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Character Build: The Blue Blur

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    June 6, 2020

    I've always wanted to make a Sonic the Hedgehog build for Skyrim, but I did not know how I would go about it. I figured out how his unique powers would translate to the world. What I did not know, however, was the correct race to use for the speedy blue hedgehog. I may have finally, after years of searching, found the closest race mod that resembles a hedegehog. This build pulls inspiration from to the shock-like abilites from the 2020 movie Sonic rather than the video game character's powers. I also decided to make his apparel blue rather than his skin to better fit the world of Skyrim.


    Xander was born in Elsweyr to two Khajiit parents in the waning years of the third era. His parents were happy with their small piece of land and their cottage in Riverholld and did not care for the world beyond as they thought beings of race seperate from their own were savages and would try to force them to live their way instead of accepting that the cat-folk were different and let them be. 

    Xander thought quite the opposite. In his mind, everyone had a kind soul buried deep underneath hardened exteriors just begging to be released. One morning on his third birthday, he went into the small kitchenette in the cottage to find his father at the table while his mother had bacon sizzling in a frying pan on the stove. He sat down at the empty chair and look at his father,

    "Daddy, can I ask you something?" young Xander asked. His dad folded his furry arms on the table, "Sure son, what is it?" He let out a yawn, showing his slighty yellow teeth and snapped his mouth shut. His son thought awhile before saying his piece. "Daddy, why do you and mommy hate the outside world and fear to venture outside Riverhold?" He cocked his head sideways as if he was trying to read the slight frown that had crossed his father's face. His father, Du'bresha, was about to answer when, out of nowhere, an arrow broke the kitchen window causing Ri'xhashsi, the female Khajiit to scream out, "What in Oblivion?"

    Three shadowy figures were listening to their conversation, unnoticed by the fox-people. Two of the figures slunk into the kitchen, nocked two arrows and fired simultaneously at the two wide-eyed cats. The arrows struck their hearts and they fell dead, the third form stepped throught the broken window with a leather bag and put the bag over Xander's head, slung the bag over his shoulder and left the cottage the way he had come.

    The figure joined the other two and they ran to a small dwemer laboratory that served as their home situated northwest of the city of Annequina. The firgues entered their lab and upended the bag, causing Xander to land spread-eagled on the floor. He looked up in horror at the dwarven machinery then back at his kidnappers, who were wearing strange masks. 

    After minutes of akward silence, the leader spoke. "You must be wondering where you are." He said, looking down at the diminuitive cat. Xander nodded. "Well, the figure went on, "We are plaqued day and night by followers of Zahkriisos, the lightning priest, his goal is to enslave all life on nirn and restart the cult of the dragon anew, so that dragons will once more reign supreme over man, mer and beast. He and the the dragons who serve him will kill any who resist his rule." Xander looked at them confused, "what would you like me to do about this?" The shadowy figure, who revealed himself to be a khajiit named Dru'basha, pointed a long, tiger-like claw to the machine in the far corner of the room. "See that machine over there?." Xander nodded again, "If you are worthy, step inside that machine and embrace your destiny."

    He walked nearer to the machine, Xander followed, "You see, this machine is unique because it can hopefully make the affected subject faster than sound itself." He paused and again saw the kitten's slightly worried expression, "This to undergo its first's maiden voyage for lack of a better word." The khajiit led the khajiit to the main chamber, strapped him in, which was made difficult beccause of the struggling child, put the two soul gems he had taken from his pockets into the two focusing chambers and retreated to an old dwarven control panel. He flipped the switches one at a time.

