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Character Build: The Yinyang Lizard

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    May 22, 2020

    This build is based off of my main character for my story 'the call of the wolf.' The main character has trouble with his emotions and tries, often in vain, to balance them. They are his yinyang, in a manner of speaking, because he found he cannot live with one emotion and not have the other. He to yearns balance his emotions and make his soul whole again.

    Hasir had witnessed death, but never like this. His aunt and uncle were cruelly ripped away from him before their time by a mysterious figure. What's worse is he witnessed his aunt's death first hand, he did not see how his uncle died. Regardless of seeing his uncle die or not, his death weighed as equally heavy on his soul like his aunt's especially gruesome death. He even blames himself for her death.

    The gruesome demises of both his aunt and uncle caused a black hole to rip Hasir's soul into two seperate parts, the white wolf is his positive emotions (happiness, laughter, joy) and the black wolf is his negative emotions (hate, sorrow, self-loathing). When his soul is reformed, iF his soul is reformed, that is, he would form a mix of his white and black selves, the black and white wolf (his purest self.) In the mean time, though, he has to wrestle with these two emotions and find a happy medium.

    Hasir, is a werewolf, blessed by the sacred gift of lycanthropy by the wolflord, Hircine. Hasir was trained in various disciplines to try to keep his soul at peace, to try to offset one aspect of his soul becoming too dominant and, if this happens, he could become manic or depressed.

    Hasir was raised in the blackmarsh city of Lilmoth to two argonain parents when he was not even a month old, a great fire enveloped his home. His father and mother luckily escaped. He was sent to live with his aunt Drujeeta and his uncle Juleen in Morrowind, he was relatively happy with them until the Doomstride killed both of them. Before they died, they sent a letter to their close friend, Quinchal, a tsaesci from the land of Akavir and instructed him to take Hasir under his wing and train his to quell his destructive behavior and find a better outlet for his inner rage.

    Quinchal thought about this and decided to enroll the hatchling in a martial arts class, Hasir would learn discipline, patience and would, above all, learn to express his anger in a healthier way. Quinchal trained Hasir hard for two years until he was finally ready to test his skills on the snowy island of Skyrim. 

    Name: Hasir

    Race: Argonian

    Apparel: Dragonscale Armor

    Weapons: Wrath of the wilds (Nettlebane enchanted with huntsman's prowess and silent moon's enchantment), Bow of the Hunting Grounds (Bow of the Stag Prince enchanted with chaos damage), Twin Souls (ebony dagger enchanted with fiery soultrap) 

    Spells: Healing, Flames, Steadfast ward, Conjure Familiar, Frenzy, Equilbrium, Close Wounds, Summon Inigo

    Shouts: Animal Allegiance, Frost Breath, Dismay, Summon Durnehviir, Soul Tear, Drain Vitality

    Powers: Beast Form

    Major Skills: One Handed, Light Armor, Smithing

    Minor Skills: Archery, Destruction

    Unperked Skill - Restoration

    Archery - the argonian must call upon the lord of the hunt to help him strike true with his bow. It also allows him to take the 'bow' of positive emotions and let loose the 'arrows' of negative emotion.

    Destruction - Hasir draws on his negative emotions to power spells from this dangerous class

    Light Armor - The black and white wolf lends Hasir his tough hide for when he comes under attack

    One Handed - the argonian must wield his positive and negative emotions as swords to do battle with

    Smithing - Hasir can pour his positive and negative emotions into a forge to craft powerful weapons and armor

    Restoration - nature energies of Kynareth herself aids Hasir if he gets injured in battle

    Moonlight Tales: Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul - This mod enables the user to truly roleplay a creature of the night complete with custom wolf skins, a complete perks overhaul and new holws.

    Inigo - A khajiit follower/friend whose story grows with yours. He comments on quests, the environment and even comments on certain situations. He is suitable for any build on Skyrim.

    Hunterborn - Hasir does not buy food from vendors, he kills for his food. This mod replaces the manual animal looting system with a more natural system of skinning, dress and carving meat from animals to the world of Skyrim, it enables the user to live off the land and become one with nature

    Elysium Estate - this mod adds a house worthy of a follower of Hircine and Kynareth

    Campfire - Complete Camping System - this mod adds a buildable campire along with tents to Skyrim

    Hircine and the Kynareth, they may not see eye to eye on some things, the hunt cannot exist without the natural order. The argonian's emotions work in a similar way.


    Against common enemies (bandits, highwaymen and forsworn, Hasir utilizes his shortsword, wrath of the wilds, and with it, he easily cuts through the competition. He can also use his drain vitaliity shout to steal their health, magicka and stamina so he can finis them off with a well shot arrows from hunting bow.

    When facing giants and dragons, he uses his dragon aspect shout to empower his shout and call an ally to the field, together, they rush forwards and lay the smack down on these gigantic creatures, if that fails, he can tap into Bloodfang's mind and cast flame after flame at them or dissimate them with his Fire breath.

    When it is time to face bosses like Karstaag, Miraak and the dragonpriests, he wisely chooses the element they are weakest to and uses that against them. He combats Karstaag's frost attack with his own fire-based attacks. For the dragonpriests and Miraak, he uses the element opposite the element the enemy dragonpriest is using.

    The Moonlight Tales mod enables Hasir to attempt to control his emotions and come close to becoming ones with his differing emotions. His good friend Inigo helps the argonian try to control his emotions by accompanying him to the greybeards and by talking to him. Hasir utilizes the Hunterborn mod as both a means of living of the land and as an excuse to let all of his frustration and anger to be released in a healthy manner.


    When Hasir leaves Helgen, he goes toWhiterun to join The Companions in order to obtain and learn about the blessing of the wolf, even though his emotions causing one wolf to become two. While in Whiterun, he meets a orc in Whiterun that has him go join the Dawnguard. whille in the dayspring canyon area, Hasir hears Danica wildspring needs help finding a cutting of the Gildergreen to aid in the growth of the ailing tree in Whiterun, while on the quest, he obtains nettlebane, a unique tool made for the purpose of obtaining the bark. Hasir gets a vision from Hircine telling him to go to Falkreath, as a wolf is imprisoned there who needs his help. He goes to the settlement of Raven Rock, far to the north of Skyrim, where he overhears a rogue dragonborn causing mayhem in Solstheim. During his travels in the city of Solitude, he meets a housecarl who requests him to start the quest The Man Who Cried Wolf in order to end a threat to all people of Skyrim.  

    The Companions - Hasir joins this guild to seek help from its members about his emotion problem

    Dawnguard - The argonian must rid Harkon and his ilk from Skyrim, as per his master's instructions

    Dragonborn - Hasir must rid Solstheim of a great evil

    Ill Met By Moonlight - Hasir must either kill or save a werewolf accused of murder from the citizens of Falkreath

    The Man Who Cried Wolf (both parts) - The black and white wolves must cooperate to end a great threat to Skyrim.

    Companions: Inigo (with hunting grounds armor)

    Blessings of Nature - The yinyang lizard undergoes a journey of selfreflection and to aid a priest of Kynareth

    Only when these quests, or trials of emotion, are conquered, can the two halves become whole and the black and white wolf, named Twilight, be revealed

    Coonstructive Criticism Is Appreciated