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Character Build: Mystical Elf

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  • December 13, 2018

    Race: High Elf
    Gender: female
    Stats: 6/4/0

    The Mystical Elf grew up as a priestess of Mara who lived peacefully in a temple for years until she heard about the war in the mainland of Tamriel and that her nation had attacked Tamriel. So she decided to leave her country because she didn't want to live in a country of warmongers anymore. She decided to move to Skyrim because she heard that there was a lot of unrest there and it's she wants to try the people who have suffered the most from the war started by her people. She was caught at the border, but that doesn't stop in her cause to bring peace back to Skyrim.

    -Illusion (no aspect of terror, rage or Master Illusion)
    -Restoration (everything)
    -Alteration (everything except dual casting Alteration and Stability)
    -Enchanting (middle path)

    Standing Stone
    -Lady Stone

    -Silver and Sapphire Circlet with Fortify Restoration and Fortify Illusion
    -College Robes with Fortify Restoration and Fortify Illusion
    -Mythic Dawn Gloves with Fortify Magicka and Fortify Carry Weight
    -Thalmor Boots
    -Silver Ring with Fortify Restoration and Fortify Alteration
    -Silver Sapphire Necklace with Fortify Illusion and Fortify Alteration

    -Pacify spells
    -Flesh spells 
    -Healing spells
    -Destroy Undead spells
    -Ward spells

    -Kyne's Peace
    -Become Ethereal
    -Slow Time
    -Ice Form
    -Whirlwind Sprint

    The Mystical Elf doesn't make her own potions, but she will use the following potions.
    -Cure Disease
    -Fortify Health
    -Fortify Illusion
    -Fortify Magicka
    -Fortify Restoration
    -Regenerate Health
    -Regenerate Magicka
    -Restore Health
    -Restore Magicka

    Quest Lines in order of importance
    -All quest's involving Aedra
    -Mage College
    -Dawnguard siding with the dawnguard
    -Main Questline
    -Dragonborn quest
    -All the involves where you don't need to kill people
    -All quests that are involved in destroying the undead

    The Mystical Elf never harms any living being. When she meets opponents she guards herself with ward and flesh spells and pacifies all opponents. And when she gets hit she heals herself with her vast array of healing spells. The undead is a major enemy for her and she will always try to destroy every undead she meets by using her destroy undead spells. She always tries to do the right thing and keep the peace at all cost. She doesn't use a follower, because they tend to attack enemies and thereby put people in harm.

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    December 13, 2018

    This is a neat pacifist build! One problem, though: How can you kill dragons if you won’t hurt anyone? An argument could be made for them technically being undead, since most of them were resurrected by Alduin, but as nice as your set up is for fighting normally, killing ANY dragons with this build will be a painful, bloody affair since they’re immune to paralysis, Ash Spells, and Illusion Spells..

  • December 14, 2018

    Mercurias said:

    One problem, though: How can you kill dragons if you won’t hurt anyone? 

    Thank you for your nice comments. 

    About killing dragons. In most scripted fights with dragons are you not alone in the fight. The Mystical Elf will then mainly heal her fellow dragon fighters and uses courage shouts to aid them in the fight. And she will be a literal shield for them with her wards and flesh spells. If she is really alone in a scripted dragon fight she has to go to staves and scrolls to fight them. And indeed she would hurt them because they are undead. If it is a random dragon encounter she would run away and lead until she is rid of the dragon or if she finds someone who can fight the dragon for her while she is aiding that fighter.

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    December 15, 2018
    I gotcha! She’s pretty well equipped to take down a dragon priest, too, and several of them have pretty beefy staves. A good one for her might honestly be the Staff of Magnus. Dragons typically have extremely small Magicka pools for their breath attacks, and the Staff of Magnus drains that Magicka pool and adds it to hers. That way her support skills won’t have to work so hard, and she’ll still be damaging it after it’s Magicka pool is run dry.
  • December 16, 2018

    The staff of magnus is a really good idea. It would work perfect for this build.