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WiP Character Build; The Orcish Assassin (Playtesting))

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  • August 31, 2017

    [Muzh Olorku]

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    I decided to have a little fun with this build.. I'm using a race I don't usually use, and using MODS for once. This build will be using Oldrim, and using the Gypsy Eyes Caravan, SKSE, and Your Market Stall. If you wish you can also use the mod RE-Real Estate, which allows you to become a landlord and buy places and rent them to people for more money.. but though money is your first priority.. It's not the ONLY focus of this build. You MAY also wish to seek out a mod like "Localized Theives Guild Jobs" which makes doing thieves guild radiant quests a LOT less tedious. This build maxes out at about level 51 or 52.


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    Basic Information

    Race: Male Orc. Design them however you like.

    Stone: Steed Stone.

    Stats Distribution: [0] Magicka | [5] Health | [5] Stamina.

    Equipment: Fine Clothes (Blue with Fur), later Noble Clothes (Found in East Empire Warehouse) Fine Shoes (Fur varient) then Fur lined boots, Necklace of Disease Immunity, (IF possible) Ring of poison immunity. Any Circlet. Early Game any Dagger. I would suggest an Elven one, one can be found fairly easily for free near Winterhold. Late Game Dragonbone Dagger. You will also need Ancient Shrouded armor, Ancient Shrouded Boots, the Shrouded Gloves for double backstab, and if you like the shrouded cowl. I never use it personally.


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    This build will be twofold. On the surface.. you are nothing more than a simple cowardly merchant. You scraped together 4000 septims for the cart for sale near Markarth (Gypsy Eyes Caravan mod) and you also managed to scrape together enough materials to make a chair and a basic market stall to sell things like jewellery you find in ruins, dungeons and crypts. BENEATH the surface, you are a deadly assassin and smuggler, Working for both the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild.

    [One Handed]: Most merchants in Skyrim tend not to carry giant battleaxes on their backs in case it drives off customers, and why would you do any different? You want to make sales after all. As such you won't be swinging around a giant sword when you're trying to show people your merchandise.. Besides you will be needing a Dagger for the mechanics of this build.

    Perks Chosen: Armsman (5), Fighting Stance, Savage Strike, Critical Charge, Paralyzing Strike

    [Speechcraft]: Though you are an Orc, all GOOD merchants are good negotiators, able to haggle and get the best prices. With the Your Market Stall mod you also earn speechcraft XP when you make sales.. encouraging you to set up shop in busy cities to sell your wares. As a smuggler you also need to be able to get people to buy your stolen goods.. and with the investor and fence perks you get that.

    Perks Chosen:Haggling(5), Allure, Merchant, Investor, Fence, Master Trader.

    [Sneak]: Obviously you're going to need to be able to sneak up to your targets and kill them with your dagger. This perk tree will be allow you to be light on your feet and be able to kill your targets.. or anyone else for that matter.. without ever being noticed.

    Perks Chosen:Stealth (5), Muffled Movement, Backstab, Light Foot, Deadly Aim, Silent Roll, Assassin's Blade, Silence, Shadow Warrior.

    [Light Armor]: Using the Shrouded Gloves means we're going to be using light armor.. unusual for an Orc to be sure. However, you're hardly going to sneak up on a foe and stab them in the back with heavy armor on are you? So Light armor it is.. plus the light armor skill muffles you even further, making you harder to detect. If you like wearing the Shrouded Cowl, take the Matching Set perk too. If not then don't bother, save yourself a perk point.

    Perks Chosen: Agile Defender (5), Custom Fit, Unhindered, Wind Walker, Deft Movement. *OPTIONAL* Matching Set

    [Smithing]: Almost ALL orcs learn from childhood how to hold a hammer and beat metal into armor, and you were no different. You are skilled enough to make armor and weapons from ANYTHING you choose to craft from. Dwarven metal? You're good. Magic Ice from Solstheim? Easy. The bones of an extinct thought to be mythical creature? Now that would be something wouldn't it? We will be Maxing out the smithing tree, so we can get Dragonbone daggers and improve our armor as much as possible.. not to mention we can use any metal and materials we find, turn them into good weapons and sell them to people. With rumors of giant flying lizards flying around people want something strong to keep them safe.. why turn away gold?

    Perks Chosen: Steel Smithing, Arcane Blacksmith, Elven Smithing, Dwarven Smithing, Orcish Smithing, Advanced Armors, Glass Smithing, Ebony Smithing, Daedric Smithing, Dragon Armor.





    Normally I post a long section detailing how you will be dealing with Dragons and all sorts of things.. However since you won't be doing the main questline you won't be getting Shouts which means you won't be encountering Dragons at all.. so Dragon fighting isn't an issue for this. Mostly you'll be fighting Bandits and whatever else you have to fight. Now fighting in early game is going to be a bit difficult.. since your stealth won't be very high. If you MUST you can sneak strike that guy in Helgen with one handed weapon a lot until you get your sneak up a bit.. leave Helgen with decent enough sneak and one handed that you can viably sneak past any other enemy. If not.. try to sneak your way around for the first while, use your dagger to attack from behind (Just get whatever strong dagger you can get.. there's an elven one near the college of winterhold). Remember to get the Shrouded gloves as quickly as possible.. that means basically rush from Helgen to Riften and kill Grelod, then kill all the victims.. no sense in leaving witnesses.

    Anyway, this build relies on one lesser known thing about the orcish race.... their berserk rage affects stealth attack as well. So get the shrouded gloves, a dagger and backstab perk.. you get the best most races can do in Skyrim, 30x sneak attack damage. However.. if you use orcish berserk that's 120x sneak attack damage. but wait there's more... Apparently.. (Though it's tricky) sneak rolls count as sprinting.. so if you get the perk from the one handed perk tree that makes double damage sprint attacks, you sneak roll and time a strike after using berserk rage and.. well bam. 120x sneak attack right there. Your end goal is to be able to do 60-120x sneak attack damage and one shot anything that you have to kill in your travels.. Enjoy.

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    [Replace the screenshot above with one of your character or another art picture.]



     (  is required    is optional   is Do not Do)

    Main Questline, Dragonborn, Dawnguard: You are no Dragonborn, you are no hero you are no Vampire hunter or Vampire or anything of that sort.. those draw too much attention to yourself.. you'd be a Hero.. a savior to the people.. and though it would be good for business it would be bad for your less legal activities.. the less people see of you the better. Likewise you have no desire to become a vampire. People try to kill vampires.. and blocking ou the sun is bad for business.. people would hide and not trade with you.. and you being the only one travelling at night... or with the sun messed up would raise questions.

    College of Winterhold: Though you have no need of spells, the Gaulder amulet or any of the other specific perks or benefits that the Mage's college has for you, you WILL have to go through that questline anyway. Since you aren't doing the Main questline, Dragonborn etc, you won't be unlocking dragon attacks. No dragon attacks means no dragon bones. However, finishing the Mage's college sends you to Labyrinthian, in which is an undead skeletal dragon. You will need to kill it to get yourself the bones for your endgame dagger. The things you have to do to keep yourself alive...

    Companions:You are no mead swilling werewolf hero boasting about killing giants, such things would have people tell stories about you.. guards would recognise you on sight.. that would be a very bad thing indeed. No being a companion.

    Thieves Guild: Since you ARE interested in Profit, and since you intend to steal things from your victims, you will want to pursue the Thieves Guild questline. They give you access to more fences if you complete all the side quests.. which will be made easier with the mod I suggested, "Localized Thieves Guild Jobs" which adds an extra dialogue option to let you CHOOSE where you take side jobs.

    The Dark Brothehood: One of the fastest ways to earn coin in Skyrim is to kill people for money.. and as you're not above getting your hands dirty you can do the Dark Brotherhood, keep the 20k at the end of it all, and walk away rich. Spare Cicero... he would make an excellent bodyguard. Of course, you can also choose to use the 20k to improve the Dawnstar Sanctuary.. I would also suggest getting the Dawnstar Sanctuary Reborn mod if you choose to improve the sanctuary.. it adds a lot more furniture, things to liven the place up.. it's a wonderful mod. I would suggest you give the Blade of Woe to Cicero as well.. and if you can get him an ebony dagger with soul trap and give him whatever black soul gems you find.. you can recharge his knives often and he's pretty strong with one handed weapons.


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    Closing Notes

    This started off as a minimalistic build, but recently I got inspired and came up with an idea for how to make a modded build that still took advantage of some of the most OVERLOOKED aspects of how the game handles sneak attack damage. The combat sections will be added soon.



  • August 31, 2017

    Oh man...Look I've got to just say it Baldur but I think you've got to slow down a little bit with your builds. I love seeing content, so don't get me wrong there, but at the moment you've posted 7 builds in the Workshop with most of them coming in within the last two weeks. You also might notice that comments are slowly becoming rarer and rarer on these WiP's, and this is because you've kind of overloaded the group.

    Sorry man, I can't just straight up say it's bad so I know that there's probably a bit of confusion because I do enjoy reading your builds. I just feel like it would genuinely benefit you to just slow down and finish a few of your builds before starting any more.

  • August 31, 2017

    Don't worry.. this is my last build for a little while.

  • February 27, 2019

    I just realised after rereading this ages later I specify a dragonbone dagger for your build but without doing the main questline you can't GET any dragonbones....well that's not entirely true. Dragonborn DLC wouldn't be available as you need to be able to shout, but the Mage's guild gets you into Labyrinthian, and in there is that giant bone dragon right at the start. It would be the only location you could get a dragonbone.