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Character Build: Absorbing Kid from the Sky

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  • November 23, 2019

    Absorbing Kid from the Sky
    Race: Breton
    Gender: Male
    Stats: 3/6/1


    The Absorbing Kid from the Sky was found as a baby Breton in a small town near the city of Cheydinhal in Cyrodill. A priest found him on a warm summer day relaxing underneath the coolness of a tree when suddenly a baby felt out of the sky directly in his lap. He recognized the baby as not being an Imperial, but a Breton. Which was strange, because they hadn't seen Bretons for years. He decided to raise the baby as one of his own.

    The Absorbing Kid from the Sky was raised with the great love of his foster parent, but his childhood wasn't always easy. The other children in the village were always picking on him because of his Elfish looks and because he was quite heavy as a child. They tended to beat him up quite often. The Absorbing Kid from the Sky was afraid to tell this to his foster parent who tried his best to raise him and who also did get a lot of slack behind his back because he was raising a foreign child. Therefore the Absorbing Kid from the Sky used his natural qualities in Restoration and Alchemy to heal himself. He also developed an interest in Heavy Armor, because he was looking for a way to protect himself better against the beating. So he equipped himself with armor which stopped the beating when a bully broke his fist when he tried to hit him. After that everything went well for The Absorbing Kid from the Sky until his loving foster parent died of old age.

    This made him realize he had nothing left in Cyrodiil and he decided to go back to the land of his ancestors. So he equipped himself with his best armor and put his best healing potions in his bag. And there he went on his way to High Rock. On his way to High Rock, he had to go through Skyrim and that was where he was caught on the border close to Helgen. And where the rest of his story will continue...

    -Restoration (everything except ward absorb & master restoration)
    -Alchemy (right path until snake blood)
    -Enchanting (middle path)
    -Heavy Armor (right path)
    -Lockpicking (Whole treasure hunter path)
    -Vampirism (until blood healing)

    Standing Stone
    -Lady Stone and Atronach Stone

    Ebony Armor: Fortify Heavy Armor and Fortify Restoration
    Ebony boots: Resist Fire and Resist Frost
    Ebony Gauntlets: Fortify Heavy Armor and Fortify Alchemy
    Aetherial Crown
    Gold Diamond Ring: Fortify Restoration and Fortify Heavy Armor
    Amulet of Talos

    -All kind of staves. In general, you first use a conjuration stave to summon an atronach or daedra and afterward you dual wield destruction staves.

    -Healing Spells: Healing -->Fast Healing-->Close Wounds-->Grand Healing
    -Ward Spells: Lesser Ward-->Steadfast Ward-->Greater Ward


    -Become Ethereal
    -Kyne's Peace
    -Ice Form

    -Restore Health
    -Fortify Health
    -Regenerate Health
    -Sleeping Tree Sap
    -Cure Condition
    -Resist Magicka
    -Resist Poison
    -Resist Fire
    -Resist Frost
    -Resist Shock
    -Fortify Restoration
    -Fortify Heavy Armor

    -Quests where exiting a city isn't necessary.
    -Save quests
    -Divine Quests
    -Bards College
    -College of Winterhold

    The Absorbing Kid from the Sky is a coward. He doesn't like fighting. That's why he tries to find a good companion to do the fighting for him. In the meanwhile, he is using potions, restoration spells, and heavy armor to keep himself alive. Out of battle is he a very shy and quiet person who prefers to stay in cities and only does missions with minimum danger.

  • November 27, 2019

    Heh, I'm uh, quite a fan of the reference here, interesting choice and I think you've done a really good job creating an interesting interpretation of the character. Actually I suppose it's fair to say that it's more that you've created a really interesting character around the core concept of the card, admiteddly the backstory starts off a little strange, probably could do something a bit more realistic considering the father could be an Imperial while the mother is a Breton who'd just passed through (I also think that it would make more sense for him to be from a smaller village rather than a large Imperial town, they'd be incredibly used to foreign people in Cheydinhal so it just feels a bit unrealistic for him). 

    Other then that, if you post more builds it would be a good idea to expand on the gameplay a little bit more and a full list of perks is technically required by the group rules. But yeah, like what you did with the character and there are some interesting little bits of the build. Hope to see more stuff from you mate :D

  • January 31, 2020

    Lol what even is this build?!