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Fallout 76 will NEVER be offline

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  • Officer
    August 27, 2018

    When Fallout 76 was announced as an online game there was a predictably mixed response. For some it was welcome news, for a greater number it seems to have been received with concern and caution - and for a significant number it has proved to be a step too far.

    Some have held out hope that someday soon Bethesda might release an 'offline only' version. But those hopes have been dashed by Bethesda VP Pete Hines in a recent Twitter exchange.

    Hines was asked on Twitter whether Fallout 76 would ever allow for an offline game; whether at launch or at some point in the future. His answer was no. Because the game operates on online servers, it would be impossible for it to facilitate an offline game. As he says, the odds of Bethesda re-engineering the game to operate via individual clients is extremely slim indeed. Such a change would require an enormous amount of work.

    Asked "In the future, 3 years or more, could Fallout 76 admit ofline game. No human NPCs of course", Hines responded, "It's a server based game. I don't see us completely re-engineering it to somehow being a offline game that is entirely client based"

    However, that is not to say that the game will always be multiplayer. While the game will need to be online, Bethesda has announced plans to implement single-player servers at some point after the game’s launch. Primarily designed to facilitate modding; the servers will also allow players to enjoy Fallout 76 without encountering other players in their world.

    Is the promise of private servers sufficient to keep you interested in Fallout 76 if you are a dedicated 'lone wanderer'?