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Character Build: The Dark Messiah

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    November 12, 2018

    This build is inspired by the mascot for the band Disturbed. I've always wondered how 'the guy' would fit in with the Skyrim world or the elder scrolls lore in general. The first time I saw 'the guy', I knew I’d like him and thought he would make a cool character in Skyrim. When I watched the music video for 'The Vengeful One' I really liked how 'the guy' was potrayed, as an all-powerful entity tasked with show humanity where they have gone wrong

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    'the guy' is ruthless and is a spirit of vengeance, presumably from the realms of Oblvion. He only appears when humanity is failing

    No one knows exactly where 'the guy' came from. Was he sleeping under Tamriel, waiting for humanity to be at each other’s throats while the environment suffered for their own selfish desires or is he a dark entity from another planet who came to Nirn because of how horrible he heard that humans were? No matter the reason for his coming, he is on Tamriel, ready to teach the humans that their gluttony and hubrus will eventually lead to their downfall. 

    His coming marks the start of the apocalypse, the end of times. He is Alduin's shadow and came to Tamriel about the time that Alduin started resurrecting the dragons. He is a primordial being that punishes the wicked but rewards the kind and unselfish.'The guy' is death incarnate, he is here to seek out the gluttonous humans, dragon, and basically anyone and anything who think they are impervious to reason.

    The guy does have a heart and will show it if the human of Skyrim show him mercy but expect none from him if he, in turn, is shown no mercy first. He is capable of showing mercy, but only if hunamity stops being so pig-headed and just listen to what 'the guy' has to offer.

    He has no qualms of killing other creatures if they get in the way. If they refuse, they will be driven to the fiery oblivion realm by the powerful spirit. He only has one last message to the humans of Tamriel. Who taught you how to hate? It isn't in your blood. Someone taught you how to hate. If you live that way, you become dead to everyone.

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     The dark Messiah with his personal army of undead zombies


    Race: Breton

    Stats 3:4:2

    Standing Stone: The Ritual

    Armor: Nahkriin, Black Hood (until you get Nahkriin), Dragonbone Armor

    Weapons: Ebony Blade, Nordic Battleaxe and Stalhrim Battleaxe

    Spells: Summon Arvak, Conjure Boneman, Conjure Wrathman, Conjure Flame Atronach, Wall of Fire, Flame Cloak, Grand Healing

    Shouts: Drain Vitality, Fire Breath, Summon Durnehviir Soul Tear, Whirlwind Sprint, Disarm, Storm Call, Become Ethereal, Slow Time, Dragon Aspect

    Major Skills: Heavy Armor, Conjuration, Two Handed

    Minor Skills: Smithing, Restoration

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    Image result for conjuration perk Conjuration - the shadow knows how to conjure up fallen enemies or anything that was previously slain to help him fight the careless inhabitants of Skyrim

     Heavy Armor ‘the guy’ faces his toughest task yet and he has to be well suited for whatever may follow

     Restoration - if the dark one is wounded, he can call upon otherworldly healing magic

     Smithing - the darkness can form itself into various weapons and armor to be used by ‘the guy’

    Image result for two handed Two Handed - ‘the guy’ is death incarnate and as such, he wields a two-hand sword crafted out of time itself 

    The Vengeful one is awake and very angry, he wants to assure the humans of Tamriel that they will pay dearly for their greed and utilizing the planet's resources for their own needs without giving back to Nirn. The dark messiah does this by utilizing various tactics to sway the battle in his favor. 

    Against powerful foes, use your marked for death shout and your stalhrim battle axe to weaken your enemies' armor and then tear into them with your battle axe. 

    Against weaker enemies, he uses his disarm shout to cause your enemy's weapon to shoot out of their hands to land with a satisfying 'clang' a couple feet away. Only when the enemy is helpless can he absorb their health with your ebony blade. 

    The way the hand of god fights magic wielding enemies by summoning a flame atronach, boneman or wrathman along with a raised dead body, which should be plentiful because of all the humans the dark one has killed and raised with his Soul Tear shout. He then surrounds himself with the deadly flame cloak and rushing into the battle while your summon either hits the mage or dragonpriest with ranged flame attacks or with raw power.

    The idea behind this build is all about overwhelming your enemies  and leaving them with no chance of fighting back. In the end, they will be so beaten and bloody that they will have two options: to face the blade of his weapon or submit to his will.

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    When he gets out of Helgen, the vengeful one heads for the College of Winterhold to get the spells he needs to put Tamriel in its place if it defies him. He then pursues the Main Quest all while learning shouts along the way to help him either help the humans or be their downfall. He than joins the Thieves Guild, Volkihar Vampire Clan and The Dark Brotherhood to show what destruction humans have wrought upon themselves. 

    He then goes to Markath to gain The Ring of Namira to unleash his darkness upon his fallen enemies, feasting upon their dead bodies. After this, his undertakes the Frostflow Abyss questline in order to teach a family of wrongdoers that no one hides from the dark messaih as he has very keen hearing and can hear deception a mile away.

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    Main Quest - The shadow needs to show Tamriel that he is not to be taken lightly

    Ring Of Namira - The dark messiah is a plague that seeps into humanity's veins and once humanity dies, he is there to feast on the remains

    Frostflow Abyss - A certain family believes that they have kept their wrongdoings a secret...that is until a certain antihero hears about this and vows to put a stop to it

    The Dark Brotherhood - the spirit of vengeance follows this guild as they to have a certain disdain for humanity

    The Theives Guild - the hand of god believes that by joining this guild he can start underming the gluttonous behavior of humans and creatures alike by taking back the posessions that they have greedily hoarded

    College of Winterhold - 'The Guy' joins this as a means to refine the darkness that made him and turn it into deadly magic he can use against those that plan to either deceive him, destroy society or rip Tamriel asunder with civil war

    Volkihar Vampire Clan - to show humanity the error of their wasy, the vengeful one sheds his mortal disguise to reveal his true form

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    Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated 

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    November 13, 2018
    If you love disturbed, please comment on this build
  • November 13, 2018

    So, yeah never heard of the band or song or anything, so can't comment on how well you've brought that into Skyrim or anything. Really at the moment there's a double-sided critique I have of the build. First is that the Gameplay section is really limited, and is honestly just you listing a few 'Abilities' and moving on. I mean it's technically enough but it's a style that I think just doesn't work and makes the Gameplay feel under-developed and bland, and that doubles when you have the Powers/Abilities listed below the Gameplay... It makes it just a tad more tedious to scroll down, read the abilities, scroll back up to see when to use them and so on.

    The other critique lies in the powers themselves...they're kind of vague. It's something Mer pointed out in your previous build but leaving them with no real description makes them kind of confusing, and that's compounded when you have them in an order that doesn't make much sense. Take Dehumanized...the way you've written it suggests you summon Durnehviir, then run in swinging with the Ebony Blade and then swap to summon a Wrathman at some point.  Which just doesn't logically gel together. Really I'd say the last two are the only ones that make much sense and they're still kind of just mid-level tactics.

    I think you'd be better off scrapping the idea of Special Abilities because they're usually just combinations of a weapon and a few spells/powers, and I honestly think your build would be better if you just focused on writing a more cohesive and expansive gameplay section that properly detailed how to fight with the character. 

    I did really like that second picture and the integration of the song, I thought you'd done a pretty good job of combining the base idea and Skyrim so, definitely props for that mate :)




    Okay so I thought I'd clarify what I meant about gameplay with a quick link to a build that I think perfectly captures Gameplay and properly details it's Special Moves (which are essentially used as tricks or tactics). The Demonhunter is a really excellent build that focuses on Gameplay, it's a bit older so it does have a much higher focus on it than today's builds but it's something that I highly recommend reading to get some ideas from the build (it was at one point the most-liked build on the site...uh before we moved to this one and lost the likes because 9 isn't impressive. Over 500 likes most certainly is however :P)