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The Red Baron

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    February 9, 2018

    Thanks to all you wonderful people in the Vault, and builders, I found a new way to present my own builds. Expanding upon my backstory, Roleplay, and the overall visuals were my main foci; I hope everyone enjoys...


    Known in the Blackmarshes as Fishes-the-Depths, the Red Baron now wants nothing more than

    to take "what is his" and elevate himself above men and mer.


    He was originally a humble fisherman, commerical, going all the way out to the Abecean Sea. This is where he encountered a Sea Serpent that totalled his vessel, and a fair few friends he had made among the crew; he was one of a half-dozen survivors, a shady cutthroat among them. With the ship captain dead and the seven stuck out at sea they waited for days, the Red Baron scavenging Spadetails and clam meat from the belly of the ocean floors. After some times a ship came to, racing through the waters at a frightening pace... It was a pirate crew, and, lucky for the Baron they were accepting new members.

    Eventually time went on, raids were executed, and dozens of innocents murdered in front of his eyes. The old Captain was getting feeble, weary. He had to execute the plan now. A few hours went by until the ship flew under a new name, "Bloodcurse Avenger." Years of success later the ship ran aground near the Sea of Ghosts, and when he had awoken, all the Red Baron saw was debris and bodies. So he took what little he could find, grabbed a dagger, and swam into the breathtaking waters of Northern Skyrim; his new proving grounds. 

    Roleplay at present

    So the Red Baron is first and foremost a scurvy-seadog. He is a cutpurse, a liar, an assassin; whatever puts him on the map and lands him a place above other thieves he will do it. Instead of choosing to steal from outlying villages and smaller homesteads he chooses to prey on other scum, for he has no illusion that he himself is not scum. Any bandits, assassins, or poachers he comes across will most likely be dead by the time he leaves, with their coin in tow. Hunters who say, "It's not like my poaching is hurtin' anyone" well, let's say they won't be alive to continue their work. Treasure Hunters also make for fine targets, along with hired thugs, and any other threat crossing your step.

    When faced with people asking his assistance on any matter he always demands coin; usually he does so through intimidation, but sometimes the folk will catch him on a good day; maybe after a refreshing swim, or another haul of wealth. (but seriously, ALWAYS demand payment) Even if the person is dying he won't help unless he thinks it will profit him in the "sweet, sweet gold."

    Now that his ship is wrecked the Baron seeks his fortune on land. He delves into burial crypts, old norse ruins, among other oddities. He tends to stay away from Falmer caves, and Spriggan sanctuaries the best he can;  those things are beyond his understanding, he is used to having more sealegs than being on solid ground, after all. If you find yourself faced with a tough choice, just go with whatever gives you more money! However, upon a whim, the Red Baron is noted to help out some lower class individuals for cut-rate prices. 



    • Red Baron uses a trusty scimitar, or cutlass for everyday looting and laundering. So One-Handed is a must
    • When the going gets tough Light Armor will carry this agile Argonian out of harms way, and enemies onto the tip of his blade
    • Sneak is one of the Red Baron's chief traits. He once trained with a former Shadowscale the previous Pirate Captain had recruited. When the target is a "little too hot for a one man job, limit the numbers and even the odds!"


    Other notable features of the Red Baron is his ability to spit concentrated forms of both corrosive and paralytic venoms. 

    The Serpent Stone will be your first, and only, standing stone the entire playthrough. The ability added from Aurora: Standing Stones of Skyrim makes it a projectile that will paralyse a single target. (Found East, Northeast of Winterhold on one of the islands)

    Cautic Spit adds an armor debuffing stream projectile spit through "Imperious: Races of Skyrim"

    I used these in tough "Leader Battles" or with larger groups of enemies.

    "Food for the Hungry, Drink for the Thirsty"

    The Red Baron enjoys a variety of hardy meals, and delicate wines. Among his favorite:

    • Argonian Bloodwine was always a weakness for the Baron, he would buy a crate or two everytime he found a port city back on the high seas
    • He also enjoys some simple Roasts, and things such as Venison Stew with a swig of Snowberry Extract (added by Frostfall/Campfire mods)


    I really want to focus on the roleplay perspectives of this build. I want the Red Baron to 'feel real.' I want everyone to understand why he does what he does, and what he would do in "this or that" situations. I really just look forward to personifying this character and bringing him off the screen and into your mind. I know that may be a lot to ask for with a level 20 build, but I'm confident I can pull something off; pushing your boundaries is the best way to improve after all! 

    Anyways, if you see anything out of place or wrong just let me know. And your honest opinion on what I should fix, add, or change will be welcome. (Remember that this is just a skeleton as of now please!) :D


  • February 9, 2018

    Just thought I'd mention that Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim ain't really available anymore (or at least not obviously) because EnaiSiaion replaced it with Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones. Just thought I'd mention it because if some people are looking around for Aurora it might be a bit confusing...Not sure if the Serpent Stone changed from mod to mod, but thought I'd mention it. Actually, here's the exact wording for the new Standing Stone

    The Serpent

    • Slither: Sneaking now costs 10 Magicka per second but you move 25% faster while sneaking.
    • Striking Cobra: If you have Magicka remaining, sneaking and sneak attacks are 40% more effective (20% for projectiles).


    • Star Curse:1/day - Silently steals all Magicka and Stamina from targets and prevents regeneration for 20 seconds.

    Anyway, I'm enjoying the character so far, you've done a really good job selling the 'Origin' of the character so I'm pretty interested in seeing where he ends up. Would recommend eventually phasing out the red text, but it's not really crucial for now and it might work in some cases (if you were using the darker colour to highlight some parts, just doesn't really work the way you're using it now). Other than nothing else to recommend that I don't think your going to get to anyway, so it'd be a bit pointless to cover them. Looking really good so far Flamez ;D

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    February 9, 2018

    I don't know what mods you're planning to use other than Andromeda, but I think there's a mod called "Pirates of Skyrim" that allows you to get your own vessel and sail out into the Sea of Ghosts, where you can have random encounters with other ships, find sunken treasure, upgrade your ship, etc.

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    February 9, 2018

    @Deebs yea the red text was just a placeholder for the section breaks. I'll definitely be changing those to something more appealing. Also it's kinda weird that Aurora isn't around now since I downloaded the mod maybe a week or two ago. I'm going to assume the change was rather recent then?? Anways thanks for the feedback, I'll be updating it pretty regularly :D

    @Xenla Oh, is it for XB1? I'll do a search to see what I can come up with. Appreciate the heads-up!

  • February 10, 2018

    An argonian pirate. That's great. 

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    February 10, 2018

    The Long-Chapper said:

    An argonian pirate. That's great. 

    Thanks Liss, been wanting to do one for a while, but I didn't have mods or an Xbox1 available at that time and now I do! :D

    Heavy RP incoming! So hopefully it'll be exciting if you're into that kinda thing. Breath of Kyne really helped me out with how to present a better RP tbh.

  • February 22, 2018

    Cant wait for this build to be finished :)

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    February 24, 2018
    How are you finding Andromeda, Flamez? I'm worried it will be slightly Op so hesitate to take the plunge, but you're doing a good job of selling it to me in this build.