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Will there be companions in Fallout 76?

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  • Officer
    August 17, 2018

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest Fallout 76 speculation video

    Now, we already know that there will be no human NPCs in Fallout 76 - every other human will be another player. The reason that I have italicized the word 'human' is because Todd Howard and the others have been very specific in talking in those terms.

    And, therefore, it is possible that non-humans aren't covered by that proviso. Pure speculation of course, but what's wrong with a little speculation

    So this post was triggered by this video by Final Render in which he speculates, on pretty flimsy evidence it has to be said, that there might be robot companions in Fallout 76. It's only 3 minutes long so give it a watch!

    So what could be the possible types of companion in Fallout 76?

    1. ROBOTS - as per the video above. We could be talking about specific characters such as Codsworth - we did see several Mr Handy robots inside Vault 76 in the footage seen so far, so why not? Or it could be some sort of robot building, as we had with the Automatron DLC. Wouldn't it be cool to travel across West Virginia with one of General Atomics finest?

    2. ANIMALS I have already speculated about whether the legend that is Dogmeat will be in the game. But even if he is not (boooo!) then there is no reason why we could not have animal companions whether canine, feline or even bovine. 

    3. GHOUL Well why not. If we could travel around with Hancock (or Charon in Fallout 3 or Raul in Fallout New Vegas...) then there seems to be little reason to discount possible ghoul companions - especially as we know that there is the faction of partly irradiated ghouls who can speak and use guns.

    4. SUPERMUTANT Again we have previous, with Strong in Fallout 4, Fawkes in Fallout 3, Marcus in Fallout 2 etc. In a lore-mangling revelation, we know that there are Super Mutants in the game, is it a stretch to think that some may not be so much affected by the FEV to be lucid enough to be companions?

    5. CYBERDOG We had Cyberdog companions in Fallout 2 and Fallout New Vegas - but not one in a Bethesda Fallout as yet. Perhaps a long shot, but who knows?

    So that's my list of possible non-human companions in Fallout 76

    Do you think any of these will happen? And what other type of companions do you think might occur?

  • August 24, 2018

    Answering to your suggestions in order:

    1. It's possible they will bring back the robot crafting system from Automatron; whether this would be base-game or DLC, only time will tell. It's also worth noting that, if robot crafting is a thing, it will most likely be locked to the Intelligence stat, as it usually governs over both Repair and Science.

    2. Almost every Fallout protagonist (with the exception of the Courier, since Rex is more on the Cyberdog cathegory) has had an animal companion, and I don't think the 76 protag will be any different; this being an MMO, however, it's likely these pets would have to be acquired, which would most likely be done through a combination of having a character with high Charisma and some sort of quest item (likely food). Another possibility is that Animal Friend returns.

    3. I for one really want to finally get the option to play AS a ghoul; besides, even if there IS a faction of non-feral ghouls in the game, they'll most likely be questgivers, raider expys or, hopefully, that faction you speak of was just a player group that was poised to fight the POV player at the time.

    4. Supermutants are most likely a no-go; remember, these aren't the friendly and intelligent post-Master mutants you befriend in 2 and NV; they are among the first batch of experiments from Vault 87, which means they will be more on the side of hyper-violent maniacs. Besides, since the only possible source of FEV (that we know of as of yet) isn't in the actual game map, this really quashes my dreams of playing a big mutie with a stick. Oh well.

    5. Cyberdogs are a weird case; we see very few examples of them in-game, and of the ones we do see, most are poised to be rare in-universe (the cyberdog companions from 2 were Enclave experiments, we do see a lot of them in the Big MT, meaning they were experimental technology even before the Great War, and while Rex proves they WERE tested as police dogs in Denver, their absence anywhere else could mean they were EXCLUSIVELY used in Denver, as a pre-alpha version). So, probably no cyberdogs here.

  • August 27, 2018

    My main hope is that there will be something like Automatron, I really enjoyed that particular DLC so if there wasn't something more advanced with Fallout: 76, then I'd be highly interested. Other then that, I'm not fussed, I'm sure there will be a few different Companions for those that want to play SOLO, probably not a lot just because Bethesda really wants to sell the game as a Co-Op game and having good (or even decent) Companions just wouldn't work that well.