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WiP Character Build; The Possessed

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  • October 29, 2017


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          Welcome to another Three Word Challenge. In this case it was "Heavy-Armor, Argonian, Illusion" s oin response to that challenge.. welcome to "Corrupted Soul" or in the Argonian tongue.. Corz-Sei. This build was particularly challenging for me.. as I'm not used to using Argonians at all. I hope that it proves a fun and unique way to play the game for you! This build should max out at level 55


    Image result for Male Argonian art




    Corz-Sei hatched in the province of Black Marsh to a reasonably well off family. Though his birth was somewhat marred by the fact that his body was marked by a birth mark that was in the shape of a death omen. His parents were superstitious and certainly slightly crazy.. having descended from the Argonian "Big Head" who once lived in the Shivering Isles. As such, he was named "Corz-Sei" which meant "Corrupted Soul". It certainly seemed like he was corrupted from the very beginning. When he was a baby bad things started to befall him and his family. His favourite toy was stolen in the night by a thief, his sister was killed by a wild animal, and his father broke his leg when a stair broke underneath him. Still, the family endured and cared for him, constructing shrines of forks and other things, praying to their ancestors for protection from the curse that had befallen their son. One of these shrines ended up causing the house to burn down when a candle was knocked over by a rat and the candle fell onto some oily rags that had been used to polish the floors.

    The family went from having a luxurious home to living in an old cabin in the swamps... and at this point to spare themselves further harm by their son's curse, they threw him out of what remained of their lives. Corz-Sei started migrating westward towards Leyawin and Cyrodil.. but it seemed his troubles would follow him there. Though no direct harm ever befell him.. anyone who would treat him with kindness would befall other harmful fates.. and he soon acquired a reputation as being bad luck. Employers who hired him soon lost their businesses, people who hired him to clean their homes would fall down the stairs and when he was thrown in prison the head jailer suffered a fatal accident involving a spiky helmet on a high shelf in the armory. He was released from prison and decided to head north. Perhaps there.. he thought... he could get a better life. He heard that they were always looking for people to work on the docks and in the East Empire Shipping company.

    However the same tragedies started to befall the East Empire as the rest of the places he'd worked for. He ended up heading towards Darkwater crossing, to see if he could find a nice place out of the way to hide. He made friends with an argonian named Darkeethus.. wo ended up captured and imprisoned in a witch's ruin.. and when Corz-Sei tried to flee the town.. perhaps head to some hut in the wilderness nobody could find him in.. he lived there for a time until he was approached by a member of the silver hand who told him they had a cure for his curse. All he had to do was kill a werewolf for them. Desperate to have a normal life and see his family again, he agreed. After a bit of grave-robbing he headed to Whiterun with a set of Ancient Nord armor and a battleaxe. However.. the spirit that he dispelled to take the armor was not quite as gone as the Argonian had hoped.. and began to take over his mind.. corrupting his purpose to its sinister ends.  His life and his purpose.. were no longer his own. Now.. he was simply a husk.. a puppet to a being of evil and malice.. a being that wants nothing more than to cause chaos and darkness for the land that had slain it so long ago. 


    Basic Information


    Race: Male Argonian. Though I mention a birthmark it can either be a facepaint or just RP that it's somewhere unseen like.. idk the bottom of your tail.

    Stone: Warrior stone to start. You're gonna want the help with warrior skills. Late game Atronach. Though you're not a complete mage it will help for keeping your mana up in the thick of battle AND that 50 percent negation to spell damage is always good.

    Stats Distribution: [3] Magicka | [4] Health | [3] Stamina. You're going to want a decent amount of stamina to use power attacks, but also you'll be needing health and Magic.

    Equipment: Ancient Nordic Armor (Full set), Ancient Nord Battleaxe 5x Amulets of Talos, Ring of Hircine. Late game you will also want the Ahzidal's armor.. not as a replacement.. though you should keep the boots for Water Walking. since walking on water is a very ghostly thing to do, you'll need the armor to enchant one of your endgame weapons. You will also want Wuuthrad, The Champion's Cudgel, and a Stahlrim battleaxe.


    Image result for male argonian in ancient nord armor


    This build will be using a strong battleaxe to cleave your foes.. strong armor to protect from it, and illusion magic to make your foes flee from you. I"ve always liked Axes over swords/hammers or maces, since they inflict bleeding damage and are a good mix of speed and power... not to mention the warhammers use the same animation ANYWAY. So Battleaxes it is. To craft your Stahlrim battleaxe I HIGHLY advise you follow FudgeMuppet's "Strongest Weapon in Skyrim" guide.. which tells you how to legitimately make an OP Stahlrim weapon using Chaos damage, and Frost damage.

    [Heavy Armor]: Your only armor for this build is Ancient Nord.. though you can supplement pieces of Ahzidal's gear like the boots.. you're going to want to keep yourself alive in this armor. 

    Perks Chosen: Juggernaut (5), Fists of Steel, Well Fitted, Cushioned, Tower of Strength, Conditioning, Matching Set, Reflect Blows.

    [Two Handed]: Your main and only form of damage will be through two handed axes. You'll want to max this skill out to do as much damage as possible. 

    Perks Chosen: Barbarian (5). Champion's Stance, Limbsplitter (3), Devastating Blow, Great Critical Charge, Sweep, Warmaster.

    [Illusion]: Fear and Frenzy will be your friends here.. you want to be able to scare your foes away, or cloud their perception of friend and foe. Otherwise use whatever illusion spells you feel fits the theme. Calm your foes then kill them? Go invisible and ambush them?

    Perks Chosen: Novice Illusion, Apprentice Illusion, Adept Illusion, Expet Illusion, Animage, Hypnotic gaze, Kindred mage, Aspect of Terror, Rage, Master of the Mind

    [Enchanting]:To get your end game weapons up to late game snuff.. you're going to want your enchanting pretty high as well. You need to be able to make fire and frost damage do the most damage you can get out of them.

    Perks Chosen:Enchanter (5), Insightful Enchanter, Fire Enchanter, Frost Enchanter, Storm Enchanter, Extra Effect.

    [Smithing]: To make that armor work best for you in the late game you'll need to be able to improve it. You'll want all the Right side perks to Daedric. After you've maxed your gear use the Black book to remove these perks and put into Destruction.

    Perks Chosen: Steel Smithing, Dwarven Smithing, Orcish Smithing, Ebony Smithing, Daedric Smithing. (Optional Arcane Blacksmith)

    [Destruction]:Though this build doesn't rely heavily on destruction magic, you're still going to need to train it to Adept to use the Whirlwind Cloak spell without it costing a lot of magicka every time you go to cast it. As such you're only going to want four perks here.

    Perks Chosen:Novice Destruction, Destruction Dual Cast, Apprentice Destruction, Adept Destruction. (Required for end game weapon, Augmented Flame 2, Augmented Shock 2, Augmented Frost 2)

    Image result for male argonian in ancient nord armor


    Bandits: Use your Elemental Fury shout and your Ancient Nord/Nord Hero axe to dispatch most common bandits. If you are low on enchantment power for your Stahlrim one use Wuuthrad (which you will have enchanted with Chaos and Firey Soul Trap) to capture a few bandit souls to recharge your stuff. Not a lot of strategy when it comes to simple bandits and forsworn just basically chop them to pieces. Archers can be tougher.. but use of illusion spells can make them not a problem fairly quickly.

    Mages: Mages can be a bit tougher, but if you make use of such shouts as Whirlwind Sprint to close the distance, or use Cyclone/Unrelenting force to cause a bit of chaos as well. Make sure you kill mages first.. though you'll have some resistance to magic from the Atronach stone, summoners can still be an issue.

    Undead:Same as normal. Most of them won't be much of an issue since they're generally melee. Just block and kill them where needed. The Archers use things like slow time and whirlwind sprint to get in close and kill them.. since undead aren't really good for illusion casters, and the mages just get in close and kill quickly, as the Death Lords can be pretty tough.

    Dragons:This is gonna be a bit tough.. since you're not a dragonborn hero with the  Dragonrend shout you're a possessed Argonian who gains his Thu'um powers from the spirit possessing him. Basically your only chance is to wait until it lands and then kill it.


    Image result for werewolf skyrim


    Lycanthropy: Obviously as part of the companions you will get the beast form power. Now I've specified getting the ring of Hircine. Now as I'm not used to Lycanthropy I won't be making a massive section detailing how to level it up and use it however it IS required for the stacking glitch to equip the 5 amulets of talos to have unlimited shouts. So I would suggest you remember if you decide to USE this power to level it up before you get the 5 amulets.. since the Lycanthropy form unequips the 5 amulets when you use it so you'll have to redo the glitch to make use of the unlimited shouts again.


    Remember, I use Orange to detail quests that are recommended but optional, Red to detail required quests, Black to detail quests I thought to mention but are neither required or suggested, and Grey means do not do.


    Main Questline, Dragonborn DLC:You will need to do the Main Questline up until you return the horn of Jurgen Windcaller to the Greybeards, and the Dragonborn DLC until you can defeat Miraak and get the black book that allows you to redistribute your perk points for dragon souls. Besides that get all the Black books and get whatever bonusses you prefer.

    Dawnguard: You will not be doing the Dawnguard DLC, as you will not be needing any of the things that come with it. You're a werewolf not a vampire, the spirit within you has no desire to help the Dawnguard or the Vampires and you don't need Serana or anything else in that DLC for anything so ignore it.

    Dark Brotherhood: Since you are all about spreading Chaos and killing people.. you will want to do the Dark Brotherhood questline. You don't really need anything that's in the Questline besides Shadowmere.. a horse made of shadows would make a perfect mount.. however it is also a good way to earn coin.. coin that can be spent on.. something. 

    Thieves Guild:Though you are not a stealthy type, bringing the Thieves Guild up to full strength is a good way to spread a dark influence over Skyrim.. something the spirit in your armor finds pleasing. This questline wil be a challenge if you plan to max out the guild..but use of invisibility and muffle should help somewhat. 

    Closing Notes

    Happy Halloween everybody! Hopefully this build can help get you into a Spooooky feeling. :D Still working on this but here's the rough build for my latest 3 word challenge.

  • October 29, 2017

    Why the hell does my backstory keep deleting!