called me ‘Dracul,’ a word of Primordials meaning ‘The Dragon.’ I believed that it meant I was ferocious and powerful like a dragon, but no, I truly am a dragon. I can consume the souls of the mighty beasts, and use them to enhance my own power. It was Sithis who released Alduin, so that I could escape my confines and head out to once again become the terror in the night that all Men and Mer fear.”

    Dawnguard Questline- “My soul was forced into the body of my reincarnated son. My own son. We are reunited, but because he was mortal, my powers have been repressed. I must find a Pure Blood so that I can reawaken my powers.”

    Dragonborn Questline- “I was attacked by three cultists claiming to serve the ‘True Dragonborn.’ I remember tales of two Dragon Priests, Konahrik and Miraak, both being born with the soul of a Dragon. I know Konahrik is no more, but Miraak disappeared after a failed rebellion. What powers could I obtain from the soul of one so ancient?”

    Dark Brotherhood Questline- “This group of assassins intrigues me. They worship Sithis, yet they do not know who I am, nor do they truly enforce the Void’s will. I shall serve under them for a time, but eventually I will have to deal with Astrid, and bring the Dark Brotherhood into the proper will of Sithis.”

    Meridia Quest- “I have heard rumors that Gabriel Yngolson’s old sword was claimed by the Daedric Prince Meridia. What right does she have to a weapon that was forged by the greatest monster slayer? I will reclaim it and add it to my collection, where it truly belongs.”

    Thieves Guild Questline- “Thieves are quite skilled, but they lack focus and true ambition. Nocturnal is a fleeting being, and the Skeleton Key does not deserve to be in the hands of such weak beings. I shall claim it as my own, yet another artifact in my grand collection.”

    College of Winterhold Questline- "It is important that I obtain all the strength and knowledge I possibly can. The College of Winterhold seems to be hiding some great powers within. Whether they are mortals or artifacts, I will claim them as my own."



    “Not even the strongest will survive.”

    Roar of Sithis- Storm Call+Whirlwind Cloak+Firestorm+Mayhem+Void Sword


    “Let the dead rise and serve as my thralls.”

    Cold Grave- Blizzard+Summon Durnehviir+Summon Wrathman+Summon Frost Atronach+Void Sword+Ritual Stone


    "Tonight I will feed, and once again sow the seed of terror in the hearts of men."

    Seed of Terror- Battle Cry+Storm Call+Beast Form


    “I am the dragon, Dracul! I am the Prince of Darkness!”

    Prince of Darkness- Storm Call+Blizzard+Summon Wrathmen+Vampire Lord+Amulet of Bats+Ring of Erudite


  • December 19, 2021

    Hey. A couple of notes :

    - The lore need some rework imo. Sithis is more of a silent type deity while Molag Bal fits the vampire theme better. Never heard of the Order of Light before, just Order of the Lamp. but i admit my lore is kinda faulty. I suggest more information on the order or find something that exist in Elder Scrolls world for a better immersion (IF there is a Order of Light i apologize, please link them). Since your hero is called Prince of Darkness, Namira and Nocturnal can play a role in the lore also.

    - Dracul mean devil in romanian. I think Dracula is better or another name related to Vlad Tepes or Briam Stoker universe.

    - Werewolf and vampire in the same time? How?

    - Please list the potions you make/use

    - Your powers are kinda generic. This is not a critique, but rather an encouragement to make something unique, tailored to a vampire conjurer/illusionist. For example Blizzard and Slow Time can be meshed together.



  • December 20, 2021

    Gentleman Wolf said:

    Hey. A couple of notes :

    - The lore need some rework imo. Sithis is more of a silent type deity while Molag Bal fits the vampire theme better. Never heard of the Order of Light before, just Order of the Lamp. but i admit my lore is kinda faulty. I suggest more information on the order or find something that exist in Elder Scrolls world for a better immersion (IF there is a Order of Light i apologize, please link them). Since your hero is called Prince of Darkness, Namira and Nocturnal can play a role in the lore also.

    - Dracul mean devil in romanian. I think Dracula is better or another name related to Vlad Tepes or Briam Stoker universe.

    - Werewolf and vampire in the same time? How?

    - Please list the potions you make/use

    - Your powers are kinda generic. This is not a critique, but rather an encouragement to make something unique, tailored to a vampire conjurer/illusionist. For example Blizzard and Slow Time can be meshed together.



