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Character Build: The Ideal Master

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    June 26

    I came up with this build after seeing Camelwork's "Who are the ideal masters?" video on Youtube. I thought to myself, "How cool would it be to make a build about the ideal masters before they became those soul sucking crystals found in the soul cairn?" This builds tells one of the ideal master's quest for power and how it lead him to kill the others. There are three glowing purple crystals in the soul cairn, so, there should be three ideal masters. 

    The Ideal Masters were said to be great necromancers that lived in Nirn's Merethic Era, quite adept at the trafficking and trapping of souls. Once the souls were in the gems, they would use them to fuel their dark and foul deeds, which usually meant sending the soul to a kind of hell for it to be continuously tortured or to help them achieve lichdom.. The Ideal Masters used grand soul gems for this purpose as the petty, common and greater soul gems were too small to hold a human's soul. Once the soul was trapped, the ideal masters would use their foul magic to turn the gem black as night, this action forbade light souls to enter them. They then trafficked the poor souls to regions known as soul cairns that were kind of like necromancer trading posts. Here a necromancer could trade souls for special powers.

    However, the Aedra soon found out about this and hunted down the ideal masters and imprisoned them for crimes against Aedric law. They even saw to it that all soul cairns were destroyed. They, however failed to destroy all of them

    Cedrem grew up in Summerset Isle is 2E 700. He and his three brothers were always good boys, staying away from the dark arts and never doing anything that was considered ‘against their character.’ One day, they were playing in the yard with other boys their age when they heard a choking cry ring out from the cottage that was their home. They went inside to see what the crisis was. Their mother was lying in her bed, looking deathly pale and thinner than usual. They turned to their father who stood near their mother.

    "Father, what has happened?"

    Their Dad turned to them with tears in his eyes,

    "Boys, your mother...oh dear Mara, this is hard...I can't say it, I'm sorry."

    He turned from them, burying his head in the bed linens, sobbing. One of the sons, Strexis, put his hand on his dad's shoulder,

    "Father, it is okay, you can tell us." Cedrem and Makar both pleaded alongside Strexis.

    Their father did not speak for several hours, he was obviously trying to gather his thoughts. When he did speak, he did so with great effort

    "Boys, listen closely," He wiped a tear from his eye, "Your mother has contracted yellow fever. I fear she does not have long left, so best say your goodbyes now."

    The three boys got up and moved closer to the bed, all of them saying goodbye to their dying mother. The last one to say farewell was Cedrem. Seeing her on her deathbed hit him especially hard as he was the closest to her." He held her hand as the life drain out of her. 

    "Mom," His voice was raspy between tears, "we will get you to a hospital, you can, nay, you will pull through." She tried to reassure him that all will be okay, but, the moment she lifted her head to speak, he head fell against the pillow and her limb hand felt cold in Cendren’s grip. He saw the light leave her eyes.

    He half cried, half screamed, "God damnit! She can't be gone! I know, it's a trick....a-a-a ruse. She is just sleeping. She will awaken tomorrow and be her lively self again.

    He looked at his dad, expecting to see him laugh as if it were a prank, he did not smile or laugh.

    "I am sorry son, she is gone."

    "Can we bring her back somehow?" Cedren thought abit before speaking again, "I have seen necromancers bring loved ones back from the dead."

    His father frowned, "Son, you best not dabble in the dark arts, for people that do so get more than they bargained for."

    But, it was too late, Cedren was trying to convince his brothers that if they become necromancers that they can save the ones they loved from death. His brothers tried to make Cedren see reason. Cedren saw this a betray, that they did not WANT their mother back. they tried convicing Cedren about how dangerous this was. They did not have time to take back their words because a moment later, they felt their flesh melt away in a purple light. They had just joined their mother and their father as Cedren's undead servants. 

    A few years passed since his first brush with necromancy. Cedren was approached by a courier

    "I have this letter, sir."

    The courier hand Cedrem the letter

    The high elf unfolded it and read: I have heard about your willingness to bring back loved ones from the grave. What you did was but mere child's play compared to what a real necromancer can do. If you are interested in learning more, come seek me out - H.

    Cedren smiled a sleek, black smile and uttered one word.


    Name: Cedrem Sanguis

    Standing Stone: The Mage (The ritual with Aetherium Crown)

    Armor: cStalneisti armor

    Weapons: Ebony Blade, Soul Ripper (mutilator enchanted with fiery soul trap and absorb health)

    Spells: Drain Life, Summon Arvak, Summon Mistman, Consuming Power, Soul Cloak, Corpse Explosion, Banish Livng, Necrowitch, Consuming Shadows, Conjure Umbra'keth, Curse - Killing, Curse - Cruciating, Curse - Commanding, Summon - Dragon (Skeletal)

    Shouts: Summon Durnehviir, Dragon Aspect, Marked For Death, Annihilate, Splinter Twins, Evocation

    Powers: Vampire Lord

    Major Skills: Conjuration, Restoration

    Minor Skills: Heavy Armor, Enchanting

    Unperked Skills: Destruction, One Handed

    Conjuration - Cendren can conjure alll manner of unholy creatures to crush his enemies

    Destruction - The necromancer can call upon shadow magic to trap mortal souls for his misdeeds

    Enchanting - The dark lord can coat his weapons and armor with the souls of the undead

    Heavy Armor - the Sorcerer needs to protect himself from damage while he casts his malicious spells

    One Handed -  The evil one uses his father's dagger and sword to reap chaos amongst the mortal of Skyrim

    Restoration - The master of undead can use healing magic against others as well as use the power of disease and undeath to physically weaken, and even kill, his enemies

    Aurora Standing Stone of Skyrim - Reworks Skyrim's standing stones 

    Imperious - Races of Skyrim - makes Skyrim's races more interesting 

    Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim - adds 155 spells to the world of Skyrim, including many evil spells

    Shadow Spell Package - adds shadow spells to Skyrim

    Phenderix Magic World - this mod adds a lot of spells and other addons to Skyrim, including three curses that are viital for this caracter to work

    Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim - Overhauls Skyrim's perk system 

    Stalhrim Variants - Stalneisti and Staledur - adds fire and shock variants of the stalhrim armor., also Stalneisti armor looks a lot like the purple crystal the ideal masters turned into.


    Cendren uses the mage and ritual stone from the Aurora: Standing Stones of Skyrim mod. The ritual stone reanimatess all nearby dead, just like vanilla, however, in the mod, it allows the user to swap health percentages with a target. The mage allows the user to choose a magic school, empowering said school temporarily. the Imperious mod empowers Altmers while taking some stuff away like making their weapons and armor weaker while strengthening enchantments. The Shadowspell mod enables Cedrem to use many shadows spells which are useful for killing anything from the lowly bandit to the mightiest dragon, dragonpriest or mage. 

    The Phenderix Maguic World mod enables Cendren to utilize three curses, namely the killing, cruciating and commanding curses, to immobilize and even kill his enemies. The build uses Ordinator because Cedren is, after all a necromancer who deals in death and disease. I chose the armor for this mod to be Stalneisti armor because of how it has the same deep purple coloration as the crystals that his bethren inhabit.

    After escaping the imperial guards coming for him after hearing about his misdeeds, he travels to Skyrim via ship to further his aims of one day reuniting with his mother. The boat leads him to a island in the middle of the sea of ghosts, he looks up to see a huge castle. He approaches the castle and finds himself face to face with the man who sent the letter, a tall, dark haired vampire. They then proceed inside and he tell Cedren about the ins and outs of necromancy. However the actual quest starts in the south-west of Skyrim, in fort Dawnguard, and thus starts the Dawnguard questline. After he has his vampire lord form, he travels to Winterhold to enroll in the College of Winterhold under the guise of a college student, even though his true intentions are far darker.

    When that questline is complete, he ventures to dragonsreach in the hopes of obtaining a sword from The Whispering Door that will help him in his dark misdeeds. With the sword in his possession, he ventures to the far north to find the shrine of Azura, only to betray her to Nelecar, a necromantically minded high elf in Dawnstar to obtain The Black Star. With all these items in his possession, he can finally gain the book of dark power in Discerning The Transmundane. After obtaining the knowledge of many necromancers past, he is ready to unseat the false necromancer and Dragonborn, Miraak, from the throne in Solstheim

    Dawnguard - The necromancer must complete this questline if he wishes to go under the service of a certain vampire lord who will teach him how to expand upon his base knowledge of necromancy. He also gains access to his new home, the soul cairn

    Dragonborn - Cedrem has heard of a rival necromancer on the island of solsthiem, stealing HIS souls

    College of Winterhold - the undead one undertakes this quest to further his understanding of necromancy and also helps him gain control of his spells

    The Whispering Door - Cedrem gets his father's blade from a formless voice that only heralds doom

    The Black Star - this quest is required for Cendren to gain knowledge of black souls and how to trap them

    Discerning The Transmundane - The ideal master learn all he has to know about necromancy and other dark arts from this book

     Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated