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Character Build: The Wrath of Sithis

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  • July 29, 2021

    The Wrath of Sithis

    I remember the stories Mother and Father told me of our great heritage. Our ancestors were once members of the greatest force in Nirn, the Crimson Hand. They existed long before the Dark Brotherhood, and served as the most terrible force in the universe. They trained day and night, perfecting their craft and skills, learning all they could from the Dark Father. However, like all great forces, they were temporarily silenced. The cults of the Daedra and Aedra combined forces and slaughtered the Crimson Hand during a sacred ceremony, where my great grandmother’s grandmother was gifted to Sithis, similarly to how the Daughters of Coldharbour were offered to Molag Bal in the Merethic Era. Though the Hand was wiped from Nirn, the ceremony had finished before they breached the temple, and my ancestor fled into hiding.

    The ceremony had gifted her with great knowledge and power, and ensured that from her bloodline would come the most powerful of Sithis’ disciples, the Wrath. Though the scrolls were burned in the purge, I know the story of the Wrath, for my ancestors kept the word of Sithis in their hearts and minds, passing it from generation to generation.

    As the prophecy goes, “when black wings soar through the dreaded cold, the Heir of Sithis, all will behold. And the great black beast shall save his life, so that he will bring the world to strife. With a will of iron he shall resist, from beyond the grave he will persist. His soul will burn with a dragon’s fire, and his voice will roar as an unholy choir. The Sons of Akatosh will submit, and upon a throne he shall sit. The dead will kneel and the living will cower, for even the Daedra will flee from his power. And the Dark Heir shall follow his path, to become the soul of Sithis’ Wrath.”

    Mother told me that story every night, and it has become ingrained in my soul, and after today, I am certain that I myself am the Wrath of Sithis. I was meditating in the forest, focusing my magic and mind on the Dark Father, and there I was captured by Imperial Soldiers. I was taken to Helgen and sentenced to death, though there was no reason for me to die. Then he came, the great black beast in the dreaded cold, to save me so that I may destroy, conquer, and rule over Nirn. I followed the Stormcloak out of the Keep, but I will slay him in due time, meanwhile, I shall work hard to fulfill my destiny and become the Dark Father’s right hand.

    I am the Wrath of Sithis.

    “The dead will kneel and the living will cower, for even the Daedra will flee from MY power.”


    Race: Altmer Vampire Lord

    Level: 100

    Stats: Magic 1, Health 2, Stamina 2

    Stone: The Wrath of Sithis utilized all the stones through his ascension to power, but once he reached the peak of his power, he claimed the Atronach Stone. With the power of the Atronach he became like Sithis, consuming all magic that gets thrown at him.


    Major Skills:

    “The sword cuts through the meat and bone, so the blood can seep into the ground. Once Nirn is drenched in blood, the Dark Father will consume it.”

    One-Handed: The Wrath of Sithis trained extensively to become a master swordsman, only so he can slay those who oppose him and the Dark Father.


    “Only a fool would stand against a foe dawning the bones of a felled dragon and the metals of the Deadlands.”

    Heavy Armor: Having been raised with stories of the great warriors of the Crimson Hand, the Wrath dawns Daedric Armor and a helmet made from the bones of the first dragon he slew.


    “With fire, ice, and lightning, I will scorch, freeze, and disintegrate all those who stand against me.”

    Destruction: The Wrath of Sithis studied the arcane arts, and found himself attracted to the school of destruction. While all spells have their appeal, he favors lightning and fire spells.


    “The minds of mortals are so weak, all it takes is a little push to cast them into a pool of chaos.”

    Illusion: While the Wrath loves to slice and burn his enemies, he sometimes finds himself bored and likes to watch his enemies butcher their allies in a fit of madness.


    “The blood of Molag Bal is a precious gift, allowing me to cement my rule over Nirn for all eternity.”

    Vampirism: After discovering the power of the Volkihar Clan, the Wrath allowed himself to be filled with the blood of Molag Bal in order to enhance his power and ensure that he, like Sithis, will last forever.


    Minor Skills:

    “Weapons and armor are fine, but until they are tempered to the absolute limit they are no more than twigs and robes.”

    Smithing: The Crimson Hand were master craftsman, forging swords and armor with pride, only so they could more easily slaughter their enemies. After their downfall, the secrets of the forge faded from memory, but the Wrath recognized its importance and worked hard to make his armor impenetrable and his sword so sharp that it could cut through the fabric of time and space.


    “Forging armor and weapons is useful, but binding powerful magics to them afterwards makes them all the more potent.”

    Enchanting: Utilizing soul gems and powerful magics, the Wrath took his power to the next level, creating a sword to steal life from others and armor that heals him instantly.


    “It takes a true master to morph the world into one’s own desires, and I am a master of such things.”

    Alteration: With his mastery of Alteration, the Wrath managed to change his own body and soul, allowing him to absorb all spells that are cast upon him.


    “The souls of the dead are better used as my servants than food for worms.”

    Conjuration: The Wrath of Sithis has two powerful followers bound eternally to his will, Krev the Skinner and a Volkihar Vampire.


    “The school of restoration isn’t that impressive, but it does provide certain advantages, especially when paired with the gift of vampirism.”

    Restoration: With mastery over the skill of Necromage and with Molag Bal’s blood coursing through his veins, the Wrath granted himself an extra boost to his already unmatched power.


    “Alchemy is useful in some ways, specifically in aiding one to achieve greater power.”

    Alchemy: Through the use of Alchemy, the Wrath of Sithis was able to enhance his own power greatly, allowing him to create more potent enchantments for his sword and armor.


    “Sometimes one must take their time to observer their surroundings and to defend themselves rather than attacking head on.”

    Blocking: The Wrath of Sithis does not always rely solely on magic or his powerful enchantments. Sometimes he must be patient and strong in a fight, blocking incoming attacks, and doging fast enough that he can land a perfect strike.


    “The Thu'um is a powerful force, but one shouldn’t rely solely upon it. Technique, strength, power, will, and skill, all must be mastered before one truly gains unlimited power.”

    Shouts: While many shouts are useful, the Wrath of Sithis does not rely heavily upon them. Rather he uses them only when necessary, which is almost never.


    One-Handed: Armsman 5/5, Bladesman 3/3, Fighting Stance, Critical Charge, Savage Strike, Paralyzing Strike.

    Heavy Armor: ALL

    Destruction: Augmented Flames 2/2, Augmented Frost 2/2, Augmented Shock 2/2, Dual Cast, Impact, Intense Flames, Deep Freeze, Disintegrate.

    Illusion: Dual Casting, Master of the Mind (both sides).

    Vampirism: ALL

    Smithing: Daedric Smithing, Dragon Smithing.

    Enchanting: Enchanter 5/5, Extra Effect (both sides), Soul Squeezer.

    Alteration: Magic Resistence 3/3, Atronach.

    Conjuration: Twin Souls, Dark Souls, Necromancy.

    Restoration: Recovery 1/2, Avoid Death, Necromage.

    Alchemy: Alchemist 5/5, Benefactor, Snakeblood, Purity.

    Blocking: Shield Wall 5/5, Quick Reflexes, Power Bash, Deadly Bash, Disarming Bash.




    This wicked sword is made of the bones of the mighty Paarthurnax and given the name of Dark Devour Destroy. It was forged by the Wrath of Sithis at the Skyforge on the night of the full moons. As the name suggests, it is a powerful weapon that consumes the lifeforce of its victims and transfers it to its master, the Wrath. In addition to stealing life from foes, it also electrocutes them with each mighty hit.

    (Absorb Health & Shock)


    Visage of Wrath

    This intimidating helmet was crafted by the Wrath from the bones of the first dragon he slew. It holds the power of Sithis himself, allowing the Wrath to tap into truly unlimited power. With this helmet on, the Wrath of Sithis could decimate entire armies with a continuous wave of lightning, or turn the entire army against itself.

    (Fortify Destruction & Fortify Illusion)


    Armor of Endless Wrath

    Rumor has it that this particular set of Daedric Armor is a sentient, living being as it seems to increase the health of the Wrath and even heal him rapidly.

    (Fortify Health & Healing Rate)


    Claws of Wrath

    These mighty gauntlets hold the strength and knowledge of the Crimson Hand. With it, the Wrath is able to strengthen his weapon and armor, and can slaughter enemies in quick succession.

    (One-Handed & Smithing)


    Boots of Endless Wrath

    While many will attempt to slow down the Wrath, in an attempt to save their own lives, these mighty boots squash their efforts. Not only do they give strength to the Wrath, but they also help him recover in mid fight, ensuring that he can slaughter all of his enemies without breaking a sweat.

    (Fortify Stamina & Stamina Regeneration)


    Boon of Sithis

    This dark amulet provides the Wrath with more health and stamina in battle, ensuring that nothing can slay him and that he never tires in battle.

    (Fortify Health & Fortify Stamina)


    Ancestor’s Vengeance

    All the power and souls of the Wrath’s Ancestors resides within this ring. While wearing it, the Wrath’s already powerful strikes become even greater, allowing him to cut down even the strongest of enemies with ease.

    (One-Handed & Fortify Stamina)



    When it comes to combat, the Wrath of Sithis is an absolute monster. He runs into battle dual casting destruction magic, and once he’s close enough he draws his sword to cut down the remaining enemies. If he is looking for entertainment, or his enemies bombard him too often, he will use spells like frenzy and mayhem to turn the ten against one battle into a bloody free for all. During battle, he also utilizes his dead thralls, Krev the Skinner, and a Volkihar Vampire, one to push through the front lines, and one to provide cover fire with spells.

    When it comes to interacting with others, the Wrath does not care for small talk, bribery, or persuasion. If someone denies him passage or an item he requires, he does not bother with trying to appeal to them, and if, for some reason, he cannot intimidate them, then he’ll simply kill them and all who attack after.

    As for his armor, the Wrath utilizes any heavy armor he finds, but eventually will use the Atronach Forge to summon Daedric Armor, Boots, and Gauntlets. He will craft a helmet from the bones of the first dragon he slew, and later will kill Paarthurnax and forge a sword from his bones. After obtaining all of his gear, he will work hard to reinforce them, making them more durable. After tempering the armor and sharpening the blade, the Wrath of Sithis will enchant his gear, using a couple powerful enchanting potions on his helmet, amulet, armor, and boots.



    Main Questline: “The flying beasts have been resurrected by the mighty Alduin, but that is his greatest mistake. The more of his kindred he raises from the grave, the more power he sacrifices to me.”


    Dawnguard Questline: “The Volkihar Vampires have great power and secrets, and I will uncover every single one of them.”


    Dragonborn Questline: “There’s supposedly another Dragonborn on the island of Solstheim. I will kill him and consume his soul.”


    Dark Brotherhood Questline: “The Dark Brotherhood is weak, they don’t follow the true will of the Dark Father. Eventually I will take control from that wretch Astrid, and I will bring the rule of Sithis back into full, dark glory.”


    Thieves Guild Questline: “I didn’t know what to expect from the Thieves Guild. Maybe I would acquire allies or resources, but never did I expect to obtain such a powerful Daedric Artifact. The Skeleton Key is mine, and I will use it as I see fit.”


    Azura's Star Quest: "Azura is no longer the master of the Star. With the help of another mage, I have managed to keep it tainted, forever separating it from the Daedric Prince. Soon, my enemies will know the horror of being trapped inside of the Black Star, and even greater horrors once I've used their essence and sent them to the Soul Cairn."


    Civil War Questline (Imperials): “I did not entirely trust Hadvar back in Helgen, so I followed the Stormcloak, Ralof, out of the Keep. However, if I am to obtain true power over Tamriel, and eventually Nirn, I will need to take control over the Empire itself. Afterall, it is my birthright as the Dragonborn to rule the Empire.”


    Eternal Wrath- Slowtime+Firestorm+Vuldual


    Rain of Sithis- Stormcall+Mayhem+Vuldual


    Coldest Shock- Summon Durnehviir+Blizzard+Shock Storm