    I will comment on your entire post, section by section, but I will say that the entire reason for this build was for a Skyrim version of Dracula from the Castlevania game and show series. It primarily takes information from the original Castlevania games, as well as Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2, with some aspects of the movie Bram Stoker's Dracula.


    The entire reason for Sithis, rather than Molag Bal, was to immitate the backstory for Dracula in the Castlevania series who became the right hand of Chaos, God's polar opposite. Given that Sithis is the only entity who truly represents darkness and chaos incarnate in the Elder Scrolls, I chose him. Namira would work, yes, however I'm working on a different champion build for her. Nocturnal is also a good choice, but she's more of a patron of thieves, and Dracul is not a thief in any way.

    As for the Order of Light, it's made up, and is based on the Castlevania: LOS group called the Brotherhood of Light. In that game series they hunt all the evil things in the world, including vampires. I would've gone with Dawnguard, but I wanted to make him more ancient than the Dawngaurd.

    I wanted the name to stand out as well, and once again I looked back to Romanian language as well as Castlevania Lords of Shadow. After the hero, Gabriel, becomes the Prince of Darkness, he takes on the name of Dracula. In one scene he is called 'Gabriel,' and his response it, "Don't you dare call me that! Eu sun Dracul!" Instead of Dracula, Son of the Devil/Dragon, he is Dracul, the Devil/Dragon. Also works well with how he is the Dragonborn. 

    The potions are simply for the Restoration Potion glitch. After that, they provide the player with room to do whatever they'd like. Dracul does not need them whatsoever when I play him. The glitch is to make powerful enchanting potions to give him near infinite health, imitating how difficult it is to kill Dracula in Castlevania. It also combats my biggest issue with creating him. I wanted him to be immune to magic, only way to do that was to use the Atronach Stone and Atronach perk. However, that would make it impossible to summon anything, other than resurrecting undead. In the description, I actually mention that he uses his knowledge and converts it into power to claim new abilities. Meaning the skill is made legendary so he can use the perk points for something else.

    I have made plenty of builds and powers, and I try to come up with different powers for different builds. There are a few that use Slow Time and because of that I wanted to stick with powers seen in the movies, video games, and shows for this build. With the new Anniversary Edition, I will be remaking Dracul, so instead of 4 I may do 10.


    Recap: Dracul is my attempt at merging Castlevania and Elder Scrolls together. If there are aspects I don't like or can't manage to fit with my idea, then I will come up with new lore. Like the Order of Light, a "secret group" that is dead. The reason they were secret is because they aren't an actual part of Elder Scrolls, so when they are destroyed there is not mention or knowledge of them because of how secretive they were. The name for Dracul is to merely make him unique and catch the eye of anyone who runs across this post as they are familiar with Dracula, not Dracul. I will be revamping (no pun intended) the character with the new content from the Anniversary Edition. This will include a possible wardrobe change, new powers, and different skills (possibly).


    Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you took the time to read the build.


    A Small Critique On You: I myself am blunt, but I also try to be respectful and proper when speaking with others. If I may suggest, for future comments on not only my content, but others' as well, if you could revise your writings and see if you can explain in a slightly different way. Or, at the very least, start your opening with something more friendly and formal, rather than "Hey. A couple of notes:"

  • December 20, 2021

    Hello, thank you for the detailed answer and the patience to read my thoughts. I didnt know about the Castlevania theme since i never played that game. I apologize for my rather blunt beginning, didnt realized i will appear less that polite. The name Dracul still sound wrong to me, being a romanian, but since the inspiration material is not from history i withdraw my suggestion. 

  • December 21, 2021

    I do love the actual history of Vlad Dracula III. Though most of Pop-Culture shows him merely as a suave vampire, I do love it when they show parts of his actual history. Such as Bram Stoker's Dracula (the movie) which opened with the story, though it was altered in severals ways, of Dracula and his army fighting back the Turks and impaling them. Out of all of the movies that have portrayed Dracula, I would say that Dracula Untold is perhaps my favorite. It shows not only a menacing vampire, but also a compassionate yet ruthless prince who would do anything for his people.

    Please keep any eye out around the beginning of January as I will most certainly have updated this Character Build by then.