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Character Build: The Infernal Huntress (Ordinator) part 2

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    August 2, 2020





    This build is made to be played aggressively. Promising, non-stop, face-melting action was at the forefront of my mind when crafting it. Gwynn excels at any range and can lay down both powerful single target, and area of effect damage. Unlike typical archers and mages, she is more than capable of standing her ground against numerous melee attackers. If the need arises, she can reposition herself effortlessly with the Shadow Form ability. Adept at beating down her targets with the butt of her bow or incinerating the masses, she is rarely found at a disadvantage.


    • Initiating Combat - Begining combat will always activate Flames of Vigor on Gwynn, bolstering her for the coming fight. Depending on the situation at hand either use “Shadow Form” to close the gap between you and the enemy or lay down some runes and stand your ground.
    • Melee Enemies - Most melee types are trivial to deal with, and the undead are child’s play. Lay down some Fire Runes and some Firewalls and pelt them with your crossbow. If they are in your space, you can easily reposition with Shadow Form or use Smiting Lash to beat them senseless. Larger groups can be managed with abilities like Unending Barrage, Fire and Blood and Rage and Ruin.
    • Magic-Users/Dragons - These to enemy types can be dealt with similarly. Where possible close in on them with Shadow Form, interrupting their magic/Th’um with Smiting Lash. If they are in the air or otherwise inaccessible, generous use of the Become Ethereal shout and the Unending Barrage ability. Mages should be your number priority in a battle.
    • Archers - As with mages, the best option is to close the distance with Shadow Form. Knocking them over with Unrelenting Force is also favourable. Archers should be dealt with quickly, as a stray arrow can be problematic for ones adventuring career.


    I slowly ramped up the difficulty as I levelled, so as to keep the gameplay balanced.

    This is how I used the difficulty. Levels 1 - 25 on Adept, levels 25 - 40 on Expert and level 40 - 50 on Master.

    Gameplay Video:

    Below I have included a gameplay video to give a taste of what the Infernal Huntress plays like. (Note that the video is an early prototype of the build. Everything featured within the video the build is capable of. But there is still plenty more the Huntress can do that is not shown). I will be adding an updated video of gameplay as soon as I am able.




    Thank You:

    Well, what a long time coming this was. Almost a year in the making, The Infernal Huntress was a blast to make possible. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me along the way, I couldn’t have done without you!

    I sincerely hope that this build has done “No Snakes Alive’s” “Demon Hunter” Justice. Without that build as a precursor for going off, I might never have had the opportunity to bring you the Infernal Huntress. I'll also take the chance to give NomadDashes build The Lord of Shadows a shout out. He discovered the nifty trick with Wicked Wind and Deadly Reach.

    Gwynn’s character was fun to write, and it was very rewarding coming up with a character who was the antithesis to Alayne, my Shadow of Dawn. This may not be the last we see of Gwynn, so stay tuned.

    I’d also like to state that any art depicted in this work is not my own, and all credit should be given to their respected authors.

    Lastly thank you, the reader, I hope you have a blast playing The Infernal Huntress! Cheers Furrion.

    For more quality builds, follow the link below.