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Early Game Guide - Aaronholt Homestead Power Armor

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  • November 19, 2018

    Today is the start of (hopefully) fairly frequent posts of mine where I drop guides on where to find useful items in the early game. Most of it is going to be based on Weapons, Armor and of course Power Armor and will only consist of what I consider 'sure-fire' ways to get said items. Of course this is a tiny misnomer, as with most items in the game, if someone beats you to it (which is actually sort of unlikely) they'll get it first and you'll be screwed, but it's pretty close to guarenteed

    Aaronholt Homestead is a rather simple location with a simple item...A half set (roughly) of Power Armour that's up for grabs in the early game for anyone that stumbles upon this humble little farm. The farm itseslf is relatively simple, but to be honest, the best part about this set is that there's absolutely nothing you have to do in order to get the Power Armour, with the exception of equipping the Lockpicking perk...not exactly something challenging for most players. The Power Armour is located in a shed to the far south of the location (you'll be able to see the farms themselves to your right for the most part) and isn't guarenteed to have  an enemy located inside the shed (I have played through the area twice, once I was able to get in with no enemies and the other there was one that spawned inside) and the enemies you do fight...get this, are below Level 10. I believe they scale a bit because I've fought them at Level 3 and 7, both different enemy types but there could be something else at play.

    Regardless, it's a ridculously easy set of Power Armour to find, even easier to access and is lacking any substantial guards and is only 10-15 minutes away from Vault 76. So go ahead, and grab yourself a set, even if you can't use the actual pieces of Armour, you still get yourself a Frame and the pieces to set yourself up later.