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Character Build: Vampire Death Bringer

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  • February 26, 2019

    It's my first build. Hope you like it!!


    Vampire Death Bringer

          Morrowind was not the easiest place to grow up, but you had a family there, that maked the things work. Your dad tried to teach you how to grow crops. You learned it a little bit, but you was curious, wanted to learn how to do more things, so your mom, a skillful fighter, taught you how to properly swing a weapon. Everything went fine and then, when you hit a certain age, it did'nt seem to be enough, again. You wanted more! Wanted to see the world, fight like your mother, have something more to tell than just 'bout plants ...

          So you went  from Morrowind to Skyrim, just to be caught as you crossed the border. Destined to the block and axe, you escaped when a dragon attacked  Helgen. You were excited about seeing a dragon, it wasn't only a legend! After that, using the dual wield fight style from your family and the fire power of your dunmer blood, you run around seaching more about it, anc came to discover that you were The Dragonborn!

         But fate decided to play with you. Infected by sanguinare vampiris, you went to the college, to improve your restoration skills in hope to cure yourself. Despite the efforts, you ended becoming a vampire.

         A few days in your new life were enough for you to get addicted to your power. Decided to be one of the strongest vampires, you went to fort dawnguard trying to discover from where the vampires were coming from. Rescuing and leading Serana back to her home, made you finally meet the oldest and most powerful vampires in Skyrim. With their gift, you've turned into the death bringer, to deal with the enemies of your new clan.

                    Now you have the true power and not a simple disease, but maybe it's not enough for you yet...


    Race: Male/Female Dunmer (for roleplay), Male/Female Breton (for more magic resistance).

    Stone: Mage. Later augmented Lady or augmented Lord.

    Stats: Magicka 2 / Health 2 / Stamina 1 - Until 250 Magicka. Then Health 2 / Stamina 2.

    Major Skills: One-handed, Destruction, Enchanting, Alteration.

    Minor Skills: Restoration, Speech.

    Equipments:  Silver Swords, vampire armor.

    Powers: Force without effort, sailor's repose, companion's insight, seeker of might, Secret of protection.

    Shouts: Slow time, Become Ethereal, Whirlwind sprint, Dragon aspect.

    Quests: Main quest, College of Winterhold, Civil War, Dawnguard (vampires side obviously), Dragonborn, Discerning the transmundane.




                    Some cultures says that vampires have a supernatural speed and are way stronger than a mortal. Basically this build will use the vampire + necromage + stability to turn you into a fearsome, blind speed, vampire warrior of legends. Will have little armor rating to balance the things out. You'll need to be fast to evade the incoming blows. Here enter the three words of slow time and become ethereal. The Lady and the Lord have their benefits boosted by the necromage + vampire. So choose what you think you are needing more. I went with the lady for the times I was forced to fight in the daylight. Also all enchantments on your armors will be boosted too.      

     One-handed is your main source of damage. Dual wield silver swords will greatly improve your damage against that tough undeads. And to simulate the vampire superior speed we'll need the Dual flurry perk. The attack speed bonus will increase with necromage for a vampire character, and that is what we want here. So wait till you get necromage and become a vampire before the Dual Flurry perk!! Dual power attacks stagger is improved by Force without effort.

    Your Dunmer blood gives you affinity with the fire, even being a vampire. Destruction is used for the fire spells, giving you a option to deal with distant enemies or in tough battles where is better not being to close of your opponent. And to use flame cloak is awesome. Nothing will strike more fear to your enemies than see a vampire, a creature that have to run away from the fire, walk into their direction in the middle of a burning cloud.

    Alteration combined with necromage, will give you a little boost to armor, but not too much. As you may have noticed, this build utilizes vampire armor, but we will not take perks in light armor or smithing. This skill will help to keep you alive, but the main purpose here is the stability perk. This combined with necromage will give us our survivability as I will explain later.


    Enchanting will boost our combat skills and damage. Combining fire enchanter with augmented fire from destruction tree, will be infusing our silver swords with fire power to greatly increase the damage. Also we will enchant our armor and accessories to reduce mana costs of spells and boost our mana, health and stamina pools. And is a great source of money in the beginning with damage stamina or banish if you're lucky enough to find it.


    Restoration give us the necromage perk, one of the core things of the build. Besides that, we will only use it to heal ourselves, and with the bonus from necromage and the sailor's repose, we don't need to use more than Fast healing, casted one in each hand, to save us. And we'll have Avoid death perk for that desperate moments, when nothing worked.


    Speech will only serve for the merchant perk. This will make the things easier as you can train your skills in college and then sell all your enchanted items to take the money back.







        For Followers I've used Faendal until Castle Volkihar. From there on, I've used only Serana. I liked to see this as if the other mortals didn't        worth to fight by my side.



    Tier 1 =    Hood or circlet with fortify magic.

                    Light armor with fortify Destruction.

                    Ring of fortify destruction.

                    Amulet with fortify alteration.

                    Light armor gauntlets with fortify one-handed.

                    Light armor boots with fire resistance.

                    2 Silver Swords. One with fire enchantment and other with fiery soul trap


    Tier 2 =    Mage's Circlet - try to get at least the lvl 15 version.

                    Vampire armor of destruction

                    Vampire gauntlets enchanted with fortify one-handed.

                    Vampire boots enchanted with fire resistance.              

                    Ring of fortify destruction.

                    Amulet with fortify alteration.

                    2 Silver Swords. One with fire enchantment and other with fiery soul trap.


    Tier 3 =    Blood Crown - Fortify Magicka regen 61%, fortify destruction 25%. (Gold and ruby circlet)

                    Death Bringer Coat - Fortify Destruction 25% and alteration 25%. (Red Vampire armor)

                    Death Bringer Grasp - Fortify one-handed 40% and Magicka 62. (Vampire gauntlets)

                    Death Bringer Trample - Fortify one-handed 40% and Stamina 62. (Vampire Boots                

                    Blood Shield - Fire resistance 42% and magic resistance 20% (Silver and ruby or Bone Hawk Ring)

                    Blood Gift - Fortify stamina regen and fortigy health 62. (Gold Ruby necklace or Bone Hawk Amulet)

                    Blood hunger - Fire Damage 42 and 30 Absorb health. (2 Silver Swords)


    Special Skills


    Supernatural speed

    Requires : Slow time + stability + vampire + necromage.

    As you run around on the battlefield the time seems like it almost have stopped. But for your enemies you've turned into a blur that are moving and attacking they, as they desperately swing weapons to try to hit anything.

    The three word of slow time will make the time almost stop. This will give the feel of being more fast than the eye. This move will be used frequently, to kill enemies fast and minimizing the incoming damage.


    Blink of an eye

    Requires: Whirlwind sprint + Critical charge.

    Your vampire abilities make you can reach distant enemies with a huge speed and dealing great damage to then.

    To perform this move, you only need to hold the attack button in the end of the whirlwind shout. If you do it right you'll attack with critical charge. Useful and fun ability.

    Killer Mist

    Requires: Become Ethereal + Dual cast flame cloak.

    As a defensive maneuvers you can use your vampire powers to turn yourself into an invulnerable mist. Having a moment to rest and plan you actions again. You don't know if was your Dunmer blood or what that caused it, but when you enter in this state you constant burn your enemies.

    This move is very useful to save you in some situations, or just for the fun to watch the enemies attack you and hit nothing, while then slowly lose their own health.



    Requires: Killer Mist + Firestorm

    This is the final state of your mist power. When you leave your mist form you create a huge blast of fire damaging everyone around you.

    Nothing more beautiful than watch the enemies surrounding you, trying to hit you, and then just a little before the end of the ethereal form, you blast then with the firestorm spell. I loved to use this.


    True Death Bringer

    Requires: Dragon aspect + secret of protection + Dual cast flame cloak.

    You assume the final aspect of a killer. Dealing more damage, resisting more damage, while burn everything on the way. The incarnation of the worst fear of your enemies.

    As an once per day power this should be used carefully. I've used this few times cause I didn't feel the need, but the effect are great.


    Roleplay and Quests

    You were almost killed as you entered in Skyrim. You just leaved the "Hell-gen", and Hadvar/Ralof asks you to go to Riverwood, then you are again, sended to deliver the message about dragon, to whiterun's Jarl. And it will put you in further danger.  So in the beginning, you act with a little distrust with everyone. Later the vampirism make you arrogant, self-confident and selfish. You will not do anything that don't benefit you in some way. Be careful, you are not a mindless murderer machine beast, that just go killing spree in the city cause you don't like some of citizens (I'm looking to you Nazeem). Instead of it, you are too superior of them to care.

    Main quest

    Do this till you get the first Shout. Then contract sanguinare Vampiris and go to the college of Winterhold to try learn a cure through restoration training. In the way to college pass through ironbind barrow, get the fiery soul trap enchanting. Your main enchant earlier to fill lots of soul gems. There you find too the first word of Become Ethereal, but you'll don't use it yet.

    College of Winterhold

    Here you start to study the restoration school with Colette. Do the college quest line till your disease make you become a vampire. Now you can learn the Become Ethereal shout, your "mist form".  After proving the taste of your new power, you've decided to get more and more stronger. Stop the college quest after "Good intentions." Then start dawnguard quest.


    Join the vampire side of dawnguard, do the "Blood stone Chalice" and stop. Do some radiant quests for the vampires. Now that you were a true vampire you'll start the research on college again.

    Back to College

    Finish the College quest line. Acquire necromage perk  and aim to get stability at any cost too. With this new power you saw that your shouts get stronger too. So it's the time to meet the greybeards and learn more about it.

    Back to main quest

    Follow the main quest till you meet Paarthurnax. This will give you access to the "Blink of an eye" Skill, extended time of the mist form and your attacks will have more stagger with the "force without effort" meditation. After your meeting with Paarthurnax your supernatural senses tell you that you are needed in the Vampire Court again. Acquire the slow time second word in the hags end before you reach the castle.

    Back to Volkihar Castle

    Finish the vampire quest line and stop the dawnguard threat. In the way back to castle you've heard a rumor about  a secret power lying in the Bard's Leap Summit. Get the last word of become ethereal there. Now the duration of your mist form will be incredible long.


    In your travels you found more of Miraak followers. Traveling to Solstheim to investigate you came across new powers, called black books. Companion's insight will help not burn who are accompanying you. Seeker of might will improve your damage in 10% and Secret of protection you keep you alive in some chaotic situations. With two words of Dragon Aspect , after you meet Miraak in the temple, you receive a message from The Castle Volkihar to go back.

    The Civil War

    The vampires are afraid that the civil war may become a threat to the vampire court if they discover you all. You decided to help put an end in this. No matter what side you choose this decision will make you more fast, with the discover of the last word for Slow time. Start and finish this quest line.

    Back to Solstheim

    Now that you solved the problems that could brought unwanted attention to the vampires, it's time to deal with the headache that Miraak proved to be. Go back to Solstheim and finish the Dragonborn quest line, and take the last word of Dragon Aspect.

    The World Eater

    After facing Miraak it is time to end Alduin before he resolves to end the threat you have become. Finish the main questline. Now you feel that you have become the most powerful vampire, so it's time to rest and enjoy the pleasures of an immortal life in the Castle Volkihar.

    Closing Notes

    Well Hope you like this as I liked. I really enjoyed playing this character. I didn't put marriage or children sections, 'cause we can't marry Serana without PC mods. I feel that the right thing was to marry her, after all. So feel free to marry anyone and turn them into vampire.

    Screenshots by Me. The presentation image and skills icons I found in the internet, but the modifications and treatments was made by my girlfriend. Thanks for reading!!!

  • February 26, 2019

    Interesting, so before I go any further I just wanted to ask if the blur effect on the pictures was specifically done or if that's a mis-step of some sort. Not sure, if it's intended then I can't really say anything about it but if not, then yeah it kind of ruins what look like excellent screenshots. 

    Anyway, the build itself is really well presented, nothing flashy or extreme but a simplistic design that puts the information at the forefront of the build which is really great to see. The build itself is interesting, I like the focus on the Stabilty + Necromage + Slow Time effect (which is surprisingly rare to see) because it's kind of a unique mechanic that doesn't pop up all that often. Other then that, well yeah it's just a really solid build especially considering it's your first. 

    Don't think I have anything really negative to say, or really many suggestions for that matter, there's nothing that I think the build needs and it does what you mean it to do really well. Yeah really I just hope you've got more builds coming :D

  • February 26, 2019

    Thanks Dragonborn2021!! The blur was intentionally, but they were less blurred on the originals I have. Don't know why...

    As for other builds, I'm working on something. Trying my hand around a theme that I like a lot. xD

    Thx again ^^ 

  • February 28, 2019

    Thanks Dragonborn2021!! The blur was intentionally, but they were less blurred on the originals I have. Don't know why...

    As for other builds, I'm working on something. Trying my hand around a theme that I like a lot. xD

    Thx again ^^ 

    It might be the upload to Imgur? I've had issues from time to time uploading to various places so that's something that might effect the image...If not then, not sure but I think it works, half the time images are a bit blurry for me either because I haven't cleaned my Laptop Screen or Glasses, so it's normal :P

    Oh awesome, will be interested in seeing it. Once you have multiple builds up you might want to add a personal tag to your builds, something like 'Darkmoon Builds' or something so when anyone finds one they can just hop to the rest of your work to see what else you've posted. Anyway, yeah definitely excited for that and if you have any questions feel free to ask mate :D

  • February 28, 2019

    Dragonborn2021 said:

    It might be the upload to Imgur? I've had issues from time to time uploading to various places so that's something that might effect the image...If not then, not sure but I think it works, half the time images are a bit blurry for me either because I haven't cleaned my Laptop Screen or Glasses, so it's normal :P

    Actually I've uploaded direct for the site. Then with you pointing the blurriness,  I've uploaded to imgur yesterday and noticed a little improvement.  ^^

    and for the tag... thx for the tip. Should do it when I have more builds xD


  • March 21, 2019

    Wow! It reached apprentice rank... Thx guys *-*

  • Member
    March 26, 2020

    I am not sure if anyone told you Simon, but you are not supposed to lie your own builds

  • March 26, 2020

    Well, like removed hahahhha

  • March 26, 2020
    What’s so bad about liking your own build?
  • March 26, 2020
    What’s so bad about liking your own build?