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Junk-Town Journeys: Finding Scrap and Other Things Too

  • November 15, 2018

    Hah, a fun title :P For a less fun topic, basically I wanted to start working on a list (yeah already :P) for where new or established players can find large quantites of specific items (whether that's specific scrap, different weapons or armour, food, water or anything in between) with ease. For example, we can list Flatwoods as an excellent source of Leather because it has respawning Brahmin that seem to be infinitely farmable (or pretty damn close to), and there are countless other locations like this.

    I'm going to start by listing a few key components/scrap items that can be insanely useful (some are based more on Fallout 4, but from what I've gathered so far it's pretty much the same in both games. Adhesive is God-Tier, Aluminium gets more and more useful as the game goes on and so on and so forth. However, if you have something else to add then feel free, by the end of it I'd like us to have a pretty damn complete list of items with multiple locations, kinda like a Wiki but you know...I get to edit it so it looks better :P

    Super Useful Items:


    o- Greg's Mine Supply (located north of a crashed plane and south of the Route 89 sign on your map) is a handy little joint with a very consistent supply of Adhesive, Oil and other junk. It's only inhabited by Scorched which are the definition of cannon fodder so it's an excellent place to regularly check out. I also believe the main shop is quest-locked, so it could be even more valuable than I've seen from just the outer shacks and whatnot.


    o- Gilman Lumber Mill located directly south of Vault 76 is an excellent first stop for Wood Scraps. It has a large number of Wood Piles and the area has a fair few logs to get you used to figuring out what to harvest (note: By this I do not mean the massive 'tree trunks' that are used in the Mill itself, but the nearby forests have Logs). It has a few other useful bits and pieces and is only protected by Ticks so...you know, free stuff essentially.

    o- Generally speaking, the entire area around Vault 76 is actually really nice for Wood. There's a massive supply of logs around the Vault (especially if you go over/north of the Vault) that allows for constant resupply of your Wood supply.


    o- Morgantown Station has a few easy sources of oil in the form of Oil Canisters and Paint Buckets, even better there's a vendor, chemistry workshop and no enemies so it's a really easy place to visit and pick up items (and a Stash for those that haven't hit 400 yet :P).

    o- Darling Sisters Lab is located just north of the Ferris Wheel (and thus the Vault) and has a lot of junk, primarily of note is the literal wheelbarrow full of Soap which is worth 1 Oil each. It's roughly 8-10 pieces of soap (which nets you 8-10 oil) so it's a nice place to go if you need a bit of cheap oil. This one is guarded by Mongrels so nothing worth noting.

    o- Monogah Mine (located North-Easy of Morgantown) is an awesome supply of junk, with a great focus on Oil. You can find Paint and Oil Canisters in a massive ammount resulting in (roughly) 12-20 oil per visit.


    o- Relay Tower EM-BI-27 which can be found between Vault 76 and Flatwoods is a handy little place for Circuitry, Fusion Cells, Metal Scraps (Steel, Aluminum *shudder*, Lead, etc.) because of the handy supply of respawing Robots, including a Mr. Handy (Level 8), Protectron and 3 Machine Gun Turrets. It's also home to less stable sources inside with plenty of tools that can be re-used. This isn't perfect because the Robots are a tad incosistent (they won't always drop useful items) and the inside has a smaller pool but it's somewhere to check out regularly. Helps that you can request Government Supply Drops from the Tower as well.


    o- As a part of the Event: Protect Steelheart (warning...name might be wrong, but the Event description is right) you run into a small machinery shop that has loose Gears, Screws and a few other bits and bobs lying about. Along the way for the Event you also find Responder Caches which have food, weapons, ammo, junk and all sorts of other useful items behind (what I think) are Event-Locked doors making it a very valuable Event to do, even if you don't complete it or care about the reward.

    o- Hornwright Industrial Headquarters is full of Screw-Containing pieces of junk as well as just about anything you could possibly need for any playthrough. Again it's only guarded by Scorched but a Grafton Monster can be found nearby meaning it's probably best if you wait until around Level 8-10 (or your in a party) before heading here, and have Radaway. There's a fair amount of toxic material here so you best avoid it. As a side note, there's a quest here that got me a Gatling Laster so...not sure if it was random loot or that's the quest reward but I'd check it out if I were you.


     o- While I will mention this further below, I want to point out that Flatwoods is an excellent source of food for any point in the game because of the (seemingly) infinite number of Government Supply Drops and Brahmin that spawn here.


    o- How valuable is Plastic? Well pretty damn valuable IMO, possibly the most valuable material in the game because it's a core piece of most ammo-types (and the rarest as far as I can tell) that said, Top of the World is a really nice place once you get up to the top because it has a fairly great supply of plastic cups, plates, spoons and so on. 



    o- Flatwoods - Brahmin Farming allows for the 'farming' (heh) of Meat and Leather creating a really effecient way to get both food and armour in the early game. 


    o- Super Mutants tend to carry Hunting Rifles most of the time, making them an excellent source of the weapon in the early game (along with Boards)

    o- Scorched are everywhere and tend to carry 10mm Pistols making them an excellent farming source.

    o- Holotape in Flatwoods (need to quickly find which one it is) points towards a 10mm Pistol in a cache of sorts, giving you a strong early-game weapon rather easily.

    o- Helvetia is a really nice supply of weapons due to the overwhelming number of low-level Scorched there. I've fought as many as a dozen (maybe more) there spread out through the area and while it's entirely random how many have ranged/melee weapons and all that, but it's still a beyond example source of weapons

  • November 18, 2018

    Updated with some new options, added Plastic and cut down Weapons so that it's a bit more broad rather than breaking it down by weapon-type.