    The soul gems sparked to life and shocked Xander with a large amount of energy, the kitten screamed. His scream seemed to meld with the silence that had shrouded the room like a blanket; After ten minutes of continuous energy-pumping, the soul gems stopped firing, spent of energy. The two figures that stood on either side of the machine walked to the main chamber and released the child's restraints, he staggered out of the machine and fell to the floor, unconscious. Dru'basha grabbed a clipboard from a nearby table and walked up to the unconscious khajiit. He wanted wanted to catalogue any abnormalities the experiment may have caused. The child came to five minutes later. When he did, he emitted huge amounts on electricity. The khajiit dropped the board as electricity raced through the metal clip. Dru'basha's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

    "How extraordinary, I think we may have found our secret weapon." He said, smiling. Over the next few years, he would test the boy's new powers and the results of these tests showed that Xander is somehow now self-conducting electricity. They also found that the rate at which the electricity discharged was based on Xander's mood. Xander could also accelerate at very high speeds in very little time with no loss of fatigue because he could force the electricity into his feet, making them vibrate at a higher rate than normal. The only drawback to this, Dru'basha found, is that he could not generate elecricity or run at full speed while submerged. He also could not survive long underwater without aid of a water breathing device. 

    The khajiit told Xander that he and his associates killed his parents because what went on in this lab was top secret and he could not risk word of it or the experiments getting out to all of nirn and that he thought they would blab the secret.

    The next day, Dru'basha thanked Xander for volunteering as a lab rat and Xander set off for those parts of the world that his parrents dared not tread and to confront Zahkriisos and the priest's dragons.

    Where Xander got his nickname 'the blue blur'


    Name: Xander

    Race: Lilmothiit

    Weapons:Lightning Rod (Elven Daggers enchanted with shock damage and absorb health) 

    Apparel: Energy Conductor (Blue mage robes enchanted with fortify destruction and magicka regen and fortify magicka), Super Speed Shoes (dunmer shoes enchanted with boots of speed enhanced enchantment), Gloves of Channeling (psijiic gloves enchanted with fortify destruction and magicka regen and resist magic) Life Saver (gold ring enchanted with waterbreathing) Zahkriisos

    Spells: Lightning Bolt, Sparks, Chain Lightning, Wall of Storms, Fast Healing 

    Shouts: Whirlwind Sprint, Storm Call, Elemental Fury (This shout will not work with enchanted items because the shout itself acts like an enchantment) Slow Time, Dragonrend, Unrelenting Force

    Powers: Seeker of Sorcery

    Major Skills: Destruction, One Handed

    Minor Skills: Enchanting, Alteration

    Unperked Skills: Restoration

    None can withstand the lightning flowing through my body


     Alteration - Xander is unable to breath underwater due to his body's self conduction of electricity. As such, he needs assistance in that regard

    Destruction - The khajiit quickly, through the teachings of Dru'basha, how to use the lightning coarsiing through is body as a deadly weeapon

     Enchanting - The blue blur can pour the elecrrity from his body into his weapons and can utilize powerful magicka enchantment as a result of his energy-laden body

     One Handed - Xander can fashion his shock energy into powerful lightning rods he can use to shock enemies to death

     Restoration - The khajiit can manipulate  the lightning in his body to heal himself if the need arises

    "I Put A Spell On You!"

    -Hocus Pocus

    Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - this mod adds some nice alterating, enchanting and destruction perks that will help this build be near unstoppable

    Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - this mod makes Skyrim's standing stone less generic and more interesting

    Boots of Speed Enchantment - This mod adds a enchantment that modifies the player's movement speed. I went with boots of speed enchanced, these boots modify the player's speed by 107% (or less based on your enchantment skill)

    Slow and Stop Time With a Ring - this mod adds two rings that will slow time to 5% of the normal speed and the other virtually stops time, quite handy for this build (beware though, using these rings can cause texture rips in the world. Unequipping them fixes the issue.)

    Inigo - A khajiit follower/friend whose story grows with yours. He comments on quests, the environment and even comments on certain situations. He is suitable for any build on Skyrim.

    Windmaster Retreat - this mod aads a large lighthousein the mountain near Windhelm

    Wintermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim - this mod adds many new enchantments to Skyrim and some really useful ones

    Dragon Priest Mask Fix - this mod changes the magically inclined dragon priests mask to clothing, like zahkriisos

    "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry"

    - The Hulk

    Against bandits, forsworn, highwaymen, Xander uses his twin daggers along with his elemental fury shout, which is used to coat his daggers with the speed of the wind, to rip through them so fast that they only see a blur, leaving a trail of electrifed bodies. If that fails, he can always use his chain lightning to bounce from enemy to enemy, deailing a small percentage of damage to one enemy before traveling in an arc to anoth target.

    Against dragons, Xander uses dragonrend and his electrified bow to deal some shock damage to the dragons, then he uses his twin daggers with elemental fury to kill them. 

    Against Mages and dragonpriests (not Zahkriisos, I'll get to him later,) The blue blur uses his super speed (Whirlwind Shout) and his stahlrim sword to ru behindd them so fast they only see an after image and the stab them in the back with his stalrhim sword, giving them a nic and deadly shock in the process with the storm surge enchantment.

    Now I suppose you are wonder why I saved Zahkriisos (the the shock dragon priest) for last? Weell, it's because with his high shock damage output along with his equally high shock resistance, he can prove a challenge for the blue blur. When fighting him, you'll want to pull out lightning rod. Note that you will not be able to use it's shock damage enchantment due to his afore mentioned high resistance, but you can still use the secondary enchantment, which is aabsorb health. Dodge his powerful shock spells and as soon as you see him lower his staff, or stop casting, lay into him with your dual daggers. Be sure to imbue them with the power of wind first, along with the neat dagger and enchantment perks for Ordinator, the first mod that enhances to power and effectiveness of this build, you should have him beat in no time. Be sure to grab his mask because it is an entirely optional but fun addon to the blue blur's power.

    The other mod used to increase the effectiveness and power of this build is Aurora because of the mage stone's tweaks. That seems the obvious stone choice as this is technically a mage build, what this mod does is it makes the spells cast slighty stronger and allows the user to choose one of three magic school to improve. The obvious choice here would be to improve the destruction school of magic.

    The Boots of Speed Enchantment mod is another pinnacle resource of this build as it enables Xander to run super fast, just like a certain furry blue speedy Rodent. If used correctly, this mod can help you get out of sticky situations with guards, bandits or anything else or if you don't want to be a coward, you can use the boots to aid your deadly wind coated twin daggers as you bounce between enimies.

    The Slow and stop time with a ring mod allows Xander to either slow time or stop it in its tracks to evade tough enemies, dodge projectile, be they arrow or spell, or just slip into a location to kill a character for a quest without alerting to authorities to his presence.

    With the Sekker of Sorcery power from the dragonborn dlc, Xander will be able to utilize his innate powers for ten percent more effecctiveness that and enchantment on clothing or weapons will be ten percent stronger.

    Behold my power!


    When Xander steps out of Helgen, he goes to Winterhold to take a small test to see if he can enter the College of Winterhold if he succeeds, he can enter and further hone his innate electricity to deal damage as well as protect himself. He leaves Winterhold and goes to the small Hamlet of Riverwood in order to star the Main Quest so he can begin his trifecta of saving Skyrim. After succeeding there, he goes to Whiterun, where he overhears a rumor of the Dawnguard hunting vampire and thus his second quest to free Skyrim starts. He travels along the roads of Skyrim after defeating Harkon, the lead vampire and buumps into two Miraak cultist who challenge his claim to the title 'dragonborn.' From their corpses, he learn of a dragonborn on Solsthiem, He goes there to stop him, whilst there he overhears a rumor in Raven Rock. He must make the Final Descent into the mine in Raven Rock in order to find out who or what is scariing the townspeople and local miners. 

    "With great power comes great responsibility"

    - Spider-man 

    College of Winterhold - Xander needs to learn how to use his new self-generating power wisely, the college can help him learn how to control his magic and also how to use it to deal damage to his enemies.

    Main Quest - The blur blur must help rid Skyrim of a dragon called 'the world eater'

    Dawnguard - Xander must stop the vampires and prevent their reign on Skyrim

    Dragonborn - Xander has one more enemy to defeat before Skyrim can truly be safe and he calls himself 'the true dragonborn.' He will soon release no one can match the skills of an electrically-charged khajiit

    The Final Descent - Xander must journey to the settlement of Raven Rock in order to locate and destrroy the ultimate test to his innate electrical powers. He will not be an easy challenge to overcome

    Companions - Inigo 


    The greatest threat to Xander's existence and the ultimate test of his skill

    Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated