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Character Build : The Phoenix

Tags: #Character Build Spellsword  #Character Build Warrior  #Character Build Hero  #Race:Altmer  #roleplay  #Ordinator  #SE Rank:Novice 
  • October 10, 2019

    Really, really interesting. It took me a fair bit of time to read through everything a few times and make sure I fully understood the combat, mostly just because of the amount of detail you've added (which is awesome). In the end, I think I really enjoy the concepts of this build, from the Roleplaying/Character to the intricate  and detailed combat/gameplay sections, you've just got a really interesting build here. I think the way you've connected all of the skills together is really good and it creates what seems like a fluid and fast paced combat style that sounds like an insane amount of fun. 

    I do want to drop a few recommendations mostly just regarding the presentation of the build. It's not bad, but the amount of white space you have in the build leaves it feeling stretched out and a lot of time can ruin the general feel of the build. I'd really recommend trying to get of as much of it as possible, which seems like it'd be pretty easy here and would just make everything come together better visually. The only other major thing I think is worth mentioning is the Perk Spread, at the moment it's just too small to read so I'd definitely try and fix that so we can read the perks easier. 

    Other then those relatively minor details, I don't really have much. If you'd still like me to go over the build for editing I can, just takes a bit more time than something like this so might need to set up a bit more time later personally. 

    EDIT: Also tags, knew I forgot something. First the title of the build shouldn't include Ordinator, you've already got the tag and all that, also you should probably edit your tags to include SE Rank:Novice and take the s off the end of Ordinator just so the tag actually works :)

  • October 11, 2019

    Thanks for your advices ! I tried to make some changes :)

  • October 11, 2019

    Whoo yeah, visually that's a huge jump. Only thing is the perk spread not working if you just bump up the size, realistically the best approach is to upload them to the site as close to a width of 900 (or 800 really) as you can, if you have to personally edit the size on site it usually ends up looking either too blurry or just too small. 

  • October 11, 2019
    Yeah, that will be done within few days :) Thx for telling me exactly what to do, a width of 900 shall do the trick ! Do you know a good online website to add text to pictures ?
  • October 13, 2019

    No problem, it can be pretty hard to remember that not everyone knows the width. Sorry mate, I just use Powerpoint personally, and I think anything that's restricted to a website probably isn't going to be as good as a solid app...Could be wrong, as I said I've really got no idea. 

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    December 4, 2019

    Interesting build. Elven lore is pretty interesting imo, I hope that they really delve into it in the next Elder Scrolls. Being placed in a land where the Elven version of the Pantheon are the main Gods would be really cool.