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Character Build: Szadek Lord of Secrets

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    December 10, 2018

    The final part of my three part Magic the Gathering series is based off of my favorite card in the whole series. He also comes from my favorite Ravnica Guildhouse, house Dimir or as it is known by doomed souls, the house of secrets. This house is all about keeping its true nature a secret; if you know their secrets then it is far too late to save your soul.

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    No one knows where the elusive vampire lord of the house of shadows was born or even what his purpose in coming to the plane of Mundus is. Szadek is a master spellcrafter and can craft a portal with ease. Some people say that he appeared on Mundus one day while reciting a spell from one of house Dimir's many forbidden tomes

    The main thing that drives the vampire lord is power at any cost. He could care less who he hurts or kills in his pursuit of obtaining it. His guildmembers dare not speak ill of him or besmerch his history for fear of feeling his terrible wrath.

    In truth, though, he is not violent if he does not have to be, he is merely a protector of the secrets of Dimir. If his secrets get found out by the public, he then has no choice but to cleanse the world of the foolish mortals who dare find out Dimir's secrets. His house is to remain hidden to all except for those who know wheere to look, but those people are either about to die or aree already dead

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    Race: Unknown (Possibly Breton? no one really knows)

    Standing Stone: Shadow

    Stats: 3:2:1

    Apparel: Black or necromancer's robes (if you have the dragonborn DLC, use this until you get the robes of Miraak) Ring of the Beast, Ring of the Erudite

    Weapons: Miraak’s Sword, Stalhrim Bow

    Powers: Vampire Lord, Agent of Shadow, Scholar’s Insight, Sekker of Sorcery

    Spells: Mayhem, Fury, Frenzy Rune, Healing, Conjure Familiar, Conjure Mistman, Summon Arvak, Frost Cloak, Ice Spike, Absorb Health, Corpse Curse

    Shouts: Aura Whisper, Throw Voice, Dragon Aspect, Whirlwind Sprint, Slow Time, Become Ethereal, Bend Will, Soul Tear, Drain Vitality

    Major Skills: Alteration, Illusion, Speechcraft

    Minor Skills: Conjuration 

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    Alteration - The protector of secrets has to make sure his spells remain unheard by mortals

    Conjuration - The vampire can call upon otherworlyld allies in order to ensure house Dimir's secrets stay hidden

    Illusion - The vampire is able to wield power illusion spells to turn his enemies against themselves

    Light Armor - The vampire knows how to utillize light armor to remain light on his feet

    Smithing -  The lord of shadows is able to craft more powerful armor than any mortal can make

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    When the vampire faces off against giants and dragons, he unleashes his ‘lord of dimir’ form and uses spells or claws to bring down the big, hulking enemies, he also uses this tactic against the keepers of the soul cairn. When Szadek fights lowly mortals, he utilizes his mastery of illusion to slowly drive them insane and then when they are borderline insane, he finishes them off with a flames spell. Szadek really shines against mages and undea dragonpriests. He activates his dragon aspect shout while also laying down a frost rune and activaing his fire cloak spell.

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    Szadek starts his quest for unlimited power by undertaking The College of Winterhold to obtain his illusion spells he needs to overwhelm the minds of mortals and ensure an easy victory. The vampire undertakes The Volkihar Vampire Clan so he can obtain his vampire lord form. After this, the vampire undertakes The Thieves Guild to live a double life so he can further protect the secrets of his house. After that, he undertakes Dragonborn to obtain his robes that can prevent enemies from touching him and he also obtains a sword capable of leeching the stamina of even the most stalwart opponents.

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    College of Winterhold  - The vampire seeks to rule the minds of mortals

    Dragonborn - Szadek pursue this quest to stop an ancient rival of his and to obtain his robes

    Thieves Guild - To retain an air of secrecy and deceit, Szadek undertakerthis guild in order to silently shake the mortal world to its core

    Volkihar Vampire Clan - The vampire unlocks his almight vampire lord form so he can further rule over mortals' pathetic lives

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