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Character Build: Shadow Wolf

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    December 28, 2018

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    This build is the complete opposite of my Great White Wolf build, where the white wolf values honor and peace, the shadow wolf wants nothing more than to spread death, bloodshed, chaos and destruction. Both builds are related to the protagonist and antagonist of my story in the story corner called Call Of The Wolf. His main goal is to gain control of the hunting grounds and turn everyone against Hircine because he felt he was skipped over in the appointment of the pack leaders.

    When Tamriel was just beginning, there were two forces, the E'ta or the creators, the aedra and a darker force simply called the darkness. From the darkness came Molag bal and his servants of destruction, called the daedra and a creature of unknown power. This creature was named Bloodfang and He wanted nothing more than to make men, mer, beasts and gods alike bend to his will.

    When Hircine was choosing Alphas to help run The Hunting Grounds which was the wolf lord's finest creation, he skipped over bloodfang and instead made Kiba, the great white wolf, alpha when he was supposed to be alpha! He swore that one day he would make Hircine pay. One day, he snuck into the hunting grounds and cast his shadow over the land when he spotted a white light in the distance. "Brother, stop! Do not go down this path of destruction, for nothing good can come of this." The voice pleaded. 

    The shadow formed into a wolf, it answered the white wolf, "Kiba, how unfortunate that you had to show up, step aside, you will not stop me. I will make Hircine pay one way or another. The light formed into a brilliant white wolf with bright blue eyes. "Why do you do this brother? You were once kind to all creatures." Bloodfang snorted, "Kind? How can I be kiind after Hircine made you alpha? That was supposed to be my post. Instead, he made me Omega, the lowest wolf rank. Now, if you will excuse me I have business to attend to."

    Kiba put a paw out to stop Bloodfang. "Very well, if you insist on stopping me then I guess I will have to go though you!" The black wolf growled. Bloodfang charged head down at his brother, thinking quickly, Kiba found a nearby cliff and clambered up it out of his blood hungry brother's reach. Bloodfang collided headfirst into a wall. He shook it off and disintigrated into shadow. He flowed towards the cliff where Kiba was sitting. Kiba conjured a holy aura around himself and braced for impact. It came and knocked them both back. The force knocked Kiba into a wall, he hit it so hard that he felt his life slipping away, before he died, Kiba sought out a new vessel on Skyrimm, an argonain named Hasir. Determined from being outdone, Bloodfang did the same, except his was none other than the Ebony Warrior.

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    Race: Dunmer

    Name: Bloodfang

    Standing Stone: The Shadow

    Weapons: Ebony Bow, Silver Sword

    Armor: Ebony Armor, Ebony Shield

    Spells: Frenzy, Conjure Flaming Familar, Conjure Flame Atronach, Darkness touch, Darkness Barrage

    Shouts: Marked For Death, Drain Vitality, Become Ethereal, Slow Time, Disarm

    Major Skills: Heavy Armor, One Handed, Smithing

    Minor Skills: Conjuration, Illusion

    Powers: Beast Form

    Unperked Skills: Restoration

    Moonlight Tale: Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul - this adds Bloodfang's 'shadow wolf' form into the game

    Phendrerix Magic World - Expands Skyrim's spell casting system

    Aurora: Standing Stones of Skyrim - this reworks Skyrim's standing stones

    Apocalypse: Magic of Skyrim - this mod expands further upon Skyrim's pool of available spells

    Imperius - Races of Skyrim - reworks Skyrim's starting races to something a bit more interesting

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    Conjuration - Bloodfang knows how to summon beings to help him with his dark desires

    Heavy Armor - Bloodfang's hide is ten times tougher than that of a normal wolf

    Illusion - The shadow wolf knows how to use his enemy's mind against them

    One Handed - The shadow wolf's claws are far sharper and deadlier than any wolf

    Smithing - Bloodfang learned how to smith weapons and armor from the lords of Oblivion

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    Against giants, Bloodfang uses either his werewolf form or Bend Will in order to add some muscle to his army. The one hit kill with the giants' club can come in handy.

    Against vampires, he uses either earth barrage or his silver weapons or he can use armor and weapons gained from the Civil War: Vampires vs. Werewolves mod

    Against enemies with health regeneration like troll and frost trolls, the shadow wolf uses either flame cloak, ancestor's wrath or conjure flame familar.

    Against mages and dragonpriest, Bloodfang uses the opposite element of whatever element they are using, if they use fire magic, Bloodfang switches to water or ice-based magic. If they are using frost magic, then he switches over to his every handy fire spells. For instance, he uses conjure fire atronach, fire cloak, fire rune or conjure flaming familiar if he is facing a dragon or dragonpriest that is using frost-based magic. 

    Against common enemies like bandits, forsworn or hired thugs, he uses his beast form to put an end to their pathetic lives. 

    I used the Shadow stone from the Aurora mod because that's who bloodfang is, a scoundrel who moves quickly in combat, mercilessly slaying his opponent and he also prefers to teleport behind enemies and stabs them in the back instead of be honorable and attack them in the front. I used Moonlight Tales because there is a really cool werewolf skin that has black fur with red eyes, I thought this would be perfect for bloodfang, also, this mod enable him to really branch out and explore the world of being a wolf.

    the Phenderix and Apocalypse spell mods help him really make him worthy of the title 'Shadow Wolf.' I used the Imperius mod because I felt the abilites really fit with the ruthlessness bloodfang brings to the table. The power is also handy because it can call bloodfang's dead comrades to help him win any battle.

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    After Bloodfang exits Helgen, he goes to winterhold to seek The College of Winterhold so he can learn powerful spells, After that, he goes to WHiterun and undertakes The Companions questline in order to regain his lost wolf form. After that, he goes to WWindhelm to join up with the stormclaks to help them overwhelm the Imperial vampires and hopefully, wipe out the leader of the vampires. After that, he undertakes the Main Quest, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn quests to make any person or creature who wishes to take over the Hunting Grounds cease and desist or he will crush them like the bugs they are. 

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    Main Quest - Bloodfang must take down Alduin if he wants to rule the afterlife

    College of Winterhold - Bloodfang requires this quest in order to learn some really neat spells

    Companions - Bloodfang joins this guild in order to regain his long lost shadow wolf form

    Dawnguard - The shadow wolf must undermine Harkon's desire to make vampires rule all of Tamriel

    Stormcloaks - Bloodfang joins with the stormcloak werewolves in order to take down the imperial vampires who seek to take control of Skyrim 

    Dragonborn - word has reached Bloodfang of a dragonpriest on Solstheim who seeks to inadvertently rule all daedric realms, including the Hunting Grounds, the shadow wolf must stop him

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  • October 3, 2019

    Okay, I really enjoy how this sort of, plays off The Great White Wolf, I think you sold how they contrast with each other really well and made them feel like two opposite forces. Would add in links to the mods, and maybe extend the Gameplay section a bit but I think this was my favorite of the three builds.