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Character Build: The Deranged Vampire

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    October 10, 2018

    My brother, Harkon and I used to be the best of friends until my parents gave him a trip to Skyrim for his birthday because they found out he had royal blood. My parents told Harkon that he inherited a castle near Solitude. What did I get? nothing! It’s always about my brother, never about me. When my brother was born, I was tossed by the wayside, like a piece of trash.

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         My brother, Harkon and I were born and raised in the region of highrock. We got along well. We are a few minutes apart in age so he always got brand new clothes or toys, while I got them after they had already been used. Even when we were teens, Harkon would always go to a fancier school than me or be bought things just because he thought he was better than me. He was even offered the positon of king. Nautrally, he accepted the offer and was shipped off to Skyrim, to an island where a magnificent stone castle was situated.

         The coronation ceremony went well. My family and others who I did not know also attended. I, however, was not given an invitation, I felt cheated. I felt my parents liked Harkon better than me. I stayed in Hammerfell during the coronation. A few days later, my parents returned from Skyrim with bags full of gold. 

         When they opened the door to the small thatch roofed hut we lived in, I exploded on them. "Mom, Dad, why is it that you always gave Harkon better things than me? Do you even love me?" My parents just stood there, like they were hit with a taser. "Marcus, of course we love you. As harkon is firstborn, he gets priority over the secondborn." I stood there, taking their falsehoods until I could take them no more.

         I walked out of the small hut while my parents pleaded for me to come back. In a rage, I turned around, not knowing I had my flame spell in my right hand. In my anger I used my destruction mastery to roasted my parents alive. I walked away from the house my parents, Harkon and I lived in and I went to Skyrim with the fires of hell in my eyes.

         When I reached Skyrim, I took a boat to the castle on a rocky island, I disembarked only to find Salonian, Namasur and Stalf standing guard on the bridge that led up to the keep. The vampires ran towards me, fangs and claws at the ready. I ran for my life, I only got as far as the boat when the vampires jumped me and drianed me of my blood. Three agonizing days later, I rose as a vampire. 

         I went up to the keep. Inside, I found my brother, although something was different, he was made a vampire first. That made me so angry that I lost it. I literally jumped over the stone railing and ran full pelt towards Harkon. My fingers closed around his neck. He summoned the guards and I got thrown out on my backside. I swore that I would get revenge on my brother. 

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    Race: Breton

    Name: Marcus Corvinus

    Stats: 2:3:1

    Standing Stone: The Lady Stone

    Armor: Steel plate armor, Steel helmet

    Weapons: Chillrend, Harkon’s Sword, Bow of the Corvinus Clan (Ebony Bow enchanted with chaos damage and soul trap)

    Spells: Necromantic Healing, Close Wounds, Poison Rune, Frost Cloak, Fury, Frenzy, Frenzy Rune, Hysteria, Mayhem

    Shouts: Marked For Death, Frost Breath, Become Ethereal, Bend Will, Soul Tear, Summon Durnehviir, Slow Time, Dragon Aspect, Drain Vitality

    Major Skills: One Handed, Conjuration, Enchanting

    Minor Skills: Heavy Armor, Restoration


     My panrents taught me the skills I need to take my birthright back from my pig-headed brother. I use Heavy Armor to protect myself from any mortals' futile attempt to strike with their sword. I pride myself in my Smithing. I can make armor and weapons of better quality than anything those pathetics sheep can manufacture. My One handed skill is ten times as potent since I have shed my pathetic moral form.

    My claws and fangs are far more formidable weeapons that anything that my mortal form could conjure. With Restoration, I can heal any wounds ten times faster than any mortal with my necromantic healing spell. Finally, When I meet my brother for the battle of the throne, I will use my Conjuration to summon otherworldly creatures to assist me in destroying my brother as I will finally gain that which is rightfully mine.

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    I have my work cut out for me if I want to rip my birthright from my brother's cold, dead hands. I have to overcome gigantic giants, murderous khajiit, dragonpriests, bandits and forsworn. I have to also overcome fire breathing dragons and enormous, powerful trolls. For giants and dragonpriests, I overpower them using Patriarch of Clan Cornivus to show those undead idots who's boss. For banidts, khajiit and giaints. Whenever I am at death's door, I use my Healing of House Odoghaz to help me achieve a second wind. For trolls and dragon, I will use my ultimate ability, House of Clan Cornivus to overpower the dragons and hopefully cancel out the troll's annoying healing ability. After all that is taken care of, I am then ready to take the fight to my idiot brother. 

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    When I come out of Helgen, I make a bolt for Windhelm to join the stormcloaks as I know Ufric from our adventures across Skyrim.  I then go to markarth to undertake the Taste of Death questline in order to sustain my vampire hunger when I am hungry outside of my vampire lord form. I undertake the Companions questline so I infiltrate my enemies ranks and start to drain precious intel from the wolves. I will learn powerful spells with the College of Winterhold and become the most powerful vampire on Tamriel. Finally, I am ready to take back my birthright as I undertake the vampire side of the Dawunguard questline. When I take the fortress for my own, I will spread darkness all over Tamriel. I will also join the dark brotherhood for the same reason I have joined the companions for. Intel on my brother's plans.

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    Claws of Coldharbour I use this to blink out of existence while I mutilate the miserable lesser vampires, the helpless dogs of the companions, wild dogs of Solstheim, or the hopeless humans Chillrend + Slow Time + Frost Cloak

    Healing of House Odoghaz While my brother and I share the same increased healing factor, I found a way to enchant my armor with it Healing Regen enchantment + Drain Vitality + Necromantic Healing

    Patriarch of Clan Corvinus My vampire blood is able to seep through walls, poisoning their minds and causing them to fight amongst themselves my enemies Aura Whisper + Poison Rune + Bow of the Corvinus Clan + Mayhem

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    Dawnguard (Vampire) I will eliminate the most dire threat to me ascending to the throne

    Dark Brotherhood I will infiltrate this organization to collect valuable intel about my brother and then mercilessly slaughter the guild, one member at a time

    Taste of Death My insanity has overflowed into my taste buds, making me hungry for human flesh

    Companions I must infiltrate this guild of rabid dogs so I can gain their favor and then rip them limb from limb

    College Of Winterhold I strive to become the most powerful vampire-dominant hybrid in all Tamriel

    Stormcloaks I chose this side of the war as to infiltrate the ranks and learn how my brother came to acquire MY BIRTHRIGHT

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    Constructive Criticism is appreciated

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    October 10, 2018

    I noticed this build when it was in Workshop if I remember it well. Cool having the character narrating the build only things I would change if I were to play something similar is to make the younger brother go full bad boi. Join Dark Brotherhood and then go on to kill Dawnguard, Harkon and gain control over the vampires and just join CoW for spells not progressing questline at all. I don't think I would join the Companions or Ulfric or I might join them just to have fake identity and the thought of using them but not progress in these questlines. 

    Cool seeing the ring of namira being used as well.

    All in all the idea behind the build is cool.

    Edit: I would also remove Smithing this character's skillset looks a lot like a sorcerer so I would focus on dissing out damage with an enchanted sword and destruction which would do a lot of damage with the perks in destruction as well.


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    October 11, 2018

    Why do you suggust Destruction? Don't you mean Conjuration?


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    October 11, 2018

    Ugh yeah derped there. My intention wasn't to write Destruction there but Conjuration + One Handed and to be more precise opening with deadra and the raising with necromancy. What I was thinking when I wrote this was that the perks from destruction that augment flames/frost/shock work on enchantments as well and give more damage in their relevant elements when you enchant a weapon and you have these perks taken which can prove quite strong especially with chaos enchantment and even the use of fortify destruction potions which also augment their damage even further.

    I 'll tell you my experience with it and it might also give you an idea or two. I 've played such a character using archery / one handed (dagger) / enchanting / speech main skills and unperked alchemy for some fortify destruction potions and some some healing potions. The end result was pretty good. I also made it so my skills were leveling up very slow (community uncapper mod) and it felt pretty cool because I didn't have much skill/perks in archery or one handed and the most damage was from enchanting. I also leveled up destruction through training mostly from Faralda and used only novice spells and runes, enchanters are cool. :D

    Oh and forgot to mention cool screenshots. :P

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    October 12, 2018

    thanks. My inspration for this build was Underworld: Evolution. I included the bad guy for that movie in a picture. Did you see the Underworld movies?

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    October 12, 2018

    Oh I see. I 've seen two of them, I think there are like four or five of them but it was long ago and I don't remember them at all. :P

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    October 12, 2018
    I’m a little surprised this build doesn’t claim Lord Harkon’s Sword for endgame in tandem with the Blackstar. It would do less overall damage, of course, but it would help fuel spellcasting. It also seems like the kind of thing this character would do.