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Character Build: The Leonin Outcast

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    December 11, 2018

    This build is part one of my two part Magic The Gathering build series. Part one is about the Leonin planeswalker, Ajani Goldmane. I have never tried a pure warrior before in Skyrim. I thought this would be a good time to start. He is a planewalker of white mana, the portion of the five basic mana that strives to keep peace and achieve order. This mana can also bolster armies and protect those who wield it from harm.


    Ajani Goldmane and Jazal Goldmane are two of the most respected members of the Naya leonin tribe. One day, however, a dark force opened a time riftin naya. Naturally mischevious in nature, Jazal had to investigate as he could plainly hear a voice coming from the portal, the voice that said, "come Jazal and seek your true destiny in a land of snow and ice."

    Ajani tried to make his brother see reason, but, Jazal would have none of it. He entered the swirling purple portal. As soon as he entered the portal, black tendrils invaded his body and turned his mind to one of evil. The voice told him that his true destiny lay in volkihar castle.

    The voice, Ajani realized, belonged to the single most evil being in the multiverse - Nicol Bolas, the dragon who got trapped in the mend, which is a rift in times that caused dominaria to leak into the elder scrolls universe.

    Ajani got worried so he went over to the portal and heard and saw nothing. Ajani knew that some evil may have claimed Jazal for his or her own devious devices. He knew he had to stop Nicoal Bolas for destroying Skyrim. Ajani went to the rear wall of his naya hut and grabbed his axe, batleaxe and as an afterthought, he grabbed his orcish armor and walked to the timeshift portal and stepped through it.

    Ajani felt like his mind was being flayed by unknown forces, fearing the pain would not stop, but, it did and he found himself standing outside a huge stone castle that lay on an island. Instinct told Ajani this is where he brother went, or rather where the evil forces took him. Can he rescue his brother and stop Bolas?

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    Name: Ajani Goldmane

    Race: Khajiit

    Stats: 1:3:1

    Powers: Beast Form

    Apparel: Orcish Armor (no helmet) Gauldur Amulet, Ring of Health

    Weapons: Nordic Waraxe, Ysgrammor's Shield, Nordic Sword

    Spells: Stendarr’s Aura, Vampire’s Bane, Sunflare, Guardian Circle, Healing

    Shouts: Kyne’s Peace, Fire Breath, Bend Will, Aura Whisper, Slow Time, Become Ethereal, Whirlwind Sprint, Dragon Aspect

    Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Smithing, One Handed

    Minor Skills: Block, Restoration

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    Block - The leonin was taught blocking by the people of Naya

    Heavy Armor - Ajani is proficient in protecting himself

    One Handed - Ajani is skilled in using both his axe and sword

    Restoration - since white mana is about healing, I would be remiss if I did not include it

    Smithing - the leonin outcast knows how to smith superior weapons and armor

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    Ajani uses his mighty axe and shield to fight against dragons and giants, if he is having trouble with an enemy, he can just cast bend will on them and they willl go to your side and at the point, you can either befriend them or kill them. Ajani uses his restoratiooon spells, sun spells and guardian circle to combat the undead who shun the attempts to bring them peace and order, they are mindless zomibies that shed their humanity ages ago. Lastly, for the magic wielders, excluding dragon priests because they are included when I talked about undead, Ajani uses his shield to negate most of their attacks, then he turns ethereal, sneaks up to them and lays into them with either his axe of his sword.

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    Ajani must have his brother see there is reason to live in the light and not turn to the darkside whenever bad thing occur. He accomplishes this by first exiting Helgen and then joining The College of Winterhold to obtain his holy spells as well as spells to mend himself should he become wounded in battle. After this, he joins The Companions to obtains a powerful boon that he needs in order to complete his quest. When he is done there, he undertake The Main QuestDragonborn, and Dawnguard questlines to eradicate Skyrim, the realms of the damned and Solstheim of Nicol Bolas, his elder dragons and the worshippers of the vile race. 

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    The Main Quest - Ajani starts his quest by purging the dragon Nicol Bolas from Skyrim, forcing him through the rift and closing it forever

    The Companions - Ajani must learn how to utiilize his weapons to their full potential and he obtains his Leonin form

    College of Winterhold - He obtains his healing spells here and also some instruction on how to use them

    Dragonborn - Ajani journeys to Solstheim to purge the island of the disease known as Miraak, or Bolas’s slave

    Dawnguard - The Leonin must venture to castle Vollkihar in order to stop the undead scourge on Skyrim and he also needs to find out where he brother has gone

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