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Character Build: The Flower of Akavir

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    September 18, 2019

    This build is my attempt at bringing the heroine of the ballad of Hua Mulan, which means Flower Wood Orchid in Chinese, seamlessly into the world of the elder scrolls: Skyrim. Ten years ago, I found out about the real legend. Before then, I thought Mulan was just some princess in a disney movie. 


    Mulan was born into a warrior family on Akavir. Her village had no natural barriers like the other villages on the island. There were no mountains of walls to stop them from getting attacked. They had an expansive ocean seperating them from the rest of Akavir, but, that only served as a way for Invading Akaviri corsairs to gain easy access into their village. Mulan's father, Xi Qing, was a part of the Akaviri army, a force to combat the constant wave of evil that threatens the village. He had no choice in joining the army. King Zhu Long made it mandatory for every village to offer up one male to join with the imperial army, those that didn't went into hiding, to a land far to the south. 

    The deserters who were caught were promptly executed in front of the dragon palace. One day, A rider clad in the royal white and red robes rode up to the family's house, he knocked on the door. Mulan's father received an urgent missive that he was needed. A war broke out in the Zhouchang province. He had to leave immediately. He turned to Mulan who was behind him.

    "Mulan, I have to go." He told her, in a sweet voice. “Be a good girl and help our mother with whatever she needs.”

    Mulan threw herself at her father, saying she did not want him to go, tears started to streak down her face. Xi looked to Ming, Mulan's mother, for help with their crying child. She came over to Mulan, kneeling down, she told the little girl that her father had to go to war and will be back soon, though she did not know that for sure.

    A few weeks later, just after Ming had put her daughter to bed, another officer of the king arrived at their door, Ming opened it and saw a rather stern look on his face, "Madame," He bowed as a sign of respect, "Your husband..."

    "What about him, is he ok?" Ming said, worried.

    "I'm afraid he is dead." To emphasize this point, the officer took off his helmet and wore a sorrowful expression on his face.

    Ming thanked the man for relaying the information and then asked how he died.

    "The officer, still looking sorrowful said, "His regament was tasked with sneaking into an enemy camp and stealing their plans. They got caught by two enemy soldiers who were patrolling the area and killed everyone including your husband.

    "By Akatosh, that sounds awful." Ming said in a low voice.

    The soldier said it was and bade farewell to Ming, who, in turn, waved goodbye to the officer. She ran upstairs and knocked on Mulan's door. Her daughter got out of bed and opened it, there stood her mother, out of breath.

    "Mommy, what is it, why have you woken me?" She asked.

    Her mother, breathing heavily, told her that her dad passed away several minutes ago. At this point, Mulan ran for the stairs. Her mom blocked the entrance to the hallway, holding the struggling child. 

    "I am sorry, Mulan, but you cannot see your father, he is gone, please accept it." She looked at her daughter with pleading eyes. Her daughter relaxed.

    Several years passed and Mulan was now a young woman. She decided to join the army in her father's stead. She went to the armory and put on Akaviri armor,  an imperial helmet and strapped a one handed armsman sword to her waist, told her mother to not worry as she will make sure her father's death was not in vain and left to join the army. When she got to where the army was camped out, the general began instructing the troops. He got to Mulan and he froze. At first he thought she was a man, until he looked closer.

    "Young lady, the army is no place for you!” He yelled, and then added mockingly, Shouldn't you be doing housework?"

    Mulan stated that she was there to avenge her father and also to finish what he and his platoon had started. The general did not argue any further. Instead, he turned to the troops,.

    "Alright men, we have a woman who wants to join the army. I cannot say much in this matter. All I can do is to wish her the best of luck.” Some of them men started to laughed. The general eyed them angrily, they stopped immediately. “She will be going to Skyrim in order to help our Imperial troops garrisoned there. Remember, I want nothing short of victory.”

    Mulan left the camp and strapped her sword tight to the saddle of a black horse clad in akaviri armor and in the saddle bag, the general put sealed orders to be delivered directly to general Tullius in Skyrim.

    Name: Hua Mulan

    Race: Imperial

    Standing Stone: I chose the steed for this because Mulan is known to be excellent at horseback riding. I also chose the lord because of Mulan's prowess with a blade. I avoided going with the warrior stone because it just had too many drawbacks.

    Stats: 0:2:3 (for every 2 levels, once she gets to 500 health, then pour all points into stamina)

    Apparel: Akavir Blades Armor

    Weapons: Armsman Sword, Valenwood Warbow 

    Spells: none, she is not skilled at magic

    Shouts: Aura Whisper, Battle Fury, Elemental Fury, Whirlwind Sprint, Marked For Death, Dragonrend, Slow Time

    Major Skills: Archery, Heavy Armor, One handed

    Minor Skills: Smithing

    Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim - reworks Skyrim's standing stones to something more unique

    Hashire  - this mod adds a truly unique horse to Skyrim. You can customize the skin, put different saddles or armor on it and you can add various effects to it as well.

    Ordinator - this mod reworks Skyrim's perk trees by adding new perks and repositioning old ones

    Immersive Armors - this mod is essential as it gives Mulan her armor somewhat matching the armor from the legend

    Immersive Weapons - this mod adds the armsman sword, Mulan's weapon of choice, to the game world

    Conqueror's Honor - adds an akaviri style house to Skyrim

    Inigo - adds a companion that has over 5,000 lines of dialogue. He can comment on quests, become a counselor for your character and even sing songs

     Archery - her father taught Mulan how to shoot arrows in the hope that she will become a fine hunter

     Heavy Armor - Mulan had to teach herself how to utilize the armor she smithed for maximum protection

     One handed - she taught herself how to wield a sword and use it to deal damage 

      Smithing - being a female in the army, she had to learn to craft armor and weapons by herself, without help from the men


    Against bandits, highwaymen and forsworn, Mulan utlizes her marked for death shout to weaken their armor and their spirits and then severs their ties with the living world with one swing of her sword. If she is surrounded by more than one bandit, she goes on an elevated section of land, uses aura whisper to scope out the exact number of bandits, forsworn or highwaymen and then summons Inigo as they both mow them down with their impressive archery skills. 

    Against dragons, she knocks the dragon out of the sky with dragonrend and then powers up Inigo's weapons with her battle fury shout, then she empowers her armsman sword, which is obtained by forging it under the imperial category with the Immersive Weapons mod, with elemental fury and then they both go to town on the dragon, hacking and slashing at every scale or soft spot they can reach. using the lord stone from the Aurora mod can help a lot as that stone causes you to do more damage at high health.

    Against Mages, she charges at them while on her horse, Hashire. While she is on her mount, she slashes left annd right with her armsman sword, cutting down any mage foolish enough to get in her way. 

    Against dragonpriests, she waits patiently for a gap to open up, when he is done casting, she rushes at them with her whirlwind sprint shout and mercilessly slashes at them with her sword. 

    After reaching Skyrim, Mulan is thrown in prison for attempting to join the Imperial army because of her gender. After she gets out, she undertakes The Main Quest in order to start proving to the legion and all of tamriel that a woman can make a difference. After this, she continue her path to redemption by joining The Companions so that she may learn how to properly wield, attack and defend with a sword. After she is well acquainted with her weapon, she tries again to infiltrate Solitude and join The Imperial Legion, this time, she is successful. She learns from General Tullius that the dark brotherhood is making trouble, killing the Imperial troops who venture too near their base. She must go down there with permission from Tullius and commander Maro and Destroy the Dark Brotherhood.


    The Companions - The flower must learn the art of swordmanship and prove her honor and stalwartness before she can blossom

    The Imperials - Mulan will prove everyone that ever made fun of her that a woman can join the army and perform quite admirably

    The Main Quest - Thiis quest is to help Mulan gain the essential shouts so she can become the true legend she was meant to be

    Destroy the Dark Brotherhood - the imperial army and the dark brotherhood has been at odds on their methods of killing for at least 200 years. Aided by the imperial army, Mulan must destroy them in the name of her country, her father and the emperor. Also she does not condone the senseless killing they practice.

    Companions Inigo

    The poem "Ballad of Mulan"

    Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated