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Fallout 76 QuakeCon Panel

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  • Officer
    August 11, 2018

    At last we have some new information about Fallout 86, as Todd Howard was joined on a panel at QuakeCon by development director Chris Meyer and project lead Jeff Gardiner. 

    Here is the full video - its around 45 minutes, and includes a new Vault Tec 'trailer' video, pleus some new gameplay footage. Then we get to hear a lot more about the character creation systen, perk cards and how Bethesda aim to deal with 'griefing'

    We will break this down piece-by-piece in coming days. But a few quick highlights to chew on...

    • Griefers will become 'wanted murderers' and immediately have a bounty on their heads
    • Players with a bounty will not be able to see other players, effectively becoming a sitting duck
    • Every two levels, as well as your regular perk, you will get a perk card 'pack' with extra perks to tweak your character
    • Perk card packs will come with a stick of gum that you can chew to stave off hunger


  • Member
    August 18, 2018

    Interesting - I'm at least glad they've thought about the griefing issue. The more they talk about it the more I'm seeing heavy RP elements...as long as the other players in the server sort of "buy into" the world. Like more building/adventure/role play. Less turn based questing. I'm fine with